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  1. Bandai has it listed in their 9/30/22 date. https://bandai-hobby.net/site/hobbyshow2022/
  2. Eduard SPACE int decals compared to the Quinta I did last time. The Eduard ones are much thinner but less of a 3D effect. I also dilike the metallic gain everything has. However, the major plus being they include some PE parts for things like the emergency/ejection release handles.
  3. You'll have to wait a couple more days to find out. That image of WZC is identical to the current Metal Build from the sculpt to the colors and marking. Hopefully it is just a place-holder image.
  4. Reworked a GFFMC Wing Ka. The chipping is a bit much for me bit, I like the cleanup, panel lining, detail painting and display base. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhW0i6oOlK4
  5. Personally I also believe a lot of the issue is also how much crap they are making. Every month there is some new limited color, version of a kit eating up time on the production lines. Instead of just having a few new kits in production they are also getting delayed by their obligations for the special edition kits and recolors they owe each gundam base and commercial promotional tie-ins.
  6. 1/60 Metal Structure Sazabi for this December https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2022/07/metal-structure-160-sazabi-release-info.html?showComment=1658501224046&m=1
  7. The prologue that just released is an ova/ona episode. The series broadcasts drop later this fall. Prologue episode (open the video in new window and read the description) Completly forgot about that version of Vidar. Used to only seeing the FM 1/100 design the follow up was burried.
  8. Pre-4th push to clear off the table before the party. One. Last. Push. Kit was missing the 3 of the little weapons attachment mounts so a little styrene, a drilled hole, some paint and "Voila!" Waiting on the rain to stop and then were off to final topcoat and just the base. So ready to move on.
  9. 'Cause that is the lame pose China has for the statue it is based on. Why they don't just make the statue's arms (on any of them) support a hollow rifle and shield (or beam sabers) so they don't look so weird IDK. I'm guessing it is something to do with guns and children so they omit them.
  10. Just a heads up, you can buy Self-Etch bare metal primer at and auto parts store if you need it. Much mor economical than buying Mr. Color's tiny cans and shipping them. Mist on a coat, and then paint as normal. If your airbrushing besure to clean that gun after each use too!
  11. I really want that IWSP but, only of I could track down a Rouge. Strike Noir should be interesting. The MG Noir amd Aile are very different in the limbs even if the design is similar. Would do well to set up Akatsuki too!
  12. They skipped about 15min into the video for us. When they rewinded it there was about a 10min preview reel shown for other fanthom events such as MiB, Ghibli and Transformers followed by a bunch of Expo event dates and then a slightly modified into with the same add following it. Post movie had 3 music video shorts that were 3d animation.
  13. I am curious what the Jagd Mirage will look like with the GTM treatment. So far I've hated almost all the redesigns. But, the base green monster is already very anorexic for FSS, matching the newer GTM styling que's.
  14. Tried out the recently more popular WAVE Tan and Gray Pla-Plate. Been using Evergreen Styrene for the past 20 years due to WAVE and Tamiya's product not being local. My mind is a bit blown. The stuff (especially the tan) cuts literally like butter compared to the 20 passes (with a fresh blade) it takes to get through the same thickness (1.5mm) of evergreen's product. Being able to work without having to dread lengthy cutting/chiseling/scribing sessions is just the boost I think I need to get back at it.
  15. Rock


    It died in 2020.
  16. Nikke's back at it with a 1/20 VF-25F converting and detailing to the Armored Pack with Ozma!
  17. Grabbed part 2's tickets. Seems like the same fans already pre-ordered their seats. Exact same seats were taken already!
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