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  1. I was told once that the show concept was that a high tech military prototype helicopter was built in a civilian helicopter shell to hide the fact that it was a high tech military prototype helicopter.
  2. Shouldn't this topic be merged with the original post? Yeah, nothing wrong with the attempt, but it was almost guaranteed to get shut down.
  3. Some people claim that the de-yellowing reduces plastic brittleness. I honestly have no clue if it is true or not. Regardless, you are essentially "bleaching" the plastic. Ultimately, it is your toy, do with it what you want! 🦀🦀🦀😋
  4. I felt much the same. While I did finish the series, I took 2 long breaks before finally finishing it. It kinda turned me off from 4-koma based shows for a bit.
  5. That's more Skyfire than Jetfire was!
  6. Maybe not relevant to the conversation, but 1 carat is 200mg. So a 1000 carat fold quartz weighs 200 grams.
  7. I think overall Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- was my favorite of the season. 86 was probably my 2nd and Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu was enjoyable to me but nothing special.
  8. AmiAmi is sold out! HobbyLink Japan still shows available.
  9. Well since it is coming from Nippon-Yasan, based on the experiences of others lately, I'm opting to just wait it out. Shipping changes and "Store Credit" don't seem worth the stress and aggravation required.
  10. So I did finally get my last two orders from CD Japan. My blue Legioss came in on unregistered airmail about a month ago and my Arcadia Flashback VF-4 came in last week on EMS with no additional cost. I not sure if they just paid the surcharge just to clear out backlog from their shop. Now I'm just waiting for my HMR Focker VF-4 from N-Y on unregistered SAL.
  11. Macross Frontier toys have yellowed. I would expect newer Arcadia and Bandai plastics to yellow over time as well. Not sure if they are more resistant to it. All we can do is try to delay it. Only time will tell. I'm sure he was involved, but how much more than consultation and approval I know not. Perhaps someone with more knowledge will chime in.
  12. So I was watching episode 3 of 86. Maybe it's just me, but I would think that if you are attacked in your territory and I assume you patrol it, how do you NOT know the terrain?
  13. They should really just release Angel Birds as the next anniversitity release. All that aside, I really need me some brownies.
  14. It's like when you got out and you say to yourself "that person's pretty, but not my type". And as availability goes down, desirability goes up! It's all personal taste and how far we are willing to veer away from our personal ideal "perfect". I like that Metal Structure Gundam, but I'll settle for that ver. AN.I.M.E.!
  15. 6 pm Bento markdown is no joke. Hungry people on their way home from work or school can be scary! I've never seen anyone fight over discount bento, but if you have to think about it too long it's not yours anymore!
  16. Barrel cactus image from wikipedia. Because this is what we all think of...
  17. DewPoint

    Macross figures

    It makes me wonder if they can actually sit on the "seat" without it falling over.
  18. I don't fully remember off the top of my head, but was DVD NTSC? And there were some color issues whem playing back NTSC video on LCD based tv/monitors. This could contribute to inaccurate colors.
  19. Gall Force! The answer is ALWAYS Gall Force! At least when we are talking about the late 80s and early 90s.
  20. Covid vaccination has begin in Japan. Hopefully normal international mail will restart in the next 2 or 3 months.
  21. No Robotech branding, but it is briefly mentioned on the back of the box. I agree that it appears to be intentional.
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