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  1. Got my confirmation from HLJ. YF-19 with booster ships tomorrow
  2. yep ... but the turpentine got through it too easily and killed everything. There are also other crazy methods when it comes to decals. 1. Gloss coat 2. Apply decals 3. Gloss coat 4. Sand decals, and carefully sand off the clear decal carrier foil 5. Gloss coat again result: no small edges around the decals. downpoint: it takes ages, so I am not doing it. haha
  3. I‘d do that too, but I am super horrible at washing. Last time I did that killed my decals.
  4. Yeah. It has been declared accessible for the scion. He likes it. Now on to the VF-19 front. Paintjob done, gloss coat applied. Now it needs to cure for 24 hours. Then I can oil color wash it. Then decals after the wash.
  5. @MechTech pictures were taken from around 1-2 feet away @Thom I built one of these not too long ago Another quick build today. I don’t think I‘ve finished that much kits in such a short time for long. A star wars kit. Haven’t build one in years.
  6. Those intakes look familiar… Thanks a lot! I mean, from far it doesn’t look too bad. But I ordered more…
  7. I decided to work a bit on my backlog. VF-19A. Masking masking masking: Airbrush airbrush airbrush: Peeling peeling peeling: YAY! I decided that I am done with the PLAMAX VF-1. Botched… too man fingerprints and messed up paint job. I ordered a new one and will try again. No pictures as it is too embarrassing. The kid will have a new toy haha.
  8. @Thom Thanks - the kid is trying haha. My wife is going to paint that figurine. I am only good for priming and sanding hahaha. @pengbuzz oh, that comes along pretty well!
  9. He has fun with it. Today he gave it a paint job. i was busy priming and sanding.
  10. Yeah… just flakes off. So I am not going to use it for model building.
  11. @pengbuzz ah a classic pengbuzz tape model! Awesome! I decided to purchase SUNLU high toughness resin, thinking I would get my prints to be a bit more less brittle. It is awesome. I can throw my print around and it doesn’t break… but… well… I smashed everything I could on the build plate of my VF-9. and also printed an army of Milias. And you can throw them around because the stuff basically is liquid rubber. Can be bent around like crazy and doesn’t break. Here two additional pictures for your convenience.
  12. @pengbuzz man, you've no luck with your stuff at the moment,
  13. That's how my dad used to glue his models.
  14. oh wow ... I didn't know what to expect when I clicked the thread, but I certainly did not expect this haha
  15. Haha cool - I have the battle ship in my basement as well.
  16. 4 now. The SU-47, the VF-1 the Horten Ho 229 and the Soyuz :S
  17. Haha great! In Soviet Russia, model kit builds you! Another kit finished today. My kid was eyeing this stone age kit. So we build it: The mold must be from the 70s or something. It had horrible quality. My kid wasn‘t happy with the build and complained. Anyway… clamps. After around an hour it was at this stage. Even with sanding it didn’t look too good. It probably would have needed much more love, I guess. have a look at the instructions Here the result without paint. Then I blasted. Primer and then revell white 04, thinned with mr. Color levelling thinner. I have found that when you mix revell enamel colors with the levelling thinner, they dry much quicker ~ 20-30min till you can touch it and leave no fingerprints. I used the chinese not strings attached airbrush again. Then I masked and added more color. Then some more paint with normal paint brush and done. Total time invested: ~2.5h no need for decals, the kit has none provided. Hahahaha
  18. Okay, time for some workbench stuff again. I went to the hobby shop with the kid, and he found something that I had actually build in the mid 90s, but it was destroyed in the annual „strap ugly kits to fireworks to make space for new kits“ family ritual. My kid absolutely wanted this thing. I was reluctant to get it but hey. The kid demands, the kid receives. A Revell 1/72 Horton Go 229 I am pretty sure the updated the mold, because I found way better quality on this kit than I actually remember from building this thing the first time. The clamps were of good use again. I used the Chinese battery driven air brush again. It‘s so fast to color things with it. Then canopy masking and primer. Prior to priming this, the kid wanted it to have the classic red 13 camo pattern, but he liked the light grey of the primer so much, that he declared the plane to be finished. Build time: ~2hours. Man, third kit already done this year! I‘m on fire! Hahhaha I have to finish my other kits and the VF-9 project some day. The kid is currently eating time.
  19. Dude ... you get no rest. But some day you'll run out of bad luck. Let's see how that Airwolf will look in the end!
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