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  1. So the "stealth" part happens because you end up leading the target far too much because it looks like it is going way faster than it is and thus end up missing?
  2. True, but the the designers knew that black was not the best color for night operations. The Have Blue prototype was painted the way it was for a reason. It just doesn't have the same psychological effect.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the association with the color black and stealth was caused by the Americans. I recall hearing back in the early 1990s that planes like the F117 and B2 were mandated to be black in color by Congress by way of budget approvals and the like. So in the following years, everytime hear about stealth planes and the like, we always see black painted vehicles associated with it.
  4. It is always a treat for me to see everyone's in-progress builds and project completions. Those prints cale out really nice for that scale. I can't imagine the patience needed to paint things that tiny and at the numbers I imagine you are going to want.
  5. I don't think it has been brought up, but I really do hope that they are using the waist/torso locking system from the Defender. That or an improved version.
  6. There was a 5 post minimum requirement to access the For Sale section. I'm not sure if it is still active bysince the latest updates to the site. As you currently have only 3 post, you may not be able to access the For Sale section yet.
  7. That or the cat did it before you got home.
  8. Isn't that USPS admitting that they destroyed the package and is basically green lighting you to file any kind of insurance claim on the shipment?
  9. You mean other than life sized paper craft Minmay, Frejya and Sheryl?
  10. Now that I see that picture again, I really think that something that size should have spring loaded missiles and projectiles. Because why not?
  11. Well, I ordered one from AmiAmi. It was about what I paid for the HMR Focker VF-4 that I never got from Nippon-Yasan. I'll probably sticker this one up. Its kind of neked as it is. I may get a premium one if they ever offer one and turn this one into the cubicle toy.
  12. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I initially wanted one years ago. I got into this post Yamato. I'm pretty committed to the HMR line. So I guess I'll wait and see.
  13. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    Based on past releases, I would guess that a HMR VF-0S would be at least 12,000 yen each. The way the economy is going recently, it could be 15,000 yen or more.
  14. We are approaching dangerous topics! What is taught in schools is determined by Governments, School Boards, etc. depending on where you live and in what Country. So depending on the area, you get taught what they want you to learn right or wrong. If they are heavily faith based, that's what you get. If your area is of predominantly European ancestry, that's what you learn. Then there's the fact that most people just aren't interested in all that technical stuff. "I don't want to read the manual, just tell me the answer." And there is also the fact that people tend to believe whatever best fits their personal bias and disregards everything else. As far as Japan, I'll refer to sketchley as he lives in Japan per his profile. I keep tabs on Japan by NHK World News and I don't watch it daily.
  15. 11,125 new cases reported today. Trending down. I guess we all wait and see.
  16. Japan was "late" in starting their vaccine program. Many residents do not even have their 2nd dose yet. Hospital capacity also seems low. Not sure how much hospital per capita they have there.
  17. DewPoint

    Macross figures

    I find myself asking "Why are my eyes drawn towards her legs so much?"
  18. So Department of Temporal Investigations where? Then again, that could make things worse.
  19. I remember watching Aria. They talk about the wonders of the planet, meet some people, have a little adventure, and 24 minutes of your life mysteriously disappears. I had to stop at Aria the Natural. I'm still watching Fairy Tail. I'm on season 5! And I'm still watching it for Erza. Mostly. Good enough to fill in the time between other shows.
  20. Many SciFi fans are big fans of space combat scenes. I myself do like them, but I am more character and story driven. As far as Star Trek goes, the writing took a noticable turn following Roddenberry's passing. The stories got darker and moved away from having a his signature moral aspect to the stories. While I was never a big fan of DS9, that show in particular, showed the biggest change on direction. The story concept was initially way too restrictive. Everything was to happen on the station or with runabouts. That show eventually turned into a shooting war. The show seemed to hit its peek of popularity at that point. So yeah, people love seeing shooting wars. It sells tickets. Will it keep a lasting fan base? Who knows.
  21. I imagine that COVID messed up the production schedule. I thought about ordering those back when you initially mentioned them. I decided to wait until they were released. But, well... It has been awhile. I do hope that they are still planning on releasing them. I do need me some brownies.
  22. To my knowledge, Arcadia has yet to release a VF-1A of any kind. I'm still waiting for my Brownies.
  23. I would think that the gun would need to be at that angle of you do anything close to a 90 degree elbow bend. The angle does seem a tad much though.
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