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  1. Swann

    Macross Books

    I just receive this today. macross seika note
  2. Here is the photo JV. I saw this posted on facebook
  3. I agree. too. The best looking press kit too
  4. The trifold one. The one I bought for 1500 yen
  5. Jvmacross or they were given away for the first day premier only. Star Wars has done that. They had a blue and silver 8 by 10 leaflet. Cast and credits
  6. Do you have a Star Wars stuff. Its my second love.
  7. Did you bought the inflatable promo A&W NBC pumpkin. I have that one
  8. I am still green on the Macross threads. Shawn. So I will present this to make it up. Macross Skylark commercial.
  9. That's right boss Jvmacross. Here is some of the story. It was for sale there and the seller. Didn't want to sell it outside of Japan. Meaning Buyee could not even purchase it. I scrambled and scramble in a hurry. I was on the edge. I did a custom order at Rinkya, but I was still very green at it. I didn't want to wait. So I ask my friend over in Japan. To buy it. I waited forty and it sold. I was smacked and very depress over my loss. Seventeen hours later. I got a notification from rinkya. "please pay for your item". I was so lucky.
  10. I need a very proper centered number 7. You can see that my number 7 regult pod is very off center
  11. From a presskit. I am sure. A long story. How I got it.
  12. I found this for 1500 yen buyout price. I haven't received it yet.
  13. And some have very bad off set printing. I hate that
  14. Here is a flyer and poster to the event
  15. Do you have extra ones of any of the Skylark DYRL sticker sheets
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