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  1. Had to do the math on that-it seemed suspicious, but checks out...crazy! Add in shipping and it is $400 in today's dollars to your door. 1/48 VF-1J Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijo Custom) (11/2003) – MSRP 14800円 1/48 GBP-1S Armor Parts for VF-1 Valkyrie (12/2005) – MSRP 12000円 26800 Yen combined Exchange rate in 2003 1 USD = 115 Yen 26800/115 = $233 USD (2003 rate) $233 USD in 2003 compared to 2021 USD $233 in 2003 is worth $347.36 today https://www.officialdata.org/us/inflation/2003?amount=233
  2. Just found the 40th annivesary logo on the official site (super small)
  3. In the netflix 'movies that made us series'...robocop episode, about 18m in, they talk about the ed-209 being inspired by the glaug
  4. ok, I THINK I re-enabled the correct email settings...so let me know if I missed anything or its not working! S
  5. I'll break into this discussion once to remind everyone- Our volunteer moderators do their best to keep posts from occasionally derailing, but the majority of the responsibility for the discussion quality here is on YOU. Not everything requires a comment back. Not everyon will agree with your opinions. Please stay on topic and respectful to other members here. S
  6. What is the missile count of the GBP vs the Legioss (we can include the Imai arm missile box too) Who would win in a stand off
  7. Found the issue and have corrected it. Does anyone care about the email notifications when following a post/getting notified? I re-enabled personal message emails, but was wondering about the rest...like is it too much noise S
  8. no clue what it is doing, but whatever it is started was just a few days ago Sure it was some system update that threw something out of whack
  9. there are apparently different levels of 'following a topic/member' I've turned them all off, so hopefully this will get things working again until I figure out what the heck happened to emails on the server
  10. Yeah...ditto Found the cause-the stupid email alerts For followed content and personal messages, it was getting errors and timing out I've temp disabled emails for posts and messages until I can sort it out this week Let me know if you see a difference now S
  11. ok its normal again I think
  12. slow post save test
  13. Sorry-no Claudia releases in the old school stuff or even the new as far as I can remember. She was going to have a 1/6 release, but it wa cancelled before it got to her There was a smaller banpresto release which is quite nice and pretty easy to still get
  14. Yes-that is an awesome cel. Found the exact frame too! (left) Do you collect other cels?
  15. I guess even Macross might have a ways to go to match some of the stuff out there, but its definitely seems to be heading in that direction with that Heritage Auction When you do the conversion rate make to put in the right number of zeroes https://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/auction/item/itemInfoEn.html?index=666532
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