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  1. Ah ... good advise. Will get some as well.
  2. Thanks a lot man! Time to make some clones edit: just checked the trollfactory site: https://trollfactory.de/anwendungen/modellbau/tabletop-spiele/7042/tfc-troll-factory-silikon-kautschuk-typ-2-abformsilikon-mittelhart-1-1-rtv-nv?number= Their products are much cheaper compared to amazon. 22,90€ compared to 28,90€.
  3. Whoa! Awesome! I need one of those for my newest member on my modelkit stack of shame. I will probably take the Hasegawa F-14 pilots as well. Thanks for the idea! PS: What do you use for the molds and what kind of resin are you using for casting?
  4. currently finishing the more accurate line arts if you can wait for a bit.
  5. Those views are based upon my papercraft and unfortunately are not acurate. Well, they are the most acurate you can find at the moment, but they are not 100% correct. Here is the original from the papercraft model: and my bad line art for the VF-14: There was a lot of tweaking and changing done from line art to the 3D model. Hope that helps.
  6. Urashiman

    Fun with KSP

    Hey everyone, I was a bit bored today and had some fun in KSP. Everything was done without mods. Doesn't transform, flight model only VF-1 VF-9
  7. @MechTech jep, thats the 1/48 VF-1A/S Strike
  8. Got new stuff ... and that VF-1S/A Hasegawa box is just huge, man! Even bigger than the 1/48 YF-19 box.
  9. So - May stash moved from the living room into the basement. The VF-0S and the SV-51 Nora Type box on the left are "empty". Well actually, full of sprues from other kits. The stash will be extended by a VF-1S Strike 1/48, VF-0D, VF-25 Super and a SV-262 as soon as the HLJ holiday sale package arrives Update: The stuff is here:
  10. Yeah - I just saw this build on FB as well! NIce one
  11. @MechTechI don't think I will start selling it. Too much trouble with business taxes in Germany. I was thinking of releasing it under GPL, so anyone can print it. @Thomthanks! Only 3D printing, no casting
  12. @MechTechThat's the plan. The whole 3D model is designed to work as 1/72 kit.
  13. At the moment, whenever I have a 5 minutes of free time, I am working on this. Slowly getting the VF-9 were I want it to be (quality wise).
  14. I was thinking about buying one of those old bandai molds as well - how does it build? The old ARII kits were not fitting well, and the old VF-2ss needed much sanding, so how are the old Bandai kits?
  15. Woohoo the 262 - and you even use proper Umlaute
  16. An XBOX360 exclusive space shooter. The planes in that game were actually designed by Shoji Kawamori. The game was kinda fun, but the story was mediocre.
  17. Yeah, the green line goes all back to the 1977 kit. It's not branching somewhere. Probably the newest Hasegawa mold or the Tamiya 1/72 F-14A. That'll be my guess. The Revell and Italeri kits are of inferior quality, even compared to the 1977 hasegawa mold (yes, even with rised panel lines). Anyway - I'll have fun with that F-14A. My old F-14A looks horrible, so I'll replace it.
  18. I did some research. The mold actually is from the mid 70s. And yes, probably have to rescribe the panel lines. I wish I would have known that before I ordered the kit... Oh no for #§$%&!? sakes... Yes - this is the Macross Zero F-14 mold. Why did they use this for a Macross kit? Quick and easy money probably right?
  19. I was happy to find something nice in the mail today. But then I checked the model... look at those panel lines and the bad mold issues. What is the mold from? The 70s? This'll be a lot of work I guess...
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