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  1. Banshee finally came in and I got my sbr stamp. Also my 14 yr old son watched a movie then built a rifle similar to the movie. Banshee is the 4” version using a SilencerCo Omega 9k suppressor . my son’s sbr is a cmmg 4” 22lr with Dead Air Mask suppressor and Hera furniture
  2. 1/48 for me. lol. I ordered the Hikaru, Max and Milia set. We'll see what they look like.
  3. Calibre Wings is having a sale on their website. Anyone grab any of their Valk reps?
  4. decided to try a Masei motorcycle helmet for my display case. we'll see what it looks like when it gets here.
  5. I got some Glock factory 33rd and 24rd mags and some ETS clear 22rd and red 40rd mags. the Glock mags are getting coated in slate cerakote to match the Banshee.
  6. I have three or four? of the SBA3 braces. If push comes to shove, just take it off and use the buffer tube like we did in the old days with pistol ARs. But (those with sensitive ears, cover them now) if ATF pushes a ban then FATF. Good luck enforcing it. I have registered SBRs so it's not really an issue so I could just move lowers around but I'm keeping my pistol builds as pistol builds. My last SBR will be the Banshee once I get a serial number for it, I will start the process. Most local LE agencies will not have time to enforce a pistol brace ban. I can't even keep up with our current call volume and it's a lot of stupid stuff.
  7. I just bought extended Glock mags for my incoming CMMG Banshee. I'm on week 10 of my wait for it. I think they were 12-17 weeks behind.
  8. Thanks guys. Much appreciated! built a 7.5” 5.56 sbr because my one suppressor (Sandman-K) said it can handle it. Oh yeah. It’s still loud and look at that flame!!
  9. Definitely don’t get paid enough. 916 days till I’m eligible to retire. Had a guy with an AR pistol point it at us the other night. Didn’t end well for him. It’s getting stupid out. I’m hoping to get my 25 years in then I’m out.
  10. It wasn't even a shoot. We were in the jail so I didn't have my gun but an inmate trying to kill corrections officers died by my hands. We were sued for wrongful death, improper training, etc. Family just wanted a payout. City fought it instead of just paying them to go away. I'm in the beginnings of another lawsuit now I'm guessing?? Some crazy lady came to our station and requested my entire training record. No clue what I did to her. Another PD killed her son a few years ago when he pointed a gun at them.
  11. I'd recommend insurance. I haven't researched any because I'm still covered by my employer. A lawsuit is no joke. Mine went 6 years. We finally won. But if I had to pay for the lawyers, I'd be broke.
  12. It was too short for me. I kept worrying about my hand sliding forward. I didn’t sight it in since I was waiting in my suppressor mount. I only shot 10 rounds through it to make sure it worked. It worked fine. I built a 6” 300blk pistol but had a 9” rail on it so it felt better. holding the 7.5” sbr now feels good with the suppressor on it. i used the maryland trust that’s been in the internet forever and just changed the info to mine. Atf has accepted it for every submission so far. i can email you two a copy if needed.
  13. That was one of the reasons I went with a trust but they passed a new ruling awhile ago. No need to have a cleo sign off. You just mail them a copy of your application. If you pass the atf background check they approve your stamp. Stamps for sbrs and suppressors are $200 each. So yeah it gets expensive. I’m waiting on stamp #20 now. Yeah. I’m a sucker. Lol
  14. You can't just make an account at ATF and file an eform 1? Takes less than a month for approval. I thought Delaware was okay with SBRs. I'm still using a trust from the old days but I think individual applications are going faster (only one background check to do). Making your own is easier and quicker than trying to buy one and waiting the longer wait.
  15. I looked at a bunch of the Springfields. Let us know how it shoots. I’m actually trying to find the .308 version in stock somewhere. I had parts laying around so I built a 7.5” 5.56 pistol and hated it. so I turned it into a suppressed short barrel rifle (all legal. Plenty of stamps here)
  16. Q is offering to pay people's tax stamps to SBR the Honey Badger pistol at this time. ATF has stopped responding to Q. I think ATF just turned their phones off since this all started. I've gotten no response in trying to get my suppressor back from AAC. I sent it in for repair back in July. No answer at AAC since they shut down and were bought out. I left a message with ATF and no response. I'm tempted to just drive to Alabama and knock and demand my suppressor back. I'll get it fixed elsewhere.
  17. Picked up my last two suppressors. Going to take a break from gun stuff and switch back to Macross and Lightsabers. silencerco omega 9k and gemtech aurora ii
  18. Mine was in custom in cinncinnati as well. It just arrived. Now i have to go to work. I’m probably keeping mine in fighter mode most of the them.
  19. Wow! Going to have to pick up a Sunstreaker to go with my Sideswipe. My Sentinel Legioss shipped today from Japan and it's already here at Customs!
  20. bought an old armor kit for my son's bandai as one of his finished school presents. tomorrow i'm teaching him how to drive (he's 13)
  21. A lot of places have low stock, now is the time to sell. My Christmas gun finally arrived, they forgot to ship it. Picked it up last week and finally shot it earlier this week. About two cases of ammo with no issues. No pics of targets but it's very accurate. Three of us put a thousand rounds through it in a few hours during slow times at work (we have a range in the basement at work) Staccato C2 ATF cashed my check today. I applied for an FFL 01. They've got 60 days to turn me down.
  22. It looks too short. I'm sure someone will eventually chop a 26 grip to make it work.
  23. In my last car (15 Subaru Legacy), I bought a console safe from console vault. I always carry the gun on me but sometimes if I go into a federal building I lock it in the safe. My current car (18 BMW 430) has no room for safe. I just keep the guns on me and avoid federal buildings and military bases. --- Awesome collections! --- These just came in for our work handguns.
  24. It's a Glock 43X I bought recently. I bought a metal magazine release that was red for the upcoming 15rd Shield Arms magazine and went with the baseplate as well to denote FMJ ammo since the Aurora II suppressor can only use FMJ ammo. Fired ten shots while at my dealer. So the suppressor has about 30 more shots before the wipes need to be rebuilt. My dealer already makes wipes for it so it was an easy purchase to make.
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