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  1. That's the issue - getting the basics in a couple of days isn't really "easy". The basics are navigation in the tool, primitives and boolean operations. Took me a whole day, because I am used to 3DS shortcuts. It was confusing as hell. Anyway - blender, as soon as you can work in it, is a mighty tool.
  2. Blender isn't easy if you are already used to other tools like 3DS MAX, MAYA or Solidworks. It is really complicated. I tried it once and managed to do some things, but it took me a while. I think if you never used 3D software before, it is easier to master blender, because you are a clean slate and learn everything from scratch. Knowledge about other tools definately is not helpful.
  3. I feel like on a star wars board, discussing about the proper scale of TIE fighters. They change size from scene to scene as well. It‘s no use to discuss this. There is no right or wrong here.
  4. Unfortunately- they won’t ship it until a shipping service is selected. No surprise 😕
  5. Pre-Ordered the Regult at HLJ. Now ... let's wait for three months
  6. Yeah ... my first try to go at multiple kits at once. Especially with the same colored mold it is fun hahaha. I'll just make sure to put the right parts back into the right box.
  7. It‘s putty time, children! it is fun how much easier to build the VF-22 is, compared to the VF-19. I think I can start priming on the VF-22 tomorrow
  8. Correct! @Gabe Q thanks a lot, and correct as well! the fun part about the X-29 is, that the front was taken straight from the F-5. either the x-29 is way too big for 1/72 or the F-5B is too small.
  9. @MechTech hahahahaha yeah! @arbit indeed. But this time it is a VF19A. who can guess the white one?
  10. IT‘S ALIVE! Okay… I think the F-5B is alive and kicking again. Still need some panel line scribing but, it looks okay now. And because working on two kits is not enough, I started kit number three! Maxs VF-22 from macross 7.
  11. I felt, that I needed a break from the F-5B. So I started building something I have on my kit pile for years now. I got that VF-19A when it released the first time almost two decades ago. I also got the photo etched set from jasmine models, which is so awesome. I really like it.
  12. Okay, update on the F5B. I basically drenched it in Revell putty yesterday and let it dry for ~24 hours. and today I started to sand away on this like crazy. Uh! So this is where I am at now. One side almost done, the other still needs so sandpaper love. I think I am on a good way here fixing this crappy kit. Lets see how it‘ll turn out.
  13. Okay, next phase on the F-5B cockpit section finished. I’ll have to do a lot of sanding now, and then, the good old panel line scribing. YAY! A bit better lighting today, so the “detail” is showing better.
  14. Scratchbuild time… comming along slowly. sorry for bad lighting, though.
  15. When messing up a €2.99 kit, just purchase €6.00 Evergreen stuff to fix it. hahahahahahahahahaaha
  16. I'll give it a try to resurrect it - if it doesn't work, I will discard it.
  17. Hahaha meat moss - no, there was no actual cockpit in those to halves. Only the struts to hold the seats. Red FIMO is bad...
  18. The whole front section is soft now, starting from the edge of cockpit, all the way to the front. I think I‘ll go with building the whole cockpit section anew. Shouldn‘t be too hard. Three plates left, right and buttom, landing gear box, the front plate to attach the actual nose, then some sanding and panel line scribing. Done.
  19. I decided to work on my 1/72 Matchbox F-5E Tiger again. Before putting it on hold some months ago, I was in the process of creating a new canopy, forming it with FIMO by hand and sticking it to the cockpit, so I can pull down some heated clear stuff over it. You know the process Anyway, what I didn't keep in mind was, that FIMO uses plasticizer to stay clay like. So now I am having an issue here... The cockpit section just melted away. So three options now: - Trying to figure out how to dry out the plasticizer without melting the rest of the body - Purchasing Evergreen plates and cutting off the nose, then completely scratchbuilding a new nose with cockpit - throwing it away and going on to the next project. Any suggesstion what else can be done?
  20. Well - for the VF-X they need to change the mold drastically. I mean, they need to update the panel line design, as the VF-X to VF-1 panel lines are super different. There need to be new molds as well, for the arms. The VF-X had no arms. VF-X VF-1
  21. @MechTechSo far it is non-scale. Just a little 3D VF-1 study to practice some modelling skills. Nothing specific planned yet. I still have to finish my 1/72 VF-9 Cutlass. That is still on my desk. Not sure if I was posting this here already but here you go. Some VF-9 renders.
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