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  1. And made many professional pilots in the NUNS groan in despair... over such a knuckle-head
  2. Thanks; that works out for my character then.
  3. Wow... I would hope there would be a lot less packaging for the entire kit as a whole!
  4. Much appreciated, although the link to the pic you posted alerted my browser as a "bad cert" warning. O.o BTW: while we're on the topic- what's the minimum age someone would have to be in order to enlist in UN Spacy? I know in Macross II, several of the pilots seemed quite young ( yeah, it's an alt universe). I ask for story reasons in the RPG I mentioned previously and need info for a plot point in it.
  5. Thanks for the info; I didn't realize flight school was that long, but it makes sense. I imagine Hikaru's was shortened out of necessity (he already knew piloting but not combat piloting or mech operation), but Hayate's is just nuts!
  6. Nice job! For some reason now, I want a smoothie! lol
  7. Really nice! What did you use for a backdrop in the first pic?
  8. Likewise. Back when I was in school, if you flunked basic math, you didn't even graduate high school. Makes me wonder on a lot of levels, but that would lead into convos that would probably attract the ire of the mods. Just look at the Arabian horse breeders for a major example: they had inbred their horses so badly, that the slight "dishing" on the muzzle became grossly exaggerated and the breed began looking deformed facially. We won't even get into the puppy mills that churn out sick, lame or poor animals with genetic disorders and diseases. Yeah, I recall in both RT and SDFM that Roy was the air wing head. Would that have been considered CAG (I know you probably mentioned it before, but I'm a little dim on recollection at the moment)? He was pretty much there from the beginning of their trip back from Pluto (servicewise). I'm not sure how long he was a civilian aboard the Macross before Hikaru joined UN Spacy, but it probably wasn't all that long. And I'm not too certain of how long it would take to train him; I think it's 16 weeks in the today's military just for boot camp, then several more weeks for piloting. But due to the state of emergency they were in, it could have been compressed, plus his previous piloting experience probably would have factored in. In Max's case, I don't know if he had any flight experience prior to joining UN Spacy. But given his talent and intellect.... ...he probably read a book, tossed it on a table and got 5 kills on his first sortie. (no, I'm not serious!)
  9. And we end up with a Fleet-televised reality sitcom: The Basaras. Nekki keeps yelling: "MYLENE!" That seems to be fairly common in any field involving computers and tech... *Hands Seto a Rum and Coke*
  10. Yeah, but Basara isn't pickled like Keith Richards!
  11. Mylene visits Basara in the hospital after he throws out his back at a Fire Bomber concert. 🤣 His newest hit: Totsugeki Sore Back
  12. I also wonder how many factory satellites have broken down after millennia of use?
  13. Whatever you do, don't call Millia "granny"!!!
  14. I should do that as a cartoon: Ray swimming around in a bank vault full of money, with Veffidas in a swimsuit sitting on a pile of it with a drink in her hand. That plays into my point: why keep producing more replacement parts when not needed, than to run the specs closer to normal and use the production capacity for consumer goods? I would also venture that the parts would have to be reinforced somehow to withstand that kind of tuning, as well as losing weight wherever it wasn't necessary so added armor could be installed at critical points. This is why in our RPG, the fleet developed their own next-gen stealth valk.
  15. I thought his VF-19 was destroyed at the end of Macross 7, hence why he had to borrow one? And I didn't mean replacement parts for the '19; I meant replacement parts for poor Ray after Basara gives him a nervous breakdown!
  16. Exactly, and I don't think they would want to burn through those too quickly by using them more than necessary. Hence not tuning the craft and needing more parts and taxing the factory. Yeah... Ol' Nekki there has a tendency to be rough with stuff/ people. I'm pretty sure Ray's gonna need some replacement parts at the rate that band tours!!! lol
  17. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ronnie-spector-dead-death-cancer-battle
  18. Well, one possibility is to carefully score along the seams. If that's not an option, then I'm out of ideas. Anyone else got any ideas here?
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