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ThreeZero ROBOTECH (Macross) Toys


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I do not see much in terms of extra articulation over the KC VF-1....as mentioned earlier by @MKT, it does seem to have borrowed the lower movable leg flap gimmick from the Bandai 1/72 kit from a few years back (not a canon feature as far as I know) and it seems to have incorporated a movable air brake....

Probably the biggest improvement over KC's 1/72 VF-1 are the leg intake sculpt....KC's are way to big and blocky...the head unit on the threezero seems a bit better IMO...the gun pod is better than the stubby looking one from KC....

Not liking the upper intake "cheese grater" look..where is that coming from?  Hope they can fix that....

Looks like the back leg "lights" will incorporate plastic rather then the usual "painted" on details of other VF-1 PT Toys...

Guessing that there is probably going to be some extra detail under the nose cone....just hope they can fix the seam when closed...

Of course, I could be wrong, but this release will not have any of the "light-up" details of the KC VF-1....but that is a gimmick I could live without....

It will come down to fit and price....at 1/72, not sure how much more details can be packed into such a small space....but as usual, I will at least get one to check it out...

Looking forward to more info/details....especially what seems like a change in how the legs fit onto the body in Battroid from how KC does it...


pic of the 1/72 KC VF-1J for reference....



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6 minutes ago, Mommar said:

They got "Guardian" and "Veritech" mode swapped on the art.

Yes they did. Oops.

I’m liking what I see overall, though. The waffled/grated cover on the upper intakes and those prototype landing gear, notwithstanding.

For me, I think that the upper intakes would have looked better had they kept the new grated part inset. Now I’m curious to see if it was molded flush to make room for new transformation bits and bobs.

I have been enjoying Three-Zero’s Patlabor releases and I’m glad they’re taking extra time to get their first Valkyrie out at retail. With any luck, the production/retail version of this 1J will have good quality like other stuff they’ve put out recently.

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Guardian articulation is a winner: nice wide, leg forward A-stance, made even more stable by the flat feet to the ground allowed by that new ankle flap, and plenty of room under the wing for the shoulders to move freely.

The 'cheese grater' upper intake is an odd choice, and although it may not be line-art accurate, I kinda like it as it is something stylistically different yet does not interfere with the general sculpt.

Something about the overall leg proportions in Battloid appeal to me even more than Bandai's DX. Perhaps it is because they just look fuller, although it remains to be seen if they will make Fighter look too wide from top down view (like the HMR).


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The gaps where the leg intakes should be firmly attached to the main body concerns me....if they can't make sure it tabs in firmly...then it will be no different than KC's first attempt at a 1/72 VF-1...

The design and market release of VF PT Toys from vendors other than Bandai and Yamarcadia seems to be where such designs go to fail and eventually die....good luck Three-Zero!

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8 minutes ago, DewPoint said:


HCM is still my nostalgia king!  But if they can sell me a VF-1 for $60, HCM will go into the closet for next to forever!  ..... maybe. :p Probably never going to happen at that price. :cray:Wait and see I guess.

I remember these being the crowning achievement in VF-1 PT toys....selling for hundreds of dollars in the late 80's-early 90's....

Love them or not, we will soon have PT VF-1 offerrings from Bandai, Arcadia, KitzConcept, and Three-Zero all almost simultaneously (within a few years of release at least) in the market in a plethora of scales not seen since SDFM TV first aired in 1982...

We are living through a new Macross golden age of collectibles....hope it keeps on going

Happy 40th Macross!


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Since this is Robotech they're doing, I really hope threezero (or KC or maybe even Sentinel) would get around to making a hovercraft from The Masters/Southern Cross even if it's a reimagined/stylized/modernized design. It's the only thing I don't have in my collection that I've always wanted to have since I was 10 years old. 

I'm very happy with my Evas from threezero so I hope they're successful with this line. 


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I have the EVAs and Shin Getter from Threezero's Robo-Dou line. All of releases I have are stellar and I am in on this release. My biggest questions are what the price will be and if it will hold up to transformation. Threezero doesn't do a lot of mechas with transformation so I like that will be the weak point of this release. The Destroids would be amazing for this line and probably a better fit for Threezero. Seeing a Tomahawk or Regult as a first release would have been a nice change from the VF-1J.

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2 hours ago, Sanity is Optional said:

I’ve got their Patlabor Ingram, and am down for this. They do seem to have a bit better quality than KC.

I think overall it looks better than the kc toys, just hope the paint job looks a bit better on the final version. Also curious about price since they usually do more premium higher price items 

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It's Three Zero. They're smacking home runs non-stop with their Ironmans and Evas.

It will certainly have the better:

- Articulation

- Detail

- Paint application

Price will be the mystery. The Ironmans in 1/10 scale (substantially taller than a 1/72 battroid) with quite a bit of diecast and insane amount of tiny mechanical bits, as well LED feature, is around 100$. Add to that the Marvel fees, it's way below what other companies would charge... (Ironman Bandai figuarts is full plastic, 1/12, no LED, and at times almost priced as a 3Zero.)

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4 hours ago, sh9000 said:

If Threezero decides to branch out I'm sure they would be able to make an awesome TV SDF-1.

That's actually not a bad idea.  My only concern would be the panel lines.  They're already way too deep on the VF-1 here.

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I think I bought the KC 1/72s but never got around to opening them.  Will probably do the same with this first release. 

i hope they’re just doing this one for now and start releasing destroids and enemy stuff and do the other vfs later

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