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  1. It seems to me that Buyee is more strict with there coupons and are excluding anime figures more. A couple of years ago 10% to 20% coupons including anime figures were more common, at least what I remember. Managed to use a 20% off on a Metal Build Strike Noir from Yahoo Japan and 10% on shipping. That was 2-3 years ago.
  2. I have checked my coupon page a couple of times and I don't have it either sadly. Most of the ones I have specifically exclude 'Anime figures' which Metal builds and Robot Spirits fall under.
  3. The Metal Build Kampfer look amazing! I can't figure out what is going on with the head antenna in the first picture. Did the installed one break in package?
  4. If the HEAT line shows off a Shin Getter 2 & 3, I will buy another Shin Getter 1.
  5. It might not have the Progenitor Effect label but I definitely from the same line as there previous Noble Class releases.
  6. Thanks! I have looked around ShowZStore but never bought anything from them before. Last time I looked most of the Moshow figures were listed as pre-orders and didn't have an expected arrival date. Go see this one is showing in stock, might place an order this week.
  7. I am wanting to pickup a copy of the special Takeda also. Where did you get yours?
  8. If they showed any other Jagers in the promo I might have pre-ordered. But doing a super robot setup with Gipsy Danger is kinda dumb. Also the legs looks wrong and came from a transformer.
  9. BBTS and USA Gundam Store has the Metal Robot Spirits Barbatos up for pre-order. But I haven't seen it go up on HLJ or P-Bandai. So is it an exclusive only in Japan and a regular release in US? Similar to the Metal Build Code Geass suits?
  10. Same! All in for the AC Robot Spirits. I was really expecting Nightfall to be the first AC figure but will definitely take Ayre's suit.
  11. Would have been nice to see an update to the HG Gaplant that has the seam lines removed.
  12. Going to pass on the MG Narrative but the MG S Gundam has my attention.
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