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  1. I remember seeing a Meme years ago on an anime forum where someone photoshopped Max to have super big glasses. hahahaha XD But yeah, just messing around.
  2. Glasses are way to small. They need to cover the whole face. @Rock thanks a lot! I can guess why. It is kinda hard to pull it off. Just a little bit off and the whole streamlined shape is gone. Looks super weird then.
  3. Pre-ordered one already. https://www.hlj.com/1-72-scale-plamax-vf-1a-s-fighter-valkyrie-hikaru-ichijyo-s-fighter-macross-do-you-remember-love-max01291 now lets wait till November…
  4. Ah nice…. At least they got the engines in the right angle.
  5. Thanks! I took some extra time to Max and checked the single most awesome Macross 7 episode over and over again to check his flight suit and get the colors right.
  6. A bit real world workbench today. 1/72 pilot figure time. First off, two angry Canadian pilots. How do we know they are Canadian? The have little barely visible flags on their arms! Look at them sitting in ther F-5. For my VF-19A and the VF-22 I finished the pilots as well. For the VF-19A, instead of using the M+ type flight suit, I cloned the VF-22 flight suit. It looks a bit more like the VF-X 2 Aegis Focker flight suit. I also made a little Max for the VF-22 with super little details. Good my hands are super shaky and I need to hold my breath when painting with the super thin brush. Here you go. Aegis Fockers right foot came off during "Cloning" but I decided to ignore it. It'll be covered anyway. Here they are in their planes.
  7. Small update here on my stuff. Finally decided on the proper VF-9 wheels. Maybe someone can figure out where I took my inspiration? And some work on the VF-1P as well. I love those crazy panel lines.
  8. Yay! This is an instant HLJ order
  9. Urashiman

    Macross 30

    that is awesome man! with my limited japanese I was only barely able to figure out what was going on in Macross 30. Have to read this
  10. I've been chatting with Senovis on Facebook about the VF-9 and showed a bit of my work on the VF-9 as well. He was impressed with mine. His is really good, thinking of the time it took him to put it together, but there are some things that don't really fit kawamoris line art. Some obvious inaccuracies here and there. Like the panel lines are rounded on the edges, due to the modelling style. It happens with his other models too. It isn't as details as mine, and missing landing gears and so, but that is okay. there is very little information on the landing gear of the VF-9. I know how the front landing gear looks like since that Macross Delta episode were we see mirage at jenius air in the VF-9, but I am still in the dark about the back landing gear. I probably have to improvise there. Was thinking of F-16/18 style gear.
  11. Thanks a lot! I'm giving it my best. this has been a multi year project now. I mean, I am fiddling on that thing since 2010... @Thom The VF-1P as a quite different panel lining compared to the normal VF-1. Everything is a bit more "stealth like" and the engine exhausts are more like the ones of a VF-0. The canopy pushes out a bit more as well. Will be interesting to compare to another VF-1 when done. @GMK Can't wait to see this fully printed and finished. I've been following your progress on it since the start.
  12. Some digital workbench stuff for me as well. Progress on the VF-9. I wasn't happy with the engines/legs of my VF-9 so decided to delete the old ones and make new ones. I think I am slowly getting there. One by one. And presenting my side project. Whenever I am fed up with the VF-9, I am working on this. A VF-1P with a GU-11D gunpod. This is heavy early progress. It started out as a testbed for modelling techniques but got a little bit bigger now.
  13. Urashiman

    Fun with KSP

    yeah, saw this one as well. Awesome!
  14. Aww man ... hoped to get a hasegawa VF-31C Mirage version. Unfortunately that is discontinued.
  15. This looks so awesome - instant nerdgasm
  16. NO!!!! Send it to me! I can rescue it!
  17. That's the issue - getting the basics in a couple of days isn't really "easy". The basics are navigation in the tool, primitives and boolean operations. Took me a whole day, because I am used to 3DS shortcuts. It was confusing as hell. Anyway - blender, as soon as you can work in it, is a mighty tool.
  18. Blender isn't easy if you are already used to other tools like 3DS MAX, MAYA or Solidworks. It is really complicated. I tried it once and managed to do some things, but it took me a while. I think if you never used 3D software before, it is easier to master blender, because you are a clean slate and learn everything from scratch. Knowledge about other tools definately is not helpful.
  19. I feel like on a star wars board, discussing about the proper scale of TIE fighters. They change size from scene to scene as well. It‘s no use to discuss this. There is no right or wrong here.
  20. Unfortunately- they won’t ship it until a shipping service is selected. No surprise 😕
  21. Pre-Ordered the Regult at HLJ. Now ... let's wait for three months
  22. Yeah ... my first try to go at multiple kits at once. Especially with the same colored mold it is fun hahaha. I'll just make sure to put the right parts back into the right box.
  23. It‘s putty time, children! it is fun how much easier to build the VF-22 is, compared to the VF-19. I think I can start priming on the VF-22 tomorrow
  24. Correct! @Gabe Q thanks a lot, and correct as well! the fun part about the X-29 is, that the front was taken straight from the F-5. either the x-29 is way too big for 1/72 or the F-5B is too small.
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