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  1. Aside from the Hi-Nu, is anybody looking forward to anything else from this? It's become stale. Just substitute any Gundam series and it's gonna be the same:
  2. Oh ok. Since you said USD, I thought you were located in the US. Still sucks you have to pay extra.
  3. Complete the survey: https://jp.surveymonkey.com/r/RNGJ73D
  4. If it doesn't go out by the 9th there, don't expect it before the 15th as they will be moving to a larger warehouse during that period.
  5. Plus, Frontier, and Delta tease. SDFM and DYRL are obviously unlikely.
  6. The image in question is out of focus yet the questionable image is in focus.
  7. Why do these embedded YouTube videos suddenly crap out after a few seconds?
  8. If anybody was level headed here, none of us would be buying this much toys at our respective ages. 🤣
  9. Based on recent past prices, US retail is closer to JP retail without JP consumption tax. Justice seems to be changing that trend as it is $30 or more compared to JP retail sans tax.
  10. Or it could be seen reversed where the armor is being put on by the set up.
  11. Plot twist. Max from the neck down is actually attached to the YF-29. He is an actual valk in Delta. 😛
  12. I'm not really questioning your sourcing of stock from Bandai. Bandai has history of making prototypes that take years before they come to retail and other times, they never do. Release date or retail price hasn't been set for the Sazabi. I'm not telling what one should do but the question that comes to my mind is would it be wise to pay for something under those conditions?
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