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  1. I have a Macross group page called Macross Universe on Facebook. It has zero rules. https://www.facebook.com/groups/142125843040893/
  2. Swann

    Macross Books

    I always prefer first printings
  3. Macross Do You Remember Love laserdisc. From 1984
  4. What are your first Macross Animage booklets you ever bought. One of my favorite one's would be Macross Collection. Bought it twice. Because they do get ruined if not cared for. That is what happen to me.
  5. A couple month's ago. I bought the Animage Macross booklet. For a second time. The ink on the cover get's really damage and fade.If not carefully cared for. Did I made a right call JVMacross 

    1. jvmacross


      you can never have enough! :friends:

  6. Mine's would be Mikumo Guynemer. For many reasons. For one. She look's more like a old school Macross character. This would be my first Macross Delta item. I bought
  7. IF A Macross live action was to be made.........................It should be filmed in Japan and maybe a bit in the U.S. and keep it pure pure Macross. Harmony Gold/Robotech free

  8. Hey Skull Leader. How it's going.

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