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  1. Tbh, Arcadia's VF-1 toys have been sporting similar transluscent plastic for years and there haven't been any durability issues. I agree that it's likely due to the color of the plastic than thickness, since it's not that apparent on any non-white parts. Attached photo is courtesy of davidwhangchoi.
  2. That chart is wrong. The VF-0 is 14 meters tall in battroid mode, but that chart shows it at a whopping 16 meters.
  3. I tip my hat to you, sir! Jetfire's production history is ridiculously convoluted and further muddled by honest misinformation, but you grabbed that beast by its horns and presented all the facts in one scholarly article. The academic in me loves how you showed your sources, the Internet needs more work like this. That is an essay that will be cited countless times in the future.
  4. TheLoneWolf

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for posting those comparison pics, noel! I think the main reason for the confusion is that some people are assuming that Yamato/Arcadia's battroid height is accurate, but it's not. But it's not really Yamato/Arcadia's fault. Back when Yamato released their VF-0S in 2006, there weren't any published dimensions for battroid mode, just fighter mode. So Yamato probably just made an educated guess based off of fighter mode, resulting in a VF-0 battroid that towered over the VF-1 battroid. Later on, the Macross Chronicle revealed the VF-0 battroid height as 14 meters, not that much taller than the VF-1's 12.68 meters. This wasn't an issue for Yamato, since their VF-0 toys were long discontinued by then. When Arcadia released their VF-0 renewals in 2015, they most likely realized that Yamato's battroid height was way off, but probably didn't to upset fans by releasing an obviously smaller battroid that's supposed to be at the same scale. So they pretty much stuck with Yamato's dimensions and nobody noticed...until now.
  5. I'm pretty sure the era of having English subs on Japanese releases is over, now that Big West has official Western licensees. Can we blame Harmony Gold for that too? 😄
  6. That's some great sleuthing! Just played M-4 alongside the opening battle sequence and it fits like a glove. I personally prefer M-4 over Fate's Arrow in that sequence as it gels with the movie's overall melodramatic score.
  7. I always liked that song! My guess is that it was Haneda's audition piece for DYRL. Perhaps someone in Big West wasn't sure that he could score epic pieces that the movie needed and wanted a sample. Or maybe it was just a bonus track to help flesh out the movie OST.
  8. Sales for not-Jetfire might tempt KC to ditch their Robotech/Macross line and dedicate all their resources on to the more lucrative unlicensed Transformers. 😉
  9. When Hasbro decided to quietly let unlicensed third-parties rip off their designs, I wonder if they ever imagined that official licensed companies would also get in on the act 😆
  10. TheLoneWolf

    Hi-Metal R

    Tatsunoko Production and Harmony Gold still hold the worldwide (excluding Japan) merchandising rights to SDFM/DYRL, which is why it's not being released here. Last year's licensing agreement between them and Big West didn't change that.
  11. TheLoneWolf

    Hi-Metal R

    They look pretty similar in color to the old Hi-Metal fast packs, at least in noel's pics. But in borgified's scans, they looks more gray. But I'll chalk that up the scanner's color processing not being calibrated. Other than the dark canopy and micro pilot, this looks awesome!
  12. Thanks for your input, it's always good to hear from someone who hasn't read the book. And if anyone isn't aware, two bonus episodes have been released. The 2D animation in the first episode was jerky at times, but they were otherwise good and faithful to the source material.
  13. Recently finished watching the show and enjoyed it. I actually think it's a more polished version of the comic in many ways. I bet Neil Gaiman noted some of the weaknesses in the book over the years and seized upon the opportunity to refine it. Naturally, some of the changes I didn't like. Overall, I feel the positive changes significantly outweighed the questionable ones. The casting was also excellent for the most part; Tom Sturridge did a superb job as Morpheus. There were only a few that were ok at best, but no one was flat out miscast IMO. Like noel mentioned above, there's surprisingly few Asians in a show that's meant to be inclusive. Hopefully this will be addressed in season 2. Speaking of season 2, I'm a little worried it won't happen. Netflix spent a ton of money on the show (even if the VFX was mediocre in a couple of spots). Given Netflix's recent financial troubles, hopefully the show can manage to pull in Stranger Things and Squid Game ratings to secure its future.
  14. Someone used a coat hangar to correctly attach a 1/48 Super VF-1 Yamato to the arm claw way back. One end of the coat hangar was wrapped around the backpack and the other end was wrapped around the claw itself. It looked pretty good IIRC.
  15. Do you know if the card quality was improved on that set?
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