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  1. I also had a similar issue with my VT-1. Make sure you read the part on how to apply the pressure to the foot. It is a rather nerve racking process. Take your time with it. Don't try to get there all at once.
  2. These are the premium toys that I could never have when I was a kid. With three children, my parents could not easily spend on me what was easily a week's worth of food money. We all understood this. I waited 35 years to finally get a 1/55 for myself! And even then it was easily a week's worth of food money! The history is indeed interesting, its just that there are not many of us that have the drive and devotion to dive into this. Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge. Kawamori did an incredible job designing this. It is one of the very few transforming toys of the era that looked good from the top, bottom and all they way around in all modes.
  3. It's totally going to fall backwards without the stand at some point. I hope I'm wrong.
  4. I would rather they be regular releases. I rather not deal with proxies if I don't have to. Blue TWE Phalanx I could see. Either way, need them. Glad they adjusted the colors on the Tomahawk.
  5. Well we are talking about something based on a early 80's show with a lot of anime magic and animation inconsistency. I wouldn't be surprised if none of the animated SDF-1 actually perfectly matched the "official" dimensions. But I do prefer the guns to be 20mm longer. Then again, there's a few things that I wouldn't mind being 20mm longer.
  6. Well not exactly a reissue. The original release was technically the DYRL version. This is the TV version.
  7. So long as this thing hold together better then the Macross Quarter...
  8. That's some impressive damage! As others have said amiami boxes are pretty sturdy. The 2 times i used DHL my boxes came to me in a similar condition. Although my boxes were shipped from Amazon.jp and their boxes are rather thin. Since then, I'm extremely reluctant to use DHL for anything unless I absolutely have to.
  9. Could you fly a Ghost near your target of interest and then fold it into the near by star to make some nasty things happen? Does such a thing already exist in the Macross universe? And that ship doesn't seem to have anything to do with that asteroid. It didn't seem to identify what type of ship it was when it call for help. 3 minutes into episode 9.
  10. Strictly just my personal opinion, but I don't believe that the tent has a center pole. Reasons being that it would be more difficult to store, creates a potential leak point, and it really should not be needed as everything is suspended under the Valkyrie. And the interior view. Which makes me think that they may have just inverted a parachute to use as a tent.
  11. DewPoint

    Hi-Metal R

    Let T-Rex figure it out.
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that YF-29s are NEVER giving out for personal use. They are "issued out" for "testing" and to "gather performance data" for refinement. Its performance is so far out on the edge that only a very small number of people can handle that role. So Max and Milia are "doing them a favor" by squeezing in some "testing" sessions during their busy work and personal lives. Is Alto really good enough to take the YF-29 to its limits and come back alive? I think we all know what happened there. And Iasmu is well... You know...
  13. Like sneaking across the fold.... To..... Errrr... Nevermind.....
  14. Ultimately, it shouldn't really matter since every Macross show it treated like its own TV show or Movie retelling of actual real Macross world events. So "Lady M" could just really be the NUNS higher ups or the Captain of Macross 13. But it's always fun to speculate.
  15. Tonkanator is a nice one. It amuses me so to call most of the G1 Transformers Diaclone KOs. I kinda want one but worry about that right leg. It always became problematic over time. At least with the Diaclones anyway. I really didn't know many kids back in the day that had the green KO variant.
  16. You all got me curious, so I scanned through the comments. I was posted 2 years ago that it was a custom and they posted the art station link. However, the poor guy that posted the question in the comments thought he was loosing his mind for a bit as he couldn't remember such a transformer. The video creator never commented on it.
  17. Feels like an enemy fleet folding in.
  18. Yeah, its not a WWM release, so it doesn't get to hang out with the rest of them.
  19. Since Megaroad 01 disappeared and was never to be seen from again...
  20. Yeah, I give it a 90% chance that they would screw it up. I say just go watch Yamato 2199 and you will forget about it for a bit.
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