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  1. Can someone confirm whether the Reactive Armor fits the original Yamato 1/60 VF-0S? I couldn't find it via the search function and figured this was the easiest way to get an answer.
  2. LOL...Thanks. It's been like a 12 step program to let stuff go over the years. I can't bring the toys to my grave...I started off collecting 6 of EVERYTHING and ran out of room....now, I whittled it down to 2 or so. Kevin
  3. I don't really display much of my toys. About 95% of the collectibles is tucked away in boxes. Here's about half of what I took out of storage this week to see what duplicates I wanted to let go. Been long overdue to see how much this collection has grown...Ironically, I didn't take a chance to break out the vintage 1/55, 1/48 and 1/60 Valkyrie pieces...
  4. Sorry but these SD figures aren't going to attract fans. These are products destined for the clearance rack...
  5. Hi all, Been ages since I posted here. LIfe seems to be filled with other priorities though my Valkyrie collection has stayed intact. I found some pictures from back in the day while cleaning up my hard drive...It brought back alot of fond memories in Macross collecting with MW before I closed the 'shop' down. I still remember scrambling and packing late nights so the inventory received were repacked back out next business day to all the eager fans. My neighbors always wondered why a truck would drop off boxes and then the boxes would all vanish out of my garage within a day or two...LOL.. I thought I'd share it with some of the veterans here.... Kevin
  6. The sealed cased has been sitting around for some time. I'd say 2-3 years. My distributor isn't going to do anything since so much time passed. I never had a problem with missing Valks so this is my first encounter. I've gone through hundreds of cases of toys in my lifetime of selling. It's probably a fluke but I'm out $150 as a result!
  7. I cracked open a sealed case of 1/48 VF-1S 25th Anniversary Editions only to find that one of the Valkyrie's is MISSING! All I have is an empty box with the manual/sticker sheet! I think this was a mistake at the factory since the 'Security' tape was still in tact. PISSED! I just wonder if Yamato will replace it for me....
  8. Sales are in the crapper that's why Yamato is trying to clear out inventory and recoup money...
  9. Well, I finally got Seiichi's attention. If anyone here has a balance due with Seiichi, can you contact me? I'm curious if anyone is encountering the same issues in trying to finalize the dollar amounts with him. Kevin
  10. Sorry mods - I hope this is the right place to open the topic... I am in attempt to contact Seiichi Nishikubo to repay him a balance due from a while way back. Many of you old timers on the board know who I am referring to. Despite numerous emails and continued follow-up, he has not responded. Is anyone on the board in regular communication with him by chance? I'd like to pay up my debt and be done with this. Thanks, Kevin
  11. Tending to the family these days...Got two little girls that take up alot of my time. So there's not much time left for Macross anymore... I still pop in from time to time to keep up with the news but I haven't bought anything in ages...Selling again is out of the question...Profit margins stink due to heavy competition, the crappy exchange rate, and a dead economy...Plus, the whole HG licensing enforcement debacle is just something I don't what to deal with again...
  12. Thanks. I was looking around but apparently not hard enough. K
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