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  1. Over sized foot size may be necessary for balance. The price is right for this little chunker.
  2. I would hope we're done with wanna be ISB. He brought the empire into the mix directly, he served his purpose, as far as writing goes. At most , i could see him becoming a vigilante or an outlaw seeking revenge. At this point. Of course he would die. But there's plenty of other interesting stuff to get into with this series..
  3. Hey @pengbuzz keep on posting your good works. I really enjoy seeing your projects . @Urashiman was just giving some good advice. And in that way, encouragement.
  4. Very cool. Glad to see Lovers Again in the mix. I'm sure the Speaker Pod Cast crew will be checking it out. ( Save will be happy for some Ishtar!) but we won't hear about until next year, maybe
  5. Nope. New molds for SV-51's. And improvements/design upgrades for VF-0's.
  6. Hmm Bandai is just being a bit redundant with designs and hopping scales..
  7. I suppose Arcadia could re release the Yammy YF-21. But that doesn't seem to be their style, IMO. Sure they did it with the VF-4, kinda. But for something like the YF-21, I think they would put out a new design.
  8. It a beautiful VF, no doubt. I wonder what things Max can do with her..
  9. Yes. I expect this series is where we see Mon Mothma escape and go into hiding with the rebellion. And Where Bale Organa's death sentence is revealed. Additionally, I imagine we will be introduced to K2SO and Andor will reprogram him.
  10. The best..? Mandrake in Japan , IMO. Or Amazon Japan. But I often use HLJ as they're quite reliable and have warehouse storage options. Whichever way you go. You must contend with overseas shipping ! As a side note, now that distribution rights have shifted, we should be seeing more non DYRL models available domestically (I'm talking US of A! ). But , I imagine, the cost will be marked up significantly. And we may be back to overseas purchases, based on the fluctuations in yen and shipping.
  11. Congratulations! Honestly, this is one of my all time favorites at 1/60. I regret selling mine. But the second hand market isn't bad, IMO.
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