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  1. Yeah, it is easier to preorder Macross stuff right now... and I was only just replying to the OP's question as to why most Macross toys have become ridiculously expensive.
  2. I blame Bandai as well. it was Macross collector's heaven before the v.2 Frontier valks and the dawn of preordering madness, limited production runs, TWEs etc.
  3. Cream 12% (I asked a fellow member that posted on the "yellowing valks" thread what they used)
  4. Thanks. Whitening didn't last very long. Not exactly sure but probably a little more than a month before it started yellowing again.
  5. Yeah, the yellowing just comes back and was worse after coz the discoloration became uneven. But that's just my experience. Looked like it worked for some others who posted in the other thread. Just not sure if it lasted for them. Painting it is definitely the sure, long term solution to yellowing plastic.
  6. Just want to quickly share the first ever macross toy I bought as an adult some 20 plus years ago... from the severely yellowed POS to painted and lightly weathered. H-peroxide treatment didn't work. But I finally found someone to custom paint it that wasn't charging an arm and a leg for the job... after 5+ years of looking! It's an old toy and it's not perfect but the phone pic doesn't do it justice. I might take better photos of it later on... for now I'm just enjoying it being on display again after years in storage coz I couldn't stand the sight of it.
  7. First time seeing this thread. This is what I missed about MW, creative members posting stuff like these. Makes collecting fun again and not just about obsessing about what's coming out next, qc issues, the cost of these things etc. etc.
  8. Another negative effect I've noticed, at least here locally, is that even legit and reputable shops are marking up their prices for these DXs (and SOCs and other higher end stuff) significantly above retail (just below what scalpers charge) right off the bat. Coz they know from what they've been allocated vs. the qty they ordered, that supplies are gonna be way lower than their preorders/inquiries.
  9. Yes, the real culprit is the limited supply which is what scalpers are taking advantage of. But you can't really compare the influence on the toy/collectible market that Bandai has compared to a small, niche toy company like Yamato/Arcadia. One increases their prices so they can keep their business running, the other...
  10. This is the main reason I quit collecting some 5 years ago. As if the ridiculous inflation they started wasn't enough, the limited supply really drove the prices way above what I was comfortable spending on these things. It's like they're in league with the scalpers to screw with us collectors. "selling accessories separate and delivering poor QC on their figures only to resell an update version later." This too.
  11. Not into SDs but will probably get the normal looking lion and vehicle force voltrons. That SD Vehicle Voltron reminds me of Lord Farquaad... 😆
  12. Since this is Robotech they're doing, I really hope threezero (or KC or maybe even Sentinel) would get around to making a hovercraft from The Masters/Southern Cross even if it's a reimagined/stylized/modernized design. It's the only thing I don't have in my collection that I've always wanted to have since I was 10 years old. I'm very happy with my Evas from threezero so I hope they're successful with this line.
  13. Since my Legioss now has a complete pair of intake covers I decided to transform it for the first time. Got a little scary with the tight shoulders and that crotch rotating plastic thingy. Thanks to jenius for the transformation video.
  14. Sometimes persistence pays off. Looked for another way to contact Sentinel and they sent me a replacement for my missing intake cover. Now my green Legioss is complete/perfect! 🙂
  15. I meant that Sentinel had that red paint all along. And they have the red plastic they used for the Zeta… and still. Someone at Sentinel with a lot of pull must have really wanted a pink/magenta ride armor. I also agree that it’s a miracle we have these at all. I do envy your guts and skill to be able to paint Houquet. Looks good 👏
  16. the red of the tip of her gun would’ve been perfect.
  17. Good times indeed. I miss those days when Macross toys were reasonably priced and you could wait for it to be released, watch/read a review, see if it’s a solid release w/out issues and then decide to get it or not. But if you read the posts from back then, we always still found something to complain about 🤣. Sometimes you truly can’t know how much of a good thing you have until it’s gone.
  18. Yeah, they look very nice indeed. My favorite is the 02 because of all the accessories and the color. I did find something wrong on the Unit 00, well not on the eva itself… I’ll wait until you get yours and see if you’ll notice. The 2 youtube reviews I watched totally missed it. 🤪
  19. Perfectly sized Evas for my collection… and thank goodness it’s not from Bandai. I think I’m gonna rewatch the movies now.
  20. Slowly getting back to collecting while playing catch-up after a long hiatus. I’m really glad for these new toy companies. I finally have an Eva collection all without having to go through Bandai.
  21. Thanks No3ljm. I think it was on the same dates as ToyConPH but it was not at the main venue, some other SM Mall near us. Haven’t been to that mall in ages and was just gonna buy some home stuff and there it was, an MISB Riobot Legioss Zeta on the bottom shelf no one was paying any attention to. Everyone was busy ogling at the DX Voltes V and Carbotix Voltron. I was literally cradling it in my arms all while chatting up the owner for around 30 minutes before paying for it 😂🤣.
  22. Got a sweet deal from a local fellow collector on the Green Legioss. Brand new but with a very minor qc issue… missing one of the intake covers… which is why I ended up paying only $130 for this 😃Good thing I prefer displaying in fighter mode. Tried emailing Sentinel for a replacement but they only cater to Japan residents. Now my display is perfectly symmetrical. Can’t believe it’s been more than a decade since I’ve wanted to have a dedicated display shelf just for Mospeada stuff. Started with the Megahouse VRs and then the Toynami Cyclones… sold those off to fund these Riobot figures. I’ve been lucky with getting these… didn’t preorder anything and the most I paid for is $180 for Yellow/Lancer. The Zeta I just happened upon a small, local ToyCon while at the mall… chatted up the collector selling his stuff… bonded over 80’s stuff (Macross/Robotech, Voltes V, Transformers, Dragon ball…) and got a pretty good discount 😁. Plastic bliss…
  23. Just got this in. 😁 Can’t wait to set it up in my display cab.
  24. Somebody here mentioned something about looking at her face from the bottom… but I discovered that if the lighting comes from below, she loses the silly smile (upward curve on the sides of her mouth)… gives her kind of a scowling look. She’s actually growing on me the more I see her on display. But if someone successfully makes an accurate headsculpt, i hope they make it available for everyone who has a Houquet. 😊
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