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  1. Did you knew. Many of those Southern Cross kits. Has been reissued. Easy to spot.
  2. Second time buying it. I bought the first one at Kimono My House. I have to find the 1993-1994 catalog. To post here.
  3. Me too but once in awhile. I buy other anime goods.
  4. I wish they made them. Think of what the prices would have gone far.
  5. You have everything. The one I would want. Would be one of Lynn or Misa.
  6. For the A11 set. I need Hikaru "too much coffee . While laying in a pillow" postcard and Lyn Minmay "looking confused" postcard.
  7. I just need the Roy Focker postcard to complete these collection
  8. What happened to the images? Was it the B.M.G. Macross notebook.
  9. I would have loved to see them made a somewhat 1/55 die cast scale of the pods. With that iconic package box style.
  10. Takatoku die cast Zentraedi line. That is a mystery. That should be solved. A 1/55 die cast Quedluun-Rau. What would have been.
  11. I see those every day and a cool item to have.
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