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  1. Absolutely incredible build, the wait was well worth it!
  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for it.
  3. That's strange, I have this laserdisc and it's not subtitled.
  4. Got this great genga of Sylvie! I know it's a longshot, but if anyone has its matching cel, I'd be more than happy to buy it off you for a good price 😀
  5. On a more helpful note, note the "MADE IN TAIWAN" on the box cover.
  6. That's fantastic, then it really is selling out 😀
  7. Udon's own page is showing it as sold out too. But the description still says "COMING SOON FROM UDON ENTERTAINMENT" https://store.udonentertainment.com/collections/books/products/hidetaka-tenjins-artistry-of-macross-macross-frontier-films-macross-delta-archives Probably just another publishing delay.
  8. So I tried playing it on my PS3 and got the same error as you. Even tried it on my Series X and PC and none of those could play it either. I guess it's an authoring error. I just think it's hilarious that this is the first time anyone's ever mentioned this. I guess we were all understandably too focused on DYRL 😆
  9. I think the Flashback 2012 disc is a regular DVD. If that's the case, then it's probably region locked. As for blu-ray discs, the US and Japan are in the same region, which is why it's playable on your PS3.
  10. I loved the previous series, but I'm lowering my expectations with this one since Warren Ellis isn't involved. I'm glad there appears to be a new antagonist this time around. Even Iga agreed that bringing back Dracula every time is a bad idea.
  11. I see Calibre Wings is ripping off another IP, this time it's Hasegawa. They did? Everyone here who wanted Shin's F-14 from M0 got one. A couple of months later, Noel (the owner of Calibre Wings) posted a YouTube update where he practically laughed at Big West.
  12. The "derivative" wording came from Article 5 of Harmony Gold's agreement with Tatsunoko Production. While the word is never defined in the agreement, it's used in the context of creating adaptions of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, not sequels and such. So yeah, that's where it all came from 😀
  13. You're absolutely right, the Great Recession was a factor in Beagle's demise. There's probably a dozen other legitimate factors that played a role in Beagle's collapse. But toy companies probably don't care about that. All they saw was a company released the most accurate toy representation of the vintage Ride Armor ever, and they died right afterwards. They're not going to risk their money on that.
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