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  1. *sees small group of people magically appear in a queue already* You know they haven't even announced a blue DX YF-29, right?
  2. In fact, all the recovery stances seem to end with a torn shirt. Fascinating....🤨 🤣
  3. Who stitches Kirk's uniforms? That page...Right before he lands, he's got no bruises and a clean shirt yet on the recovery, both sleeves are torn and he's got bruises. Who knew a fighting style would be so deadly to shirts...🤨
  4. Fascinating. Bruce Horak is legally blind and playing an Aenar. Also, those antennas better move. They could do it 15+ years ago for Enterprise, ‘should be a cakewalk these days.
  5. Oh. That's why this stuff is showing up in my Youtube-algorithm-infested feed today. PS Showcase is today.
  6. They did. (stupid Instagram login block) https://nerdist.com/article/aquaman-and-the-lost-kingdom-everything-we-know/ The stealth suit is based of this classic:
  7. Let's just get through Dune before we get to Dune Messiah. If this was any other year I probably wouldn't worry but given our current pandemic stats...
  8. Korean. History of the Macross legal issues, Korean Cliff Notes version.
  9. That is a problem with the Dune-series. Things happen that end up taking the next novel or the next next novel to come to fruition. And it's hard to convey that, in what may be, a standalone. Syfy's version was able to convey that because they had more time (Syfy has more than double the run time of Lynch's version) and were able to bring Dune Messiah and Children of Dune to screen (and there was still more). Dune needs time, both within the fiction and for the audience, to tell its story. Unfortunately, it may not have it.
  10. The season ends with their relationship now clearly defined. Finale was ok. I saw it as more of cementing relationships from here on out and placing characters where they need to be in the larger picture than to close the season on a bang.
  11. I worry lots of movies may end up as "failures" since they may have low ticket sales vs streaming. At least until 2023 (2021 is turning into a write-off, any recovery will be slow in 2022).
  12. Macross is a Japanese product. We all know Robotechies want Bay to do their show. Threads like this tell me they are practically on their knees begging for it. There. I said it.
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