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  1. You know what would be a "quick buck" for hasegawa? Releasing a QF-2200D-A as a single issue kit. They'd have to change the mold though. Space for the gear and the gear as well as the autonomous head unit.
  2. @Thom Yeah, I got some hot dogs haha. The build was really quick and dirty. I didn't even have to look into the instructions because I have build so many Hase VF-1s already haha. @arbit of course! Also - really nice Guld, he looks like the real deal.
  3. This morning the kid told me, that the plane should be black, like on the box. So that is what I did. masked the canopy and made it black. But that is not all. The kid demanded more, and as he always plays with my old VF-1 Valks, I thought it would be a good idea to build one for him. so that is what we did. Everyone… buy clamps! And it was a good opportunity to test the Chinese beauty airbrush thing. surprisingly, it did the job. Took a while for me to adapt to the single action. I am used to double action for 25 years now. But it worked out well! one of the macross m3 milia pilots I printed added as pilot. The kid chose the colors. coloring time and build up. and done. total build time: ~5.5hours. I finished two kits in 2 days on one weekend. Haven’t done that in a while. the kid doesn’t want me to add any of the decals, so we are fine with the colors he wanted. The Chinese air brush seems okay so far. Lets see how long it lasts. this was mostly a vanilla build, no putty and only little sanding. The Hasegawa VF-1 mold really seems to be degrading much. The ejection holes have mold ridges as well as a lot of the pieces. Stuff you see on older kits most of the time. Remembering my first Hasegawa VF-1 in 2002, that was a more „seamless“ experience. And the other one from 2010 was degraded already. This one (build today) has the 40th sticker. The degradation is crazy. I think, with some love, the Hasegawa VF-1s can be nice, but I‘d recommend the Plamax one now, which has a way better build experience now, and modern tooling. I still have one VF-1, one VF-1 super/strike and one VT-1 in the basement to build. Next time I will invest more time to make a decent build and will craft some extra parts via CAD and 3D printing.
  4. @MechTech hahahahahha yeah. workbench stuff. Kid wanted to build something and decided for this: Trumpeter Su-47 1/144. I got this years ago for 1,57€. fun little kit. Build up in less than an hour. The kit will not be painted. My kid doesn’t care hahaha
  5. hahaha ... It was blowing my mind when I learned that years ago
  6. I felt a little daring and decided to purchase that 17.54€ airbrush thingy from temu. It is only 17.54€, so if it is not good, it won’t hurt. I purchased something advertised as a chargeable no wires attached air brush for modelling purposes. What I got was this: beauty airbrush system. Maybe because it is beautiful? Uhmm… no at least it is black. it has three cups, small, mid and large and it is a low quality single action airbrush. As soon as this is switched on, it blasts. it has three modes. Off, low power and full power. Full power almost „blasts“ at 2bars. Low power is around 1bar. it‘ll probably be good for really thin color. I will give it a try later, but I won’t get my hopes up. Hahaha
  7. Was thinking the same here ... we need a Yang Neumann for the back. @arbit you got a new task
  8. @derex3592 & @Rock ah great! thanks a lot - gonna get the uschi stuff Got the trinity 1 + 2 bundle for 19.99€
  9. I need these stencils too ... I have been searching the internet but no luck. Where do you have them from?
  10. @MechTech your stuff could only be more scale, if those little shells were actual life ammo hahahaha
  11. Always feels weird to see it written down as "gray" and not "grey" haha
  12. Ah - only saw this now. Boolean works a lot better in Blender than it does in 3DS. When I use boolean in 3DS it usually kills my meshes in some way or another, so I have to be super careful when going that route. And look at that print! Nice one - I bet the walls are a bit too thin. I had that with my VF-9 and had to redo the wall thickness on my meshes.
  13. I will make more possible guesses for 2024: 1/72 YF-21 with super pack and fold booster 1/72 Max Q-Rau 1/72 Ghost X-9
  14. I looked up the kanjis. So, it has the stand, and the parts for the landing gear included. Nothing to worry about. machine translation is still bad when it comes to Japanese as much is read through context.
  15. oh ... well, that doesn't make much sense. @TMBounty_Hunteroh nice! Might want to get one.
  16. Ah okay - then I misread that. My Japanese is a bit rusty. In the description it says something weird. Reading in context it says a stand is in the kit because the gear is "parked", meaning in the gear bay. Maybe ... I am not sure. Do we have someone around that can try translate that properly?
  17. Oh nice - with a stand! If I get this right, this YF-19 can only be build with gears up? I hope this will be a regular release and not a limited edition release or something.
  18. So many great builds everyone! I cannot comment on them all. here is what I had on the workbench yesterday. My brother wanted a 3D printed Zelda from the newest instalment for his fiancée. I printed it in two sizes. He takes the bigger one. My wife wants to paint the small one and gift it to a friend of us. Lots of sanding and puttying.
  19. Yeah! the other threads never went this far 😮 MKI - 36 pages MKII - 31 pages MKIII - 44 pages
  20. yeah, it looks a bit more detailed compared to the hasegawa one at first. And no - no double build planned. I have to finish some other kits first haha.
  21. The hobby boss one? That looks like an awesome kit!
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