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  1. Have you found those Macross film strip looking things yet. Two days I check Yahoo Japan for rare Macross. There is nothing there still that we both want
  2. Your full of surprises Macross king ( JVMacross)
  3. Swann

    Macross Books

    I don't know. they are always in black and white. Unless it's intended for a book, magazine cover, or a program book
  4. Swann

    Macross Books

    Macross king you are jvmacross
  5. Here is a cel from Macross Flashback. I have to repost it again, because it's too much of a close up. Minmay's head looks small Here is some other cels
  6. Swann

    Macross Books

    Here is some Macross booklets I have
  7. I have a original Japan made (made in Japan) Macross Flashback VHS that comes with two inserts. My asking price is $35 plus $6 for shipping. It is a rare item for any Macross fan and collector. Contact me if interested
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