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  1. Nah... I just carved new ones. Seriously though: nice job! Looks very smooth and like one solid piece!
  2. Look at it this way: whatever the ship's sensors are pointing at, the photorp launcher doesn't have to compensate for while targeting, and has the added benefit of the entire saucer frame to absorb any recoil!
  3. I wonder if Big West may consider a run of posters now that they and HG finally buried the hatchet? I think that would help with promoting the franchise in North America.
  4. Thanks MT; yeah, it gets frustrating on both levels. But at least my hands are recovering and should be good to go in a couple of more days (I'm giving it a few more days just to be safe)! Thom, are you going to be putting a photorp launcher anywhere on the model? Also: nice job on the reinforcement post in the saucer!! I did something similar in my 1/650 TOS E!!
  5. Sounds good; looking forward to it!!
  6. Really loving this! One question though: The UN Space Roundel ("kite"): do you think a think black outline on both the white kite and red circle would be appropriate? Just a suggestion.
  7. We're losing people left and right! O.o Nice vid by the way, Thom!
  8. From Yahoo News: (more): https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/olivia-newton-john-star-of-grease-and-grammy-winner-dead-at-age-73-195050966.html
  9. *falls over unconscious from awesomeness of images*
  11. This is the definition of epic level!!! Every time you update this, My mind is blown!! As for Roy's call sign: it would probably be the same as his fighter: Skull One. Then again, he may not need one! lol
  12. Really beginning to shape up. Derex! 👍
  13. "Orion business practices"? Do you mean the Orions in Star Trek, or the movie production company that made Robocop?
  14. Some billboards, index cards and stickers hate it along with those posters The comic books are still on the fence about it though.
  15. With my luck, I'd owe money! But thanks; I'll definitely be trying to chill.
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