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  1. Have fun customizing stuff. Nice Enterprise B btw My VF-0S is finished. Need to check what to build next. (VF-1A/J/S, VF-19A, VF-22S, VE-1 Elintseeker, SV-51y w/TB, VF-0A/S w/Ghost, SV-51y Nora, or 1/48 YF-19)
  2. Landing gear will be out, but it isn't glued to the plane yet. Need to wash the whole thing thou. (old school style with thinned oil color). I'll post pics when it is done
  3. Didn't use the waterdecals this time. I learned from the YF-19 and the VF-1S. Airbrushed everything
  4. Hehe, did the preshading and coloring works on my VF-0S today. Needed to sand alot on that one. But looks awesome now
  5. That is a really cool gold color, I'd have to check if this is available in germany Progress on my VF-0S goes well, faster then I thought.
  6. Currently working on the Hasegawa VF-0S. Will be a really slow build, because work kills most of my freetime :/
  7. Nice and clean work. Always fun to see people building my stuff
  8. Voted for 1/72 VF-4 Ooooh Yeah!
  9. Hehe My HLJ order arrived today. More stuff for more fun
  10. Hey, do you ship to germany too? this is looking awesome and I want to pimp my VF-19A with this
  11. holy poo, that VF-2ss is awesome. If I wouldn't be the lazy guy I am I would have made my macross papercrafts transformable too
  12. Cool! I saw one of those things when I was in military service. Looks really good for a revell kit.
  13. Get the VF-0S stats maxed (even with limiter), add the superpack to it (ghost) and try to stay behind AFOS (the big enemy) always lock on to the centerpart of the thing named AFOS and shoot it with the pod-gun and micromissiles (single lock on). took me several times to beat it, you need a bunch of luck too.
  14. OMG! First the 1/48 YF-19 and now this! I can already see all the customs and modes to this thing. Gonna buy it for sure.
  15. hmm ... maybe I do something like that too, looks awesome
  16. I'm so going to build this thing!
  17. I already did build various macross kits. YF-21. YF-19, VF-1S, VF-1A (all Hasegawa) VF-1D(Arii), VF-19Fire, VF-11MAXL, VF-11C, VF-17S(Bandai) Two Reguld Pods and one of those zentraedi tanker ships But the YF-19 looks like poo now, one of my brothers threw a football(the round european ones) on it.
  18. haha well ... on my todo list is also an 1/48 Bell UH-1N, an 1/72 OV-10A Bronco and an 1/100 Tupolew TU-144 left, but they aren't in the picture.
  19. What I'm currently working on: DeHAVILAND MOSQUITO Bomber version from Monogram What is left to do: much fun and work at the same time
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