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  1. Yeah… was reading the news on the macross page and was disappointed. So, skull squadron themed lobster it is…
  2. Good job man! ps: my wife finished this
  3. Oh ohh… it‘s got legs now :S PS: Done
  4. Hehe, cool man! I wonder: why is there the joystick in the middle? I always thought the stick is on the right hand panel.
  5. Oh wow - I wasn't aware. Thanks! Good I didn't invest time yet to create AIM-7 rockets or purchase some online. Will check for AIM-120.
  6. there is a 99% propability that will actually happen, but let's dream a bit. Some possible quick pull-offs FUJIMI would be capable to do. 1/72 Macross Zero F-14 1/72 Macross Zero Mig-29 1/72 Macross Zero SH-60 Seahawk Varja themed lobster or rhinoceros beetle
  7. @electric indigo awesome man! Here. Two pictures of the finished VF-19A in evening sunlight. Edit: XF-20 coated the VF-22 today, so I can wash it tomorrow. Also checked the F-14D and forgot why I stopped to fiddle with it. Seems pretty much in a state that is close to finishing. Only the ordinance missing. So I checked Macross Zero Episode 1, just to figure what I need. That‘ll be two AIM-9 and six AIM-7. Then a blurry memory came up. I remembered what I wanted to do and why. The GWH kit only has two AIM-7… urgh… I wanted to 3D print the missing four. Hahahhaha I‘ll finish what I have for the F-14 and add the missing ordinance later.
  8. Mhmm… Maybe a FUJIMI Macross Zero F-14 rebox? That would be possible too.
  9. @SteveTheFish nice builds! @Rock Defo the 5grand VF-1. VF-19A almost done. Only some clear parts missing and the small barrels left and right. Not my best build, but I am satisfied. Edit: and done. Second kit of April done. It was a long journey though… Maybe I‘ll get a better picture tomorrow.
  10. Yeah… the Harrier is super small. And done btw. First kit of April So far I finished at least one kit per month this year. the vf-19a is on the finishing line. I sealed it. The coat needs to cure and then I will glue the pieces together.
  11. That is dark man… but, yeah. I expected that as well. I have a kakizaki Hasegawa VF-1 already. Was thinking of a simple DYRL Max theme this time.
  12. Got this one here now: Just a rebox of the first one, but this time with water slide decals.
  13. Had this in the mail today: And yes, it has the Macross Display stand in it. here the fold booster parts and FAST packs.
  14. Went to the hobby store with the kid again. We got this: I never build a Minicraft kit before. So I was eager to try it. Looking at the UK flag I was expecting a pile of rubbish. BUT, it was okay. The kit is super small, it has some nice details. The quality is mediocre. There are seems everywhere. CLAMPS! The raw build. The kid wanted to help mask the canopy. he did a few patches. Then he wanted to Airbrush the primer as well. And almost done: While building this, a box arrived with new stuff
  15. I wonder what they will be doing... so many wishes...
  16. @Rock & @pengbuzz maybe next time Edit: going to „no step“ country soon… Decals take ages man.
  17. @Rock great one! I started panel lining mine and am reminded that I should have recarved the VF-19A panel lines. Stuffs not sticking properly, but sticking enough to give a nice effect.
  18. ... but I wonder. If I cut that one up and rebuild it in fighter mode, would it look like the Hase YF-19? This one looks a bit... (no fat shaming here) bulkier, or is it just me?
  19. mhmm ... okay. Well, the VF-171EX Armored Version and the YF-29 are in the pipeline.
  20. Nope ... real. I expect even more Macross stuff from wave now
  21. Tamiya Mark Setter. Fiddling with the VF-171 Alto Custom. Canopy masking; All time favourite.
  22. yeah ... the illegible is hard to read, but the katakana here is "sensaadoomu", so sensor dome?
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