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  1. Sorry - "Silvester" is the German word for "New Years Eve". Yeah - we did it at night, some hours before new years eve. I remember sticking a normal firework rocket into the revell 1/32 F-104 Star Fighter. It had a removable jet engine, so the rocket was fitting really good in there. The model had rubber tires and the wheels were rolling. So we put it on the street and ignited the rocket. Due to the F-104s messy aerodynamics, especially at a scale of 1/32, there was no lift off. It just raced down the street and then blew up in a glorious fireball. Later we found the lower part of the main body, with the cockpit still sticking to it. The landing gear was still there, but the rubber tires were molten due to the friction. It was awesome.
  2. Well, mine was standing in the shopwindow for a while. I saw it there for at least 2 or 3 years. This might be a cause of the terrible quality of the model. It has been there, standing in the sun for ages until someone (me) purchased it. Even after the putty it looked terrible. I kept it for a year until I decided to destroy it in the Silvester cleanup (for my family that means, sticking fireworks into discarded models and watch them blow up for fun). I had the TOS Enterprise NCC-1701 from AMT/ERTL. It was a terrible kit, but not as terrible as most of the Revell stuff. Most kits I bought in the 90s were Revell kits, and one would notice that the injection forms were worn out pretty much. Every kit needed putty and heavy sanding. I remember a 1/48 F-15E I've worked on. I kinda got the cockpit and nose right and the mainbody just didn't fit. So much putty and sanding. I looked aweful. So it ended up in a ball of fire after sending it to an attitude of ~50m with two D-Class model rocket motors. That day I decided to never buy Revell stuff again and I am happy with my decision. I broke my promise for an OV-10 Bronco kit, the new Trabant 601 Deluxe GDR car kit (which actually has a really good quality), a recast of the F-19 stealth kit (it just looked so nice) and the 1/144 Su-47 Berkut (which was actually a cast from DRAGOON kits that revell purchased). I mostly stick with Hasegawa, Tamiya, Academy and Trumpeter now. The good old space issue. I only have so much space in my vitrine. I usually pic out the worst looking model, put it in bubblewrap, store it in a box with the other kits in my cellar and replace it with a new build. Now, as the kits I purchase are so expensive (macross stuff and so on), they don't end up as fireworks anymore.
  3. That F-14 ... no ... no - never again. I had to use 3 tubes of putty to fill all the gaps on this one. Worst kit ever... I wish you the best of luck on this one.
  4. Using it since 2002 or so. No issue so far.
  5. Wow color! - my back in the day photos are black and white
  6. That would be awesome. Should I send you a PM?
  7. Hey - nice info. Do you have the Master File? If yes, could you provide me with a higher resolution picture of the comparision and the side view of the VF-4A? I'd like to make a 3D model of that.
  8. Hey - you go really good at panel lining and weathering. Good work!
  9. Messing around a bit. The Aoshima DeLorean kit has some kind of mechanic installed to make the wheels switch to flying mode. I have to develop a gearbox and the wheel suspension for the back and the front.
  10. Hard to tell from the pictures. The "Hammer approach" would be to paint everything the same color instead of trying to match one part to the color of the rest. Best would be to know which RAL hue is used for the plastic. (https://www.ralcolorchart.com/ral-plastics-p1/white-and-black-hues) You can then go by the RAL color code and match the hand to that color.
  11. I usually use the grey surface primer on my stuff. I even used it on a RC boat and did some test driving in the water with it. The primer is resistant to a lot of stuff, so it should be okay.
  12. Sand the hand a bit first and then use Tamiya Surface Primer. Worked best for me for 3D printed parts. You'll be able to paint it with whatever color you like.
  13. Currently working on this VF-9. It'll be a static 1/72 version, so I can display it with my Hasegawa 1/72 kits. It is far from being finished and with my perfectionism, it'll take some time. Here is a preview: Two Piece Canopy: Done Front Canards: Done Cockpit Main Body: Done Cockpit Panels + Other interior: 0% Pilot Seat: 0% Pilot: 0% Nose: 30% Main Wings: Done Fins: 90% Mainbody: 10% Engine Bays: 0% Arms: 0% Gear: 0% Exhausts: 0% Other yet unknownparts to be added.
  14. Now there is a thread for 3D printing - thanks for the idea
  15. Hey everyone, As 3D printing is becoming more popular and affordable, I thought it'll be great to have a place to share the current progress on active projects without posting new threads. I am currently working on a secret project which will take a while and I am not satisfied with the progress I made so far. I'll fix some parts in the next weeks and post it here. if you want to check out my old printable stuff, you can check it on shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/urashiman Happy sharing!
  16. Yeah, frikkin' C05 varioprop Graupner Servos. They were huge...
  17. Repurposing servos is something that is done for a long time. In the 90's I used servos as "mini" gearboxes. Check the resistance on the pot, remove the pot and solder in fixed resistors. Et voila, mini electric speed controler with mini electric motor and gearbox. This technique is mostly used for 1:87 RC cars/trucks. Nowadays, people tinkering around with makerboards use it too to create easy 360° movement servos instead of using expensive stepping motors.
  18. Seriously, this is awesome. I need a 3D printer too... but before that a bigger flat. No space in my current one at the moment.
  19. I think I just had a nerdgasm, awesome work!
  20. Nice build! Got one of these sitting unbuild in my shelf, but from Revell (really old kit mold from the 90s - means much putty and sanding).
  21. Holy Cow. *watching_the_drama_unfold* anyway... @ARK 3 I would recommend you to read the Forum Rules and Guidelines again. They can be found here: It doesn't matter how old someone is, if that someone doesn't play by the rules. Posting your request in every part of the forum or subtopic qualifies as spam. Your request fits into "Fan Works". Fellow Macross fans are probably able to help you in there. Else I would recommend you to visit one of the many 3D engineering boards out there on the internet. Google is you friend.
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