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  1. Probably not. More of a need for newer VFs. If there was little need to newer tech, then why spend the money? M7 never had a need for newer VF-tech since they didn't encounter many significant threats until the Protodevlin. And obviously, the VF-17 didn't live up to the Jenius' needs so they went with a VF-22. Everyone would love newer tech, but do you really need it?
  2. In the comics (and sorta in the Nolan-films), Bruce would take mothballed prototypes and "move" them to a "different facility". Of course, there's also this 🤣:
  3. I'm actually fine with that design, given the setting. The Batmobile started as a muscle car and worked up to urban tank. If this Batman gets beyond this flick, they should start sleek-ifying the suit, cave and toys. From the slap-together look to the look we know an love.
  4. You should know the answer to that. Unless there’s a “Misa Hayase” born to a “Takashi & Sakiko Hayase” or a “Linn Minmei” born in Yokohama in the birth records. Or someone sustaining a nuclear fusion reaction in 1995 (Tore Supra did it for 2 minutes in 1996).
  5. CES is this week (muted again this year) AMD CPUs roundup AMD mobile GPU updates Intel announcements And another high-end card no one can buy.
  6. Not to mention Zentradi star charts are either woefully outdated, inaccurate, or hell, uncharted. Zentradi are using maps created in Protoculture times. Suns may have gone nova, planets may no longer exist, habitable planets may not be habitable anymore or vice versa, black holes may have formed, stellar drift, hell... gravity, etc. They're not wandering aimlessly, they're wandering with the aim of finding stuff along the path they pick.
  7. Yes they are comprised of male and female. Kissing and music? We don't know because no one besides the Zentradi/Meltrandi have really encountered them (and we don't know when their last encounter was amongst all the fleets out there). As we saw is Macross 7, kissing did nothing and only Basara's singing had any real effect. If the brainwashing techniques hold true for the SA as they did for Varauta army, it's gonna take more than any singer and PDA to break that brainwashing. But since no one has encountered them, we don't know. You're just going have to accept that answer.
  8. It’s not important. And it’s probably moot since they’re all dead now. That’s kind of a thing with bounty hunting. You usually don’t ask unless it’s syndicate, in which case, that better be a freakin’ fortune of a reward.
  9. These are the same people who decided to create a class of bioweapons to deal with growing internal conflicts ala Halo's Spartans at the same time they thought it was a good idea draw power from a different dimension with those bioweapons without taking a look around in that said differnt dimension to see if there was anyone around that...I don't know...might wonder what the heck was going on and cross into our universe.
  10. Yeah....careful. You're missing a part there. Macross VFs still use fuel/propellant (even if it's fraction vs space-use). The fancy fold rocks have unique properties making them ideal for creating the gravitational force needed to sustain the thermonuclear reaction, which is part of the whole fusion power-thingy. But they still need a fuel; namely hydrogen. No.
  11. And it takes a lot of power to sustain the barrier under fire/bombardment without overloading the the power systems. So either the PPB power depletes (bad but survivable) or one blows out the entire power system (of which you'll have to be pried out of that expensive non-flying paper-weight, if one survives that long).
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