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  1. You can buy a chinese reprint of those decals through eBay (at the cost of a normal Hasegawa VF-1 kit). https://www.ebay.com/itm/132264740955
  2. No real world fiddling around today, but some progress on the VF-1P. Slow progress ... super slow, because things don't turn out how I want them and then have to do it again, but I love doing it, else I wouldn't be doing it, eh?
  3. @MechTech thanks man! okay, I think I performed enough sanding now. next steps: new canopy carving panel lines
  4. Oh yeah - you are in sanding hell as well. have fun!
  5. @derex3592 haha, sound horrible. But no, I only build a hand full of 1/48 kits. Most were WW2 planes and one F-14 I think. @MechTech no, I like it the hard way. Sanding until the fingers are bleeding. I hope this is done now. Will test prime that thing tomorrow. Let’s see if it is good now. Then it is time to carve panel lines and make a new canopy.
  6. Haha! Great! Have fun! I hope it won't be as annoying as my F-5B (CF-116). Can you post pictures of the runners?
  7. It‘s putty time children! grey revell putty for the things that need more sanding. And then I noticed these giant gaps. Revell putty won’t help here. time for good old miliput! muhahaha! More stuff to sand away!
  8. @ahiachris Nice print! What resolution has you SLA printer? @MechTech Thanks a lot man! Working on the VF-1P again. I think I have the canopy right now. Took me a while to get the proper form. In the back, canopy v1, in the front canopy v3.14 (the one I am satisfied with). EDIT: Some progress from today. Panel lines in real life, as in virtual life are hard to carve, and take their time.
  9. @Thom @arbit @derex3592 Thanks for the encouraging words. No worries, the adventure (much more sanding) will continue. But I got tired of that thing after sanding away and decided to work on the VF-1P a bit more. Here two renders fresh from the renderbakery. I am not too sure if I will leave the canopy like this. It looks a bit too much like the weird 80s Bandai kit canopy.
  10. Hey everyone! I did a bunch of sanding and filling and "pre-panel lining" on the F-5B (CF-116). So this is where I am so far. I have been sanding and sanding and filling and sanding. Rinse and repeat. So I decided to spray the thing with the good old Tamiya surface primer to check for any stuff that needs even more sanding. And boy, the primer didn't fail me, but that #@%&$?! kit frustrates me. After all this sanding, there are still so many things to do. So much fun! Hahahahahah
  11. Okay, did a bit of panel line work on the VF-9 again. It is so annoying, and super hard work. You start to cut an then it looks weird. Then you go back to an older version of the object and do it again and again and again until you have something that you a bit satisfied with and then rework it again. At least I am getting progress. Slow but it is there.
  12. Went over it with 1500 grid tamiya sanding sponge. Not too sure if I like this. Defo have to air brush again.
  13. I'm not a careful sander ... I'd probably sand through the primer, the ground color and shading. Hahaha. It dried a bit more, and isn't that much visible anymore, so I'll just leave it like that PS: Revell Enamel blue 50. Fits the VF-22S Max version without any need to color mix something together.
  14. A modellers horror story in three pictures. I hate it when my airbrush burps onto my stuff I decided to leave it like that now, but stilll it annoys me.
  15. Nice, my wife is from cologne. We visit cologne as well as Bergisch Gladbach a lot, family visits etc. I am from the former East Berlin (born and raised in communist Germany, hahaha!)
  16. Yeah, F/A-18, F-14 and F-35 all have straight 90° angle nose gear. Might have asked that already, but are you German?
  17. The Airbus A320 as a slightly tilted front landing gear. Maybe 5° or something, but yeah. Nowhere else I saw this. Appart from looking fancy (adding to the already fancy VF-9), there isn't much I can think of, why they decided on this type of gear. Oh look, the F-16 has that as well. Not at an extreme angle like the VF-9, but from the gear configuration, it seems the VF-9 took inspiration from the F-16 nose gear.
  18. XD well, in this case, the engine bay. thanks!
  19. I made some progress on the VF-9's new legs and wanted to share some renders, because sharing is caring Feedback is welcome.
  20. Ah, that fake wood stuff, having similar features like wood, minus the grain direction and splintering. My brother was a professional casting modeller for a company that did industrial molds and casts. They used that stuff all the time. He brought me some ages ago. Great stuff to work with.
  21. It is super smooth. I bet there will be some blockyness, but at this scale, sanding the body once with 180 or 320 grid will get rid of it.
  22. Pushing myself to get the VF-9 done. Only little parts left. I scrapped the back gear idea again. It didn't look good. Finally got the form of the engine exhaust/foot right. Let's hope I get this done this year, hahahahah.
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