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  1. Okay, I think I got it now. I'll send you the explaination via PN.
  2. okay, I modifies your circuit, but I am not sure if this will work correctly as I don't know how your arduino programming goes.
  3. Haha okay, well, I'll create the circuit plan for you using the ICs I have in mind and post it here when I am at home. Can you post a picture of how you plan to install the side switches?
  4. Well, there are several different types of SMD switches. Either way, you could easily invert a signal for switches when using the arduino(pseudocode - while switch = 0 do nothing, While switch = 1 do something). If you want to use the switches you got and do a hardware change, the circuit would need a to have simple NOT IC added. IC 7404 can do that. Anyway. I created the logic circuit below which is giving you the the behavior need. You would need one RS-flipflop IC (with 4 RS units) one AND IC (with at least 2 AND circuits), one OR IC (with at least one OR circuit) and two electrical switches. The ICs will do the "controlling" while the electrical switches will be used to control a commutator. I also attached a simple SMD switch that can be used. They could be installed to the moving block like in the picture. No need to use an expensive Arduino. The price of the electrical components should be ~5€ without shipping.
  5. I might've got an idea how to solve your problem, but first of all I need some information. Can you please provide the following? Voltage and maximum power surge of the electric motor power source you are going to use Also I would need to know how the phases go, I thought something like this is what you try to achieve: Push Main switch. Motor starts, pushing the wings out. Wings (or something on them) will push a switch. switch will turn off the motor. Circuit is idle. Push Main switch. Motor starts, going backwards, pulling the wings in. Wings (or something on them) will push another switch. switch will turn off the motor. Circuit is idle. To accomplish this you need a different type of switch (basically SMD switches will work). I could design a small toggle switch flip flop circuit that will do the job, but you would need to stack up on electronic components.
  6. Ordered a VF-31A too... great plane! Sadly wasn't able to order the last time it was available, not going to happen this time. Muhahahaha!
  7. Great work arbit! Maybe using the electronics of a SG90 servo and a potentiometer could work wonders here to limit wing movement. Could be controlled by an arduino board or just a small selfmade circuit.
  8. Urashiman

    Uta Macross!

    I am actually playing it over ethernet, utilising a didicated 100mbit kabel line. I play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius over this line too and never had any issue. There is no connection issue as far as I know. I probably have to undust my japanese dictionary... :/ アプリケーンヨン工ラー アプリケ一ンヨンーこ異常カ〝あります。 ゲ一ムを正常ーこ起重刀する事カ〝できません。 Roughtly translates to: Application Error: There is an application error. It is not possible to initialize the game.
  9. Urashiman

    Uta Macross!

    Hey everyone, got the latest version via QooApp (v.1.1.0) but I get this error when starting. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  10. OMG! Were did you got that Garfish II? I want one too
  11. Oh - Nice work. I did a papercraft YF-19 some years ago, but it was non transformable. Have fun!
  12. Great - I like the N-Nautilus. I have it in my "need to be build someday" queue too. The kit is of really impressive quality. I am still busy building and doing paintjobs on alot of Warhammer 40K minifigs and a VF-1J in Kakizaki Colors... Too much to build, not enough time :S
  13. I hope they make the VF-31A version with Delta Wings. The swept forwards wings just don't look good on that frame. They looked nice on the YF-19 and the VF-9, but the YF-29 just overdid it. Same for the VF-31 - it just doesn't fi imho. Good they had the SV-262 in Macross Delta - that beautiful balanced plane helped me to force myself through Macross Delta.
  14. Mhmm ... do I need to Mod the PSTV to play the game, or is it just working normally?
  15. It's that time of the year again. - There are so many VF-1 buildups around this isn't anything special, but I haven't been building Hasegawa stuff in a while, so this is kinda thrilling to me to finally get to building up one of these things again. Sloppily sticked together. Cockpit still needs alot of work. Also sanding is going to happen. - When done this will get the Hayao Kakizaki VF-1A from Do you remember love touch.
  16. Hey everyone, I am not really sure if this fits in here, but the "off-topic" area should be good as this probably works under Science Fiction. Yesterday the trailer for the newest installment of Call of Duty was released. Except for the first Black Ops, Call of Duty was mostly a let down for me since Modern Warefare. Somehow this trailer made me interested again. Spoilers ahead if you didn't watch the trailer yet: I think I am going to try this one. Not on day one, but when it is on a Steam Sale or something else. What are your thoughts? PS: I know CoD is always something people start to argue about, so please be nice to each other.
  17. Holy ... I've been building this one like 3 times and everytime it ended up really bad, followed by a nice flight into the trashcan or having fun with fireworks
  18. Hi Guys, got something new to build on my birthday aside from my usual Macross Kits. Greetings, Urashiman
  19. It is a public transportation system over here in Germany, to be exactly Berlin, called "Straßenbahn" or "Tram" literally meaning "street train". Here is a picture of it in real life. You can compare them to the cable cars in San Francisco, except that a tram got its own engine instead of being pulled around by a cable under the street.
  20. I let a GT6N-ZR Tram in H0 (1/87) be printed at shapeways. Got the order on monday. But there still was alot of supporting wax on it and it smelled weird. So today in the lab, I putted it in into the ultrasonic washer. did it three times until everything went finally off. I will ground it as soon as possible. Later I will build an electric motor into it, so it can actually drive Here 2 pictures:
  21. A good point you've got there. But I was working around with Macross M3 to check out the most stuff for the VF-14. I'd like to record the transformation animation so you could see it with your own eyes. In Macross M3 (in game) the Gun-Pod isn't mounted externally. But if the official docs say it is on the outside, I'll believe that. Is there any information about where it is mounted? Be carefull, the views I created are kinda inaccurate. I'm currently working on better ones because I wanted to create a high detail VF-14 myself too. When I'm done with the more accurate views I'll give them to you, so you can get the best results.
  22. Looks like he is using the views I created from my papercraft version of the VF-14. Hope it is usefull. I've been researching around alot when I made the VF-14 papercraft. So I can help you out a little. The Gunpod is mostly the same like the one of the VF-17. It is stored in the "right leg" of the VF-14 (according to Macross M3 transformation animation). If there is anything you want to know, just ask me.
  23. Yup, but I don't have much time, so it will take a while. The cool thing about this: I will design it, so it can be 3D printed at shapeways in high frosted detail. Muhahahahahahahahahahah The landing gear of the VF-14 will be crazy to make, as there is no known footage of a VF-14 with landingbay open. That is just awesome
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