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  1. I know. I wasn't thinking of wallets and posters at the time.
  2. I didn't buy them because I knew I would still find them for sale twelve years later.
  3. It was mint in a baggy. The pictures weren't coming out right. While in a plastic sleeve.
  4. Sealed stuff. That you are still king of the game.
  5. You are the Sosa of Macross. You and Shawn. I do my best to stand with the best of the best.
  6. And you know I'm a big Frank Frazetta fan a fan of Robert E Howard. That item look so cool to have.
  7. I would still invite Mari to the conventions. We want to see her. Let her have her say. She is also kind with the fans. I brought ten items for her to sign there. She signed them all for free. She is just upset at them according to her. Paid her in pennies for season one and two of Macross. To other merchandise as well. She said she would do a return to Lyn Minmay and a new Macross series. If they PAID her good.
  8. I would like to see SDC around DTLA or closer.
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