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  1. Thanks man! I just posted lower resolution versions of these on their Facebook page - there are already some REAALLY sweet looking 3-D models people have posted that blow their current design out of the water so I don't expect this study will get much traction - hopefully MAAS is humble enough to pay attention and look at what people are saying! Again, starting from the hover-tank design goes a long way - the transport mode was a big part of the show. I DO kinda hope they notice and use my ideas for the torso transformation though- most soldier modes for this mecha end up looking a bit like a sumo in order to make room for the arms when the waist should taper, and the crotch plate needs to be able to tuck completely out of the way for transformation - I think using the groin as a "storage bin" seems like a near perfect solution - but I admit, I'm biased . . . .sometimes I actually like my own ideas.
  2. Yowza - as much as I wanted to see a modern interpretation of the Spartas, it doesn't seem all that, well, modern - it's a bit like I would have expected from Yamato back in the nineties when they were just starting on their Macross Plus toys. Back in the day I was going to commission a 3-D artist to help me construct a model of the unit (I knew a little 3-D, but I didn't consider myself good enough to construct anything that could be used for CAD). So I sat down with graph paper and worked out a basic set of proportions and transformation scheme that I thought could physically work - heh, as the graph paper was only quadrille and small, I had to "estimate" where I thought 16ths would be, but it was roughly 1/35th scale at 7 inches. He told me he thought it would work with a little tweaking, and as ashamed as I was of it at the time, I don't think I'm deluding myself too much when I say it still works better proportionately than what MAAS Toys is doing. The key is starting with the hoversled design. If you get the hardest one out of the way, the rest is comparatively cake. As lousy as those snapshots are, now I kinda want to import them into illustrator and reconstruct them with vectors to see if I can clean them up and tweak some of the issues.
  3. NeoverseOmega

    Hi-Metal R

    Awesome! It's great to see some Bandai love for the VF-4! I have to admit, I'm slightly (ever so slightly) disappointed they didn't try to improve on the Arcadia model. For the VF-1 they came up with an interesting slider mechanism for the arms, set the head down to get rid of the priest collar, and got a little bit better arm and back pack proportions - possibly at the cost of some proportions in fighter mode, but a noticeable attempt at improvement. Their VF-2SS nailed all the things the Evolution toys version got wrong. Their VF-19 included a sliding neck cover and hinged leg covers and seemed to beef up the head and upper body where Arcadia got the chunky thighs and legs. Bandai at least seems to have looked pretty carefully at their competition and tried to improve upon what's already been done. This, at least to my eye, looks like an almost perfectly scaled down replica of the Yamato/Arcadia VF-4 (most of the differences I see are just in the angle of that Obari thrust and how it effects the look of everything around it) - I keep wanting to see a collapsing mechanism in the lower legs to make them a little more proportionate to the upper body, slightly longer upper arms, a more accurate head sculpt, etc. It looks great, don't get me wrong (at friggin' 1/100 to boot) and if they go DX I'd love to see what they can pull off - but I can't help but feel like somebody at Bandai was just like "I got a copy of Yamato's CAD, lets scale it down and make the screws bigger so it doesn't fall apart"..... Heh, we are most critical of the things we love the most are we not . . . . . Still, I look forward to it - a VF-4 that won't cost more than my first car! And at that scale - holy crap, there is no denying that bird looks sweet, such a beautiful plane!
  4. NeoverseOmega

    Hi-Metal R

    That Nexx 2SS looks sweet - I'll happily scarf it up. Hopefully if enough of us snatch these bad boys up maybe someone will finally have the guts to do this hunk of Valkyrie love:
  5. Agreed. While this is a step up in some ways from the HMR, the 1/35 they were showing off really seemed to nail the design, at least in battroid mode. This seems like a few steps back. If it helps the fighter mode I might understand, but that chest looks too flat, even for fighter mode it should be more convex.
  6. I just started an internship with a Virtual Reality startup company in San Francisco - the characters, logos and poster art are my creations! Our game, Velocibeasts, is showing at GDC today and HTC seems interested! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to plug something directly here, but if nothing else I'd like to show off a few of my beasties .
  7. Ironically this strikes me as someone trying too hard to do the opposite of what Michael Bay's transformers did. It's cohesive, has a distinctive silhouette, and strangely enough comes together in a way that even makes me think of the anime magic in an 80's cartoon rendered in 3D. It outright rejects the splintery, jagged designs we've seen recently - so much so that it actually doesn't seem to get the elements that those designs actually have right . . . . . More than likely they are also over responding to the silly cardboard box element of the original Megazords. Yes, it looked cheesy - but it wasn't the fault of the design, it was the fault of the fact that you had to shove an actual person inside of it. That's obviously not necessary for modern 3D models . . . . It looks like the kind of assembler I drew as a five year old . . . . . particularly the arms and legs. Granted, what we are looking at looks like a happy meal toy, and I hope only vaguely represents the actual machine!
  8. There's a lot of concerns on this design for me - I want to be cautiously optimistic though. Seeing the reviews comparing the Nexx 2ss to the Sylvie tells me that they DID actually add clips and connectors and thickened up the plastic (and then totally threw that all out the window on the SAP, but I digress....). Even that little attempt at improvement, and the fact that they got the designer for the CM's legioss to take a crack at it (who, at the very least did a good job at making a comparatively sturdy toy - which is the very thing Evo needs most at the moment) reminds me a little of early Yamato - they messed up a lot, but there was a noticeable desire for improvement that added up to some really amazing things over time. They seem, at least, to be aware of some of their problems and trying to fix them. What's truly disappointing about it though, is that when Yamato were trying their early Valkyries, there really wasn't any precedent for them. They were looking at garage kits and old toys and trying to do something new. There IS a history now though - Yamato is a prime example - and the Legioss has been done by Gakken, Toynami, and CM's - there is a lot of reference material. While there is a lot of anime magic in this design, it's actually far less than in almost every 20th century Macross valkyrie. So many people have come so close (even the mixed results of the old half transformable gakken 1/72 with it's beautifully proportioned robot) that I can't help but feel like everyone who has worked on the design recently just doesn't know how much material is out there. Heh, just knowing the Moscato model EXISTS should effect how designers look at this. I will admit, looking at the side by side for fighter mode, if they can push the feet in and line things up to fit a little better (considering one arm looks fine, I'm hoping the other is just mis-transformation) it looks pretty good in that mode (thought to me the nose is still silly long and the feet too narrow). I suppose when all is said and done, it will depend on how this thing feels in the hand. Visually it's a huge step up from the CM's, and it does SOME thinks a little better visually than the toynami (though to me, a lot of the problems are in the torso - it seems so squeezed together compared to the rest of the unit with those really long chest blocks and groin thrusters that it looks like the blocky robot of the line art got the dynamic one of the anime stretched out and pinched into the middle - this of course effects the head as well as the snowball effect of disproportions crashes into its face. If it feels like the CM's and looks even as good as these shots suggest, it will be overall the best so far - (perhaps damning with faint praise, but that's the reality of it). At this point it all hinges on how well it holds together and feels in the hand.
  9. Hmmm, just watched the movie, and I'd give it a solid "meh". It has good moments, but it can't seem to decide whether to over-explain everything for an audience that doesn't read comic books, or load it with comic references that not many people (even some legitimate comic nerds) are going to get. However, whatever I feel about Zack Snyder, he is in a rather unenviable position. The Nolan trilogy attempted to make a series of Batman movies that were just great movies, and he didn't have to care about how his take would fit in a DC universe. BVS is coming after the audience has realized that it is possible to have a superhero film that also happens to just be a good film - but now that DC realizes that there is money to be made hand over fist this movie has to be a big screen comic-book that sets up a franchise - that's too much happening in one film for even a great director to juggle in a compressed time. Much less a guy that paints a great, dark, stylized image, but doesn't seem to know what to do with the story it's depicting. Honestly though - I think simply having a warm, smiling, "human" superman would have gone a long way - he can still be darker, he can still be doubt-ridden and complicated, but it seems like Snyder is trying to turn Superman and Lex Luthor into Batman and Joker. I don't think it's a spoiler to say that this superman poses and broods when he rescues someone (and we don't even see him do that enough) whereas Christopher Reeve's version comforted and cheered the people he rescued - it felt like he did it because he enjoyed it and because he cared, not because it was a burden.
  10. Is it just me, or has Robotech gotten to the point that the best solution would be to continue it with an Army of Darkness style outright comedy? I want Huey from the Boondocks to take twenty minutes to mash a fighter pilot helmet over his two feet of hair, go by "Rick", and claim to be Japanese. His Veritech should also be covered with branding logos from Redbull and Vagisill, and protoculture should grow in a pitri dish and require a gigantic mushroom shaped bong for proper use . . . . my god, that script just writes itself!
  11. Wow, I have such mixed feelings about this MP Optimus Primal! Admittedly the paint does make it look a LOT better than the test shot's we've seen, and the original toy was a bright spot when transformers was on a massive downturn in the nineties (which the tv show managed to switch around with good story telling and later awesome transmetal toys) - so there is nostalgia and an actual like of the character going for it. In many ways it looks to me like I wished primal looked in the nineties (the transformation is closer to what I pictured originally, and meshes well with some of the later interpretations of the monkey/robot mode switch) - however this is supposed to be a masterpiece toy, and it has none of the innovation it should. I was hoping for actual hair, flexible pieces that allow robot parts to be completely hidden, perhaps even a torso joint so that it could look good both standing up and hunched over in ape mode (apes don't look straight down, they go swayback to look forward). It still appears to have some of the fun of the original - all the stored weapons for example (which I wish more transformers toys would do) but it looks more like, well, a classics or generations Primal than a masterpiece. Unlike a lot of people I always kind of liked the IDEA of transformers turning into organic animals (If you know there are transformable robots out there, would you be looking for an ape or a taxi cab?) but I knew there was no way to pull it off well in toy form with the toy technology then - I'd still like to see it done though in a story in which it makes more sense (hiding out on an earth already ruled by a small cabal of Decepticons for example). I half want to buy it just in the hope that they give me a T-rex megatron to go with it . . . . .
  12. We get blinded by the delivery here - it's the really awesome weathering, shading, and details that make people keep coming back to this. The nose is off, but the angle matches it up with the curves on the leg - it's a nice visual trick - but yeah, it takes away from the crazy "futuristic" fighter look it had - heh, for the nineties. Still, I get what people are saying - even with what this does wrong, it gets a little bit how the dynamic of the design works. The evolution toy steps towards that direction and seems to stumble before it gets there. I'm still happy to see it made, it captures the style and sensibilities (IMHO) of that era so well!
  13. Sigh - I want a wife that's like: "Damn, that's awesome - I want one too!" Instead I meet women who are convinced my love of transformable robots requires medication and a straitjacket . . . . and my entire collection consists of a VF-1, and a VF-19 . . . .
  14. Yup, I rather liked both Magnaboss and Tripredacus -although I'll agree getting that beetle back together could be a pain! I'd love to see them revisited with a masterpiece mentality. Heh, and magnets. I suspect that would be less frustrating than the clips they used. It wouldn't have been so bad if the ball joints didn't keep popping apart . . . . .
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