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  1. added 171 Nightmare plus and reduced price on YF-29.
  2. Sorry, only selling what's listed.
  3. Price reduced. Also accepting offers.
  4. Good Evening, This will be the only statement on this matter for I feel it has been dragged out long enough already. The buyer sent me about 7 pics, most of which have been shown in this thread, where he attempts to show damage. I recognize immediately the dent in the little front wing as something that needs to be addressed but could not seriously consider the other photos that show paint chipping that was on both my 31A’s when they arrived and have been documented by others on this forum as the state they arrived from the factory. The buyer at first was asking for a 20%-30% refund. I could not justify such a refund based on the minor blemish that did not affect the function or form of the plane in any mode so I offered $70. The buyer refused the refund then stated that if he did not get a $100 refund from me by EOD he would open a case with PayPal at which point I invited him to do so. Upon opening the dispute with PayPal he was asking for a refund of either $100 or a total refund if the $initial amount could not be obtained. Considering the amount of a full refund I immediately called PayPal and had the case escalated and begin discussing the issue with them. I provided the original sales photo and upon further examination of the photo you can actually see the dent fairly clearly. I want to point out at this point that I was not aware of the dent but took seriously that it was there which is why I offered a refund that I felt was reasonable. The PayPal claims dept and I examined the other photos and they could not see anything that significantly, or in a minor fashion, affected form and/or function of the item. At that point the case was closed in my favor as this was considered a case of buyer’s remorse. To close this out I would like to state that I was at fault for not noticing the dent, but that the buyer was also at fought for, at the very least, not closely examining the sales photo/and or asking for additional photos. It’s unfortunate that the buyer has decided to take this route and is disappointing that my sales thread has been locked but we are all at the mercy of the admins and if that is there choice I will not waste any time debating it. I will not be providing any further refunds to this buyer as I can not in my mind support the type of behavior that if one cannot get their way then they will simply retaliate by, in this case, attempting to get me black listed. Honestly, at the end of the day, he will probably get credited back his $500 from his credit card company and get to keep the plane. My suggestion, and opinion, is that if one is going to exercise such high standards they may want to avoid buying used items on a internet forum. At this point I leave up the final decision to the admins and the court of public opinion. Attached in this statement is the original sales photo were I have indicated the damaged area.
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