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  1. Looks like he is using the views I created from my papercraft version of the VF-14. Hope it is usefull. I've been researching around alot when I made the VF-14 papercraft. So I can help you out a little. The Gunpod is mostly the same like the one of the VF-17. It is stored in the "right leg" of the VF-14 (according to Macross M3 transformation animation). If there is anything you want to know, just ask me.
  2. Yup, but I don't have much time, so it will take a while. The cool thing about this: I will design it, so it can be 3D printed at shapeways in high frosted detail. Muhahahahahahahahahahah The landing gear of the VF-14 will be crazy to make, as there is no known footage of a VF-14 with landingbay open. That is just awesome
  3. Great work. I'm currently working on a high detailed version of the VF-9 and the VF-14.
  4. Still nice seeing people building my stuff. I need to get into my papercraft works again, there is still alot of stuff I need to finish. But there is not much time ...
  5. aw man ... reminds me to finish my SV-51 nora :0
  6. I don't want to be a grammar-nazi in here (which is kinda weird, because I'm native german) but it is "VF-22 Sturmvogel" and not "Sturmvögel". "Vögel"(birds) is the plural version of the word "Vogel"(bird). One Vogel Two Vögel get it?
  7. haha, cool, did the same with an Italeri 1/72 F-14D
  8. you're right ... currently building around on my nora type SV-51. bigger then some 1/48 models I have
  9. Woah Ivanov type haven't thought the VF-11 was this small... nice build btw so far
  10. Nice SDF-1 Masked the SV-51y cockpit today and colored it ... wasn't easy with my giant fingers. Here some pics: Masking Airbrushing Unmasking hurr hurr, kinda falling in love with this plane now hehe Need to color the gearbays, intakes and exhaust, then it is time for washing and applying decals. After that complete assembly. Edit: Here a little stick together
  11. nice, I like the slight purple touch
  12. first coloring done, some details will be added soon. After that glossy clear coating
  13. Did some heavy preshading on my SV-51y today Need to mix the maincolor soon, muhahaha
  14. Started my work on the SV-51y, this thing nearly is building on its own. muhahahahaha
  15. haha, lol I wipe dust about every 6 month, because I'm lazy Still waiting for my Mr. Color order to build the SV-51y.
  16. no, both are Italeri Kits. They are really cheap over here in german, about 9€ each.
  17. the hornet is just a cheap Revell modelkit that I use to check out some alternate building methods and coloring. The SV-51 will be colored in Nora-scheme. I'm not that much of a customizer. The only custom things I did were those two things: The F-14 was a cheap Italeri kit I "modded" into a Macross Zero F-14 with redundant pilots from two of my VF-0 kits. The VF-1 was a normal Hasegawa Hikaru VF-1A. But I did another paintjob on it. Both were done without Airbrush, so they look a bit messy. Pre-ordered two of those Hasegawa VF-11, so I can do a custom-paint. Thought about VF-X II scheme
  18. Okay, the other one was closed, so we need to start a new one. Current build and next build in one picture
  19. That actually looks like the AMT/Ertl Snowspeeder. When I was younger I had build 3 of them. But I wasn't really satisfied with them, so I had some fun with them on new years eve
  20. Well, my father and 2 of my brothers happen to pile up alot of modelkits and so on, so there probably is a genetic component to this habbit. Oh ya, I still got some kits around here from when I was 15. Anyway, back to Topic, my fingers are tingling when thinking about the VF-11
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