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  1. I mean by the first three to four years. When it was still in syndication.
  2. I got these signed a couple months ago. In Hollywood.
  3. Took me awhile to find it, but I was patient in this one.
  4. No. I don't want no wrinkles or a corner bend on it.
  5. I wanted that one the most. I did receive the DYRL version though. I even put it in plastic to protect it from damage
  6. They took out the link, and just decided not to do anything. Just still PIST over it.
  7. Only "vintage" Macross F and Delta stuff. Today they are milking it to death.
  8. Bought this months ago. It's a size of a small flyer.
  9. And I'm still piss off. I was sent the wrong version.
  10. I bought this a year ago, but I was suppose to get. The other one. The one with the Collage/carnival Macross logo version . Instead I got the wrong bag. I received the 1984 DYRL version.
  11. I can't argue with that. Some of them are attractive.
  12. Because Ohsato were smart. They strike while the iron was hot. Movic came in 1984, and continued to make merchandise. On the original Macross to the early 1990s. Like some of the pencil tin cases, and other stuff. I don't buy that stuff. That came out in the late 80s and the 1990s.
  13. Another one with the "collage'" logo This one is in the storage.
  14. I like the yellow background and has less text. Than a typical Anime magazine. It's Minmay in her prime.
  15. I think the very booklet. Became a big hit with the kiddies. They probably cut out the pictures from the pages and paste them. That's probably why it's rare. I saw only .......four or five for sale. For the last 11 years.
  16. These are better looking Macross postcards. Than those.
  17. postcard for Macross Delta Chugai Grace Cafe.
  18. Orguss cover. Tina and Kei making love to KISS's Who Wants to be Lonely. Or maybe Bootsy Collins I'd rather be With You. Bought this a couple years ago. The item is rare to find. It is a oddly of an item. Macross/Orguss variety cards booklet ( making love cover ). There are not just hugging and kissing. Not even a sexy " Bootsy's I'd Rather be With You " Orguss cover. Could not even steal the thunder of Macross. Orguss got two pages and a front cover. Macross got about four pages and and back cover It was like "Orguss who ?". In this oddity of an item.
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