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  1. I think it would have been nice if a Disc only set (with the Movie and OVA) was offered along with the Ultimate Set at the same time. Then people would have choice now instead of later and possible missing out. I feel that would have solved a lot of issues. I am still very happy to see this actually being released to fans outside of Japan and looking forward to watching the Ultimate edition at home. I hope more Macross series are soon follow.
  2. My capital one extension found a promo code that worked on the pre-order. CRAFT15, got about $10 off. If you have a subscription to there streaming service you also get an additional percentage off. My total with tax came to $171.18.
  3. Definitely getting this. I am always conflicted on were to pre-order. I have had good luck with getting CCS figures from USA gundamstore with pricing and shipping but I don't want to miss out on the limited edition. So I might have to bite the shipping cost and pre-order from HLJ.
  4. I hoping this will be under $200. I didn't find a placeholder page on the Crunchyroll store yet.
  5. Looks really good. Hoping the jacket comes out that nice on production.
  6. I wonder what the price will be. The larger figures are amazing for the price.
  7. Pre-order for the Metal Robot Spirit Zeta Plus A1/A2 on P-Bandai starting tomorrow. https://p-bandai.com/us/item/N2743613001001 Didn't know the pre-order was going up until I looked on the site.
  8. It is good to see ThreeZero is planning a whole wave, not just a one off to see how it goes. After getting their Eva and Shin Getter 1 I definitely want to check out the VF-1J.
  9. That looks really good. Pose went all out with the accessories. If it scales well with CCSToys Shin Getter that might be my next getter.
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