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  1. Something is off with that Deathscythe proportions. I've always seen it to be wider going to the bottom especially with the flared out wings and spikes on the feet but this seems wider at the upper body. I doesn't look good on that photo.
  2. He could but the point was not to reveal he's not a normal human being. Doing so would risked what his parents have been doing since finding Clark. They could have explored Jonathan's death a different way.
  3. He wasn't holding the dog. It was scared to go out of a car. During the process, a vehicle was thrown close to them but crushes his leg. He was able to let the dog out of the car but he had a hard time getting out. By the time he was out, he couldn't really run given the condition of his leg.
  4. Employee pitch: we'll call it metal build infinity because we'll try to release infinity backpacks for the Strike. Bandai exec: I like it! That'll be for the 100th year SEED anniversary and will coincide with the 25th repaint of the Strike Gundam.
  5. I understand that some plot holes can come up in movies as some things are overlooked during the process of making the film but to overlook common sense decisions just to create a plot has been becoming a staple of the MCU. It's just becoming dumbed down.
  6. You know why she's named Mirage? Because her skills are just an illusion.
  7. I mean they did back then to their credit. Their stuff is years old compared to this new one from Queen Studios. I'd say though Hot Toys still couldn't get the likeness down in their last attempt which was the 1/4 scale and that should have been easier given the larger size. Queen Studio's Joker borders the customized following and the price reflects it. While the seamless wrists look good, I do wonder if the tradeoff of not having articulated wrists is worth it. The question will be if production pieces can match the quality of this prototype especially with the headsculpt and rooted hair.
  8. Jazzinc will offer weathered and non-weathered. Hot Toys is only a tease so far and they're known for teasing products and not following through just to scare the competition. Hot Toys can be quite petty if you know more about them. Jazzinc is farther along in development as they have a working prototype and will most likely release earlier as well.
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