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  1. Yeah-there are definitely some weird cookie/temp cached storage issues with chrome/firefox on the last couple updates. I had some strangeness and zapped everything, then it looked normal again on this last update Sorry
  2. I miss one page of updates and whammo...a freaking Regult! Can't wait!!! If it sells perhaps we could get the Quead and Nous down the line. I still can't believe they are doing a regult-wow
  3. I wonder what this means-from the upcoming Robotech Mospeada blurays in couple weeks. What Prototype Toy Presentation? Very curious about this item
  4. Stupid question, sorry...but how much is different than the Yamato version? Do we have any other details yet?
  5. Woah!!! That is super nice!!! That is a Macross playset I'd buy LOL
  6. If there is no one in the theater but me, do they still play the movie? There aren't any minimum attendance numbers to meet right?
  7. Did I see that translated correclty in the Youtube desc? "Strike parts" are planned to be up to No. 150. I through the VF-1 was 1-100, that means the Strike parts are another 50 volumes? I'm sure I've got that mis-translated.
  8. thanks for posting the Shoji video, and extra thanks to youtube for their auto-translated subtitles!
  9. I've always wondered WHO won that custom VF-0 from Yamato as the first prize.
  10. I wonder how many volumes they will spead the SSP over. I figure when all said and done getting this entire set on the used market after its done will be about $2500-$3000 plus god knows what for shipping. First time I recall seeing the Beam Cannon details...sweet!
  11. Shawn

    Box Art Library

    Now that is even more impressive work Tenjin!!!!!! DAMN. That needs to be a poster from Hasegawa. BW even changed their logo-hadn't noticed Funny thought-if you are left handed, do you pilot left handed so you'd also hold the gun on your battroid as a lefty? 😛
  12. Finally have a cover-just another 8 days to go!
  13. I too hope they are just delaying the YF-21 a bit so they can do one HUGE international release soon. But fans have been champing at the bit...have you seen Yamato YF-21 prices lately? There is pent-up demand.
  14. That mercari link should have the poster to them in 3-5 days, then you can do the intl shippping DHL/EMS for another 3-5 days...just within your 2 week turn around if you stay on top of them for shipment. You just missed out on an auction from a couple months ago that had a bunch of cool plus posters https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k1005237792 It would have been cool to see a real sig next on this one, although maybe it would be confusing BUT you could tell if it was legit by seeing if it matched LOL
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