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  1. I think I bought the KC 1/72s but never got around to opening them. Will probably do the same with this first release. i hope they’re just doing this one for now and start releasing destroids and enemy stuff and do the other vfs later
  2. Updated and everything works. It seems to be happening everywhere where someone uses someone's old compromised account to try and rip people off. I'm just happy that the password requirement is 20+ characters like some of the gov't websites I use. lol
  3. 1/48 for me. lol. I ordered the Hikaru, Max and Milia set. We'll see what they look like.
  4. Calibre Wings is having a sale on their website. Anyone grab any of their Valk reps?
  5. decided to try a Masei motorcycle helmet for my display case. we'll see what it looks like when it gets here.
  6. Mine was in custom in cinncinnati as well. It just arrived. Now i have to go to work. I’m probably keeping mine in fighter mode most of the them.
  7. Wow! Going to have to pick up a Sunstreaker to go with my Sideswipe. My Sentinel Legioss shipped today from Japan and it's already here at Customs!
  8. bought an old armor kit for my son's bandai as one of his finished school presents. tomorrow i'm teaching him how to drive (he's 13)
  9. Geez. Going to not look at page two or three.
  10. I liked RO more than I did TFA. TFA didn't make me want to build another lightsaber. RO did even though it was just Vader's. (Building an Obi TPM as my reentry into lightsabers). My ten year old liked RO better than TFA as well.
  11. I totally forgot about Cloud sync. I'll do that with my new desktop. My laptop has 8GB ram and plenty of HD space, but Fallout just kicked me out and said low memory.
  12. I only have 6 hours in and I'm thinking of starting over. Can't take it anymore. My old i5 with GT525M notebook can't handle this game except in low maybe medium. Going to build a new desktop and go from there.
  13. Too predictable. At least I got all my mags loaded while watching.
  14. Wow, ordered mine on Saturday, it shipped Wednesday and is here today! Now I wish the other stuff I ordered was being shipped EMS instead of SAL. But I gots to have the VF19 now so I chose EMS for it.
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