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  1. It looks like Bandai took the 3D model of the Robot Spirits version and made it into a model kit. Very nice, if I didn't already have the action figure I would jump on this.
  2. The pre-order for the GN Arms couldn't have come at a worse time. Bandai has teased that thing for years and it goes up for pre-order when I am trying to save for a new computer. Also come on Bandai, a red Kampfer? We know you are going to a blue one, everyone wants the blue one, so give us the blue one.
  3. I wish more companies would do an internal battery that you can recharge. That sound like a great feature.
  4. I 100% agree. I have been really enjoying the show also and look forward to see were the plot is going. The show has been subtly building bigger issues outside of the school and the universe at large. Sunrise is being very deliberate with the scenes outside of the school and is hopefully foreshowing was is coming.
  5. Are the wings able to support there own weight? With the metal robot spirits version the wing joints weren't strong enough and would flop around.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I am tempted to wait and see if Arcadia does a premium finish version.
  7. Does the re-release comes with stickers? Based on the box art above the actual figure is very plain.
  8. I have really been enjoying the show. The dialogue between the characters has been fantastic and the studio has put nuance in the conversations. Just little phrases here and there that I have really enjoyed. This last episode has revealed the current setting outside of the school and there is a lot Sunrise can dive into. They are also laser focused on developing the characters and the relationships between each other. I find that has been the main focus for the series so far, and (guessing) will be the focus for most of the first 12 episodes. I don't see them leaving the school until episode 10-12. If they don't leave the school at all I feel Sunrise is missing out on some rich storyline that they started setting up in episode four.
  9. That is a heck of a line-up. Can't imagine what CCS's take on EVA 01 is going to be like.
  10. Got my first figure from Four Horsemen and it won't be my last. It is amazing.
  11. Nice! I am hoping HLJ will get there shipment in tomorrow.
  12. I asked for Kakizki's DX VF to be re-released, Max's DYRL VF in DX form, and most of all give us the HMR Tomahawk.
  13. https://www.hlj.com/c-a-global-ltd-x-ccstoys-mortal-mind-series-shin-getter-robo-world-s-last-day-shin-getter-1-black-alloy-action-figure-ccs07028 HLJ has Black Shin Getter up for pre-order at 32,000 yen.
  14. If you use Paypal or Amazon Pay, you pay upfront. If you use a credit or debit card, you pay when the figure comes in.
  15. CCS Toys Black Shin Getter up at BBTS https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/220430 The price is the same as the regular version which is nice. I am waiting to see if HLJ will have pre-orders for this figure.
  16. That is two Black Shin Getters I am going to pre-order. ThreeZero announced there Black Shin Getter also.
  17. Is MoShow an independent company or part of a larger one? I have seen there figures listed under Goodsmile a few times. Just curious.
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