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  1. At the very least, future Macross boxes will have this logo..
  2. If I recall correctly, wasn't it stated that "Lady M" had been around since Space war 1..?
  3. It's a great toy for the price. It won't be quite as well proportioned and it may be a little loose in the joints. But mine is holding up quite well. I think it's a good entry level Macross toy.
  4. Good question . I'm expecting to hear about it and , of course, Zettai Live!!!!!! On the next speaker pod cast..
  5. I'm not sure if that is known at this time..
  6. Um.. the Vajra. Kinda would still have been run into..
  7. It's strongly implied that this issue may affect the Galaxy( or at least the future of NUNS) . One would think that NUNS might want to have a hand to play at the table.. Regardless of treaty or no..
  8. Where the hell is NUNS in all this?
  9. Is it safe to say Isamu's VF-19 is a one off , ultra high performance dearh trap that , pretty much, only Dyson could master ?
  10. Upping the ante on performance is not necessarily the way to go , at this point. Diversity and multi use is the ticket.
  11. That's part of my point. They don't have to be "more powerful " to sell. Just more interesting.
  12. Why do we need a more powerful VF ? There are now several very interesting VF designs in play.
  13. Word .. omg🤣
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