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  1. The M3 doesn't list any dimensions for the Fan Racer, so I'm guessing not. As for the front landing gear, the cutaway lineart shows that there's literally no room for it. 😆 But as others have said, it should've come with plug-in landing gears, especially since it's being packaged with a DX.
  2. I'm also surprised to see that Big West is now working with Calibre Wings, especially after Noel publically stated that he has no regrets on ripping off the Macross Zero IP and accused Big West of being on a high horse and discriminating against foreigners. And to clarify, Big West's past policy was to refrain from doing business with Harmony Gold's licensees, not foreigners in general. Just ask Manga Entertainment or any foreign convention that's hosted Macross creators. But if Big West is willing to bury the hatchet with Calibre Wings, then I have no qualm with CW either.
  3. I wouldn't hold my breath on Western Blu-ray releases, it'll be cheaper and quicker to do streaming instead.
  4. These must be interesting times for Calibre Wings. Noel picked a horrible time to piss off Big West by ripping off their Macross Zero IP, now that all new Macross products in the US have to be approved by both Harmony Gold and Big West. Harmony Gold is going to want to play nicely with Big West because they stand to make a substantial amount of new business with them, so Noel may find himself as the odd man out in this situation.
  5. I don't think that's the reason. The SDFM Laserdiscs didn't undergo any color remastering, but they still appear more natural-looking than the AnimEigo DVDs when played on a CRT. IIRC, AnimEigo said that their remaster was predicated on the poor condition of the video masters that they received from Harmony Gold (they weren't allowed to use any materials from Big West). It's more likely that the oversaturated colors that they settled on were the best that they could get from HG's video.
  6. I totally get that, it's easy to get carried away when Marie Kondo'ing.
  7. @uzernaem I've got all LDs for SDFM and I can't ever go back to watching them after watching the Blu-ray remasters; the LDs are painfully blurry compared to the Blu-rays. While the Blu-rays do have noticable film grain, I'll gladly take that any day over the LDs blurriness that results in fine details being lost. As for colors, it's hard to say which one is technically accurate, as the colors are slightly different amongst all the various LD releases. I don't think there's any color uniformity amongst the DVD and Blu-ray releases either, but the Blu-ray remaster was overseen by Kawamori, so I'll defer to his judgment. As for audio, it's been years since I last watched the LDs, but I don't remember there being any noticable difference between them and the Blu-rays. Hope this helps! I'm pretty sure that screenshot is from the AnimEigo DVD release. That release was notorious for its oversaturated colors and underscan (eg: Roy's chopped head).
  8. Just curious as to why GRAND CANNON's Macross Toy Releases Thread was unpinned in the toy section. While it's no longer updated, it's still a repository of roughly 15 years worth of prices and release dates that's difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else on the internet. And personally, I always felt that this was one of those threads that demonstrated the best of fan dedication and work.
  9. I don't think the trademark would necessarily have to be re-assigned or amended for Big West. Harmony Gold can simply create a $1 perpetual license for Big West and collect a small percentage of royalties from any products sold. Big West will probably reciprocate in the EU when it comes to Harmony Gold over there. But we'll see. ^ This 100% Lol, sorry, but I just don't see that happening. When Yamato released their 1/15 Garlands, the prices between the Japanese and US versions was negligible. And the same thing occurred when MegaHouse released their 1/15 Ride Armors in the US and Japan. Niche products are usually going to be expensive. But the big gain here is that Bandai, Arcadia, et al will now be able to offer customer support to any properly licensed products going forward. Customers will no longer be at the mercy of whichever import retailer they bought a lemon from. Overall, I'm glad that these two companies have finally come to an agreement, there's far more money to be made by working together. The only losers here are all the law firms that Harmony Gold used to send out those lovely cease & desists.
  10. Yellowing primarily affects white plastic. Your VT-1 shouldn't have any yellowing because it's beige, not white. Like jenius, I don't think styrofoam has much of an impact on yellowing or else it'd be nearly impossible to find any boxed white toys from the 1980's. Moreover, I find it hard to believe that those boxed toys from the 80's were all kept in optimal storage conditions for three decades. My belief is that the quality of the batch of plastic used is the greatest determining factor, bearing in mind that many different batches can be used within the same toy line; temperature plays a secondary role. While direct sunlight will yellow all plastics, regardless of quality and temperature.
  11. Not really. Most, if not all, European countries had signed on to the Berne Convention by the 1970's, which requires signatories to acknowledge international copyrights. Wait, what are model kits doing in a 1/55 thread?
  12. Legally speaking, all of the European 1/55 VF-1's are considered illegitimate, even if they were manufactured by Takatoku/Matsushiro/Bandai. Only Tatsunoko Production/Harmony Gold can lawfully authorize the sale of VF-1's in Europe. But since none of those products bear the Tatsunoko sticker (as seen on the 1/55 Jetfire) or a Harmony Gold copyright, those products' manufacturers circumvented international copyright laws. At best, some of them are genuine Takatoku/Matshushiro/Bandai products, albeit unlicensed from the appropriate license holders (Tatsunoko/HG). At worst, some of them are knock-offs of Takatoku/Matshushiro/Bandai products and unlicensed from the appropriate license holders. But what they all have in common is that they've broken international copyright laws.
  13. Astounding work! I've always considered the Bioroids as ugly in the animation and line art, but your craftsmanship has truly made me appreciate their designs.
  14. Incredible! Not only that someone made a recording of such an unpopular show back in the day, but that it managed to survive to the digital age! Yeah, I wouldn't trust anything from that particular seller But anyways, here's two sets that I found on YJA. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m448897887# - 5,000円 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k505930100 - 5,500円
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