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  1. Definitely getting that.
  2. It looks great to me. Seriously doubt a Hi-metal R version is in the works.
  3. I Love this ! You're really doing an awesome job @ImChris5115
  4. Thanks for the tip 👍🏼
  5. Got some Orguss love from the Wise guys. Very happy! It will be an Easter egg (not very well hidden) in my Megaroad-01 hangar. I've got my eye on that 1/72 T-50 PAK-FA too..
  6. Looks awesome 👍🏼
  7. Yes, the description brags about poly caps, so I'm hoping for some good articulation. It will be interesting to compare to the new battroid version Hasegawa is now doing. I still (somehow) expect the PLAMAX to be better, even though I'm a Hase fan boi too
  8. I'm hoping the VF-1J Battroid is going to exceed my expectations. And yes it comes with water slides
  9. Thanks for the review. Sounds like an ok comic, so far.
  10. Indeed! They carried us on for decades! All the way here ..
  11. Lol. These JoyToy versions are really detailed and nice looking. I may pick up a Tau Shadowsun at some point. Though I would love to see a Farsight version. I got myself the game version of the royal janitor dreadnoughts Telemon and Achillus. They look like fun to magnetize( for different load outs and pose ability) and paint. But i may just sell them off now as i have an over abundance of projects. They've already been cleaned up and magnetized. And any time i put into those 40K miniatures, these days, usually goes into building custom conversions of Tau battle suits.
  12. I think you can call it whatever you want. There's always going to be diverse opinions. It's a good thing. personally, i think this series takes us back to the Star Wars many have missed. Flaws and all. And , like the EU, there will be some fan service. Though , arguably, well placed.
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