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  1. Final Fantasy XVI, Death Stranding 2, Diablo IV. It was also announced that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was Kevin Conroy's last Batman performance. The show was still running so I don't know if there are any other announcements coming. edit: Never mind. It just finished.
  2. My only question
can I dismember PEOPLE? 😡 Yes? Oh good. I MIGHT get it. No? Into the discount pile it goes where I’ll consider it during a Black Friday sale.
  3. Locking. Project is vaporware territory until further notice.
  4. Primal's robot form reminds me of Beast Machines' body but with Beast Wars' head.đŸ€š
  5. Isn't that what all franchises are? Which Macross now is...
  6. That does relate my primary complaint about this season; wasted time, like the first 2 episodes. Because next season will be covering the 4 years leading up to Rogue One, I imagine there will be less fluff. But because of that, they might be packin 'em in each episode.
  7. As the others have said, retraining and new maintenance equipment are factored in/negligible to the costs. That comes with the cost of upgrading. What's not factored is what may not be apparent. Proprietary or hard-to-source parts, downtime between usage, software updates, vendor servicing, etc. ☝There are real-life examples where maintenance of a machine costs more (and produces more headaches) than the machine itself over time. More so in recent years...
  8. Transformation has nothing to do with it. It's an inherit cost of a variable fighter. The YF-21 was significantly more expensive than the YF-19. The BDI/BCS primary control system was buggy and expensive. The morphing control surfaces was always intended to be a test and was not for final submission. The YF-21 was more expensive to maintain with its much more complicated systems. In order for the VF-22 to be accepted, the YF-21 had to be simplified to bring the costs down.
  9. Reviews for the RTX 4080 are out. Definitely better than the 3080 with around the same power usage but the consensus seems to be "Is it worth the $1200-price tag? đŸ€·â€â™‚ïž". Yeah, the price of the RTX 4000-series seems to be big sticking point for this generation.
  10. That can be seen as condescending, given the context of the previous responses. Now, I'm willing to let this go and move on but if I have to come back, this thread gets locked.
  11. Judging by the events in Rebels and the events up to now, the full Ghorman massacre hasn't occurred yet nor has she made all the arrangements to speak out against the Emperor.
  12. Even using Google can return poor results when the search terms are exact. Websites running their own search engines often produce poor search results. Please be a little more considerate and mind your language.
  13. Good episode. But spending 2 episodes again to build up to this does feel like a drag. Since this will probably be the only season of the 2 seasons where this happens is fine.
  14. Considering nukes couldn’t destroy the Protodeviln, I think they knew they couldn’t do anything but seal them up. As for the rest of the stuff, you know how you have that one old timer at work who leaves and forgets to tell you about that one procedure cuz the likelihood you’ll need it is so low it’s not worth mentioning until this one time you actually do but you can no longer reach them. Yeah. That’s probably how the rest of Protoculture stuff went. We should have told you about it but the ones who knew about it are no longer around and no one remembers it exists and we don’t know what to do with it.
  15. Unfortunately, there are not enough ATX 3.0 PSUs in the wild and until there are, we won't be able to confirm what is going on. While ray-tracing is picking up steam, it's still not greatly accepted. If the RX7000-series does well, hopefully that should give R&D a little more money to start picking up more ray-tracing development.
  16. I suspect AMD wants the 7900XTX/7900XT to compete with the RTX 4080. The RTX 4090 seems way out of league for the price and performance. But yes, where it actually lands on performance will be seen when the reviews come.
  17. Well, AMD fired a big warning shot across Nvidia's bow. Available December 13. And the big kicker, $999 for 7900 XTX and $899 for the 7900 XT. That pretty much ruins Nvidia's value proposition.
  18. ‘The Sandman’ Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix Feels like we're going on season-by-season renewal instead of set-number-of-seasons-commitment.
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