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  1. In al seriousness though: the last pic, if you look under Max's lower lip, it looks like he has a bit of a beard going on...
  2. Anyone notice that the only sign of age on Max is that his glasses are shrinking in size?
  3. Well, when I made the canopy for my fighter, the "heat and smash" technique is what I used. Hint: on those tiny 1:100 valks, use soda bottle plastic instead or styrene. I did a 1/100 Super Valk and the canopy was hideously thick! The soda bottle plastic was scale thin and good to go!
  4. Thanks guys! MT: are you going to impress any footprints into the ground from your mechs?
  5. Starting to wonder if they cloned Max and Millia and just "open a new case" when the originals get too old?
  6. However we put it, it was sure to be revolting.
  7. If he tried "probing" NOMAD, he was most likely in for a shock.
  8. Looks like their main defensive measure is....neon?
  9. Yeah, they could do something a bit more realistic at that larger scale, like maybe a flexible more "whip-like" antenna set-up. One minor beef I have with these is the weathering; it looks a little too mundane and uniform over the entire armor. While I'm not saying they should make them look blood-soaked and dinged to rusted pieces (not to mention each added paint operation would add to the cost), perhaps a dark wash would help. Something I had in mind while thinking about this (not exactly Incursor Squadron, but still Space Marine):
  10. Wow...I miss these guys! I wish they'd bring them back, but fat chance of that happening nowadays...
  11. Maybe one of those Hunter-seeker thingies that look like a flying syringe? Or how about your very own Duneā„¢ Harkonnen Heart-Plug Kit? Easy to install in 5 min-- Er...on second thought, skip that one...
  12. Not to mention making alien probes go berserk...
  13. It would seem to be a genre thing, where the pilot who demonstrates himself to be an ace/ hero gets rewarded with a spiffier model than the rest of the squad.
  14. My latest Macross purchase... ...er, I think I have some pocket lint that might have been from a Macross model at one point. O.o
  15. It looks better than much of the original animation for SDFM! lol
  16. Pretty much what the title says: https://insighteditions.com/products/star-trek-kirk-fu-manual/ An example or two:
  17. I can imagine them with flow charts addressing this matter. I can also imagine workers going home at night in tears after their reviews over the last run. Poor guy/ girl curled up in the fetal position in their bed, quietly sobbing "Why can't I get those feet assembled correctly!!! I disgraced my whole team!!!'
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