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  1. Step 1: Post in the "what's it worth" thread. Step 2: Post a few more times in other threads. That will make it so you can post in the for sale thread (there's a minimum post count).
  2. I'm with you! Definitely a store of last resort and hopefully not the next NY.
  3. This argument about the way these characters SHOULD be acting based on how they were in SDF Macross are equally crazy to how they're described to be acting in the new movie. So, no harm no foul.
  4. The slow part is beyond my control, I have noticed it going down and coming up a lot lately but I don't know why. Email or PM me when you come across broken pictures. I think the last update to Wordpress broke a bunch of things but I have no way of knowing what is and isn't working without clicking through it all... and while I'm doing that, it will take forever on my own. EDIT - Also, if anybody with web skills does know some tricks I can do to improve either of these things, let me know! I'm just a content guy... everything else gets quickly beyond my skill set.
  5. Given the emblem is M&M with blue and red wings, I think we might infer that both Max and Milia are related to Xaos. While you're probably right, in a science fiction universe that only loosely grasps canon, none of the points you raise really matter. Misa and Minmay have been missing... that doesn't rule them out in even the slightest way... in fact it would lead into the intrigue of the situation. Milia and Max were both soldiers and politicians and apparently owners of an air circus or something... but they also explored numerous new systems so a scifi jackpot could have easily been had. A scifi writer can easily kill characters and resurrect them an episode later using any number of scifi plot contrivances... making a character suddenly wealthy and powerful would be barely an inconvenience.
  6. I said I get my macros info from anymoon
  7. Looks like they've been busy fixing it up with lots of odd bits
  8. That does appear to be Macross Galaxy... which nicely explains why we're getting a Frontier tie in.
  9. I'm gonna take this opportunity to pour some on the ground for Totoro242. IIRC, he also ran the robotech museum website which chronicled every piece of merchandise sold with the name Robotech on it. These listings marked his leaving the hobby-dom. He was very helpful back in the day when I started posting on anymoon and was super nice to correspond with.
  10. I'm shocked they didn't put it in theaters Halloween weekend or a week before Halloween... seems like a missed opportunity. It doesn't scream THANKSGIVING to me.
  11. Man, I gotta get around to watching the first Delta movie...
  12. The new bad guy plane is more of an X wing than I realized.
  13. I think you're not in luck, part of the discussion of the settlement is how happy everyone is to get back to all the projects they have planned together.
  14. VR = Virgin Road.
  15. Shouldn't it be someone totally androgenous?
  16. They both copied from previous shows... Old spy shows... Maybe mission impossible.
  17. Ooh no, this is the one that goes with the action figures... it's basically one solid chunk of plastic with not even a hint of transformation mechanisms. To make a transforming Cyclone at that size you'd be better off starting with a scratch build.. or grab the CMs toys.
  18. I think those same guys are frequent background filler in the anime so it's keeping the sight gag going, not trying to perfectly recreate something.
  19. Luna Park hasn't shipped mine yet... I keeping tapping my fingers on my desk but that doesn't seem to be hurrying things along.
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