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  1. But maybe it will. The problem is. How will they title the sale item. It can go under as many names.
  2. The Skylark tote bag. Is another item. That I won't be bidding. I will wait till the both of you get one.
  3. Swann

    Macross Books

    I hope to find this one one day or soon.
  4. I would never ever thought of finding one for sale. The infamous rare DYRL spiral binder. The ones seen in the DYRL goods for sale section. In the DYRL program booklet
  5. The button lot. DYRL button is damage, but I just wanted the other Minmay button.
  6. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/q1040099925
  7. I do collect Star Wars, but that has to wait. I just bought a Macross button. I am a sucker for Lyn and Misa. This one was a lot sale. That has buttons I don't need. That Minmay button was calling to me.
  8. What else you collect outside of Macross JV? Do you collect Hammer film horror, Bauhaus and Peter Murphy, Madonna?
  9. At least look for the Skylark poster and that would be your retirement
  10. Post more stuff JV. Like the other DYRL spiral notebooks
  11. This is us. Reaching for the rare Macross item. We don't have. The tote bag.
  12. The bag..........A different story than the promo Skylark poster. I always wanted one.
  13. I need the four sticker sheets, SDF-1 button, and the Hikaru/ Misa pencil board, and the SDF-1 puzzle. To complete my Skarlark DYRL collection
  14. I mean to say "Sell me them. As spares. That you already have.
  15. An example. I don't know what this is? A gift bag or another notebook. With a somewhat different look. Compare the difference.
  16. It could be a schedule for the teen fans. At the time. I think. They want to make every notebook different and sellable. Even the cover (like this one. The next attached photo. Will be a example) This one has side tab. There is one with a front and back cover. There is even a tablet version. That has two punch holes on top.
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