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  1. I'm not tearing down not woke people necessarily. There are a million ways to pick apart any media that are all valid but saying "oh it's woke" sounds more like a personal problem. It could mean the media is fantastic but you're just sick of having every show represent established characters in more inclusive ways. Like when a character changes race or orientation, maybe it's still a good show, the person complaining it's woke just doesn't like the old character being changed. That tells you more about that person than the show.
  2. You sure get in a lot of fights that are everyone else's fault.
  3. When someone says something is "woke" it generally says a lot more about them than the media they're criticizing.
  4. Like the sales thread, when someone states a price, maybe we should respect that instead of fighting with the person. If they don't get what they need at that price, it's in their power to edit the post and up the price until they do find a suitor.
  5. jenius

    Macross figures

    I wonder if there will be two sets at two different prices?
  6. Clearly you're a lot more invested in your He-man history than I am... but the original show was "HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" right? So, when a follow up show drops the name He-Man.. i mean, it's a clue? Just sayin'. As I said before though, the trailer was all sorts of iconic I HAVE THE POWER for a show that's all about nobody having the power any more, there's plenty to feel misled about.
  7. You know the Netflix show isn't called "He-Man" right? I just checked it out. I've never watched He-man as a kid. I agree that it felt like a bait and switch from the trailers (not the name). That said, having no connection to He-man from my childhood, I wasn't offended by it. I think the famous voice actors do the show a disservice (excluding MH). The voices are too recognizable and agree that SMG doesn't seem to fit Teela. I did enjoy the retro stuff, especially the intro to episode 1. I would guess that the overall story is leaps and bounds better than anything that's ever appeared in He-man previously since 80s cartoons were more commercial than show. The Snake Mountain stuff was a bit creepy... not sure how my kids would handle that. There seemed to be a nice escalation of the stakes toward the end of the arch as we get some death and the threat of a more permanent death from the character spared death. It'd be fun if they did five episode archs focusing on a new character each time. I'll check out the next five episodes when they're available.
  8. Does this mean Hi-Metal R is dead and Metal Robot Damashii is born?
  9. If they did a red shoulder I might bite, especially if they did something to fix the obvious weak spots. I wouldn't grab reissues.
  10. Are they reissuing them? Maybe just showing off previous projects? I thought for sure we'd get a red shoulder at some point.
  11. Is the scale wrong though? Looking at the still from the show, Hikaru looks pretty big in it. Did they ever publish dimensions?
  12. Disconnected intakes in that GERWALK pic have to be a mis-transformation right? It doesn't seem like this should be any different from the other VF-31 toys.
  13. I hate using words like "never" but I certainly don't recall any taped/sealed regular release Yamato products... I skipped the weathering stuff when it originally released so I can't personally vouch for those but I don't believe they were 'sealed' either.
  14. Simplified MegaHouse Ride Armors in a smaller size? These promise very limited articulation with the possibility of a very fidgety experience... yeah but I'll get 'em.
  15. Hopefully I have a new workspace by the time this arrives! It's really odd not having one at the moment.
  16. Wow, $110 for the M&M is a screaming deal.
  17. In Robotech universe the Bioroid would go up to about the hips on the Alpha. Cap recalculates scale based on the show rather than measurements that often don't agree with what's depicted. His Alpha would be much taller than the Sentinel.
  18. Hey all, it's a bummer the shoulders didn't survive my shipment north but Grey did an amazing job packing it for the trip home and we've unwound the transaction. @nightmareB4macross, let's talk about how to get this thing fixed up!
  19. They probably can't get a shipping container.
  20. Right back at you! Pleasure doing business with @Gabe Q.
  21. As he said, very nice transaction with @vladykins Another buyer to shoutout, and probably not the first time, is @jorawar_b. Quick communication and payment!
  22. The original Takatoku VF-1 molds were ruined after their Matsuhiro runs so it's possible the GBP mold just didn't last from normal wear. Bandai recreated the molds for their later reissues.
  23. Thank you kindly! The site will probably go on hiatus (still up, just no new content for a bit) this summer as I move again but it will be back once I find a new place and get settled.
  24. Voltrons are pending. Anybody need some SD super parts?
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