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  1. Anybody else with the new MP Thundercracker? Got mine mid-week and finally had the time to mess around with it. The French blue and light grey colour on TC is fantastic. No real quality issues with the toy itself to report, but my copy did end up without the stoic face and I have two smiling faces instead. Like Starscream the articulation is great, accessories are not as generous, but it is not as though you are really missing something. Although it would have been nice to give TC something specific to him, like maybe those mini-missiles he launches from his forearms, the existing slit there could have been used as an attachment point. Basically if you like MP-52 Starscream, then you will also like TC.
  2. Clear images of Shouki available - still no idea how tall it is in robot form. https://news.tfw2005.com/2021/10/06/transformers-masterpiece-shouki-official-stock-images-442327
  3. So all this talk of Star Saber lately had me finally invest in a fix to one of MP-24's most annoying accessorie - the long sword hilt. From Shapeways I got these two bits which aid to change the orientation of the grip, therefore allowing Star Saber to actually wield the sword with the blade's edge. One is a complete replacement, the other is an adapter designed to to work with original hilt. If you have the KFC upgrade hands, then you can use the included hand-adapter with the new hilt for even more grip. It's a snug fit, so put it in the adapter first and then insert it into the hand. Overall I am happy with both, the blue is not a match with the original but I can live with that. The material feels robust on both, but it doesn't have a smooth texture. If you want to save a little and can live with Star Saber holding the grip on the narrow edge, then just get the adapter.
  4. That is true, but I'm not sure you understood my issue or if I'm just not understanding the point of your answer to it. Perhaps I should have wrote relative robot size instead of robot scale, basically I just want the MPG line to adhere/match relatively with the existing MP robot sizes. Stunticons would be a special case, their vehicle forms need to also match with the Autobot cars/trucks. To an extent this would also apply to the Protectobots, Combaticons and maybe Contructicons.
  5. That first one is what I have been speculating on, one of the reasons I was a bit reluctant to pick up the Roy -1S at all. Besides... Roy dies twice, who wants someone like that in their display
  6. My hope is that Bandai wraps up their DX SDF/DYRL line with a 1/48 VF-4. But preferably not reusing the Yamato template, I would like to have a much better Battroid that does the lineart more justice.
  7. Code Geass finally coming to Metal Build. Where there is a Guren, there must also be a Lancelot Albion! https://www.taghobby.com/archives/569905
  8. It seems Takara is giving us a Masterpiece sub-line called MPG, which Raiden is going to be a part of. I guess this is the toyline where all the combiners will go. https://www.taghobby.com/archives/569888 Wouldn't be my preference, but at this point I am expecting the individual combiner robot scaling to be incompatible with the regular MP line. I hope I'm wrong about it.
  9. Oooh... A VF-1 Battroid with the same articulation like their Siege or BB Movie Optimus would so awesome. Smooth torso movement/ab-crunch, double jointed shoulders and knees, forward pivoting shoulders, slick thigh swivel, multi angle feet, plus a set of TV AND DYRL hands... mouthwatering.
  10. It's not taking from any design, it's inspired by previous iterations of Bumblebee but is essentially their own design. I like how Threezero's MDLX line is shaping up. At 12cm this is similar in size as MP-45, so I am hoping that their Optimus scales the same with MP-44.
  11. If you are in the EU, then you would have to look up the Zavvi online shop for your country. They are selling Star Saber for 210€.
  12. I'm in too, love that tail-light gun feature! I think it's good that Cliffjumper is utilising the base structure of MP-45, because that means he is going to be a fun and poseable little bugger. Also looking forward to the reveal of all his accessories, maybe the antenna and gun to attach on his bonnet or even better his glass gas setup - would be a nice tie-in with MP-55 Nightbird. Never shared any of the issues others had with MP-45, transformation is a tiny bit fiddly, but nothing that is irritating or aggravating. My biggest contention point is how the folded rear bumper hinders the range of waist swivel and that I can never get his gun to tab in the hand properly. I wouldn't be worried about bot mode, I mean this image already speaks volumes. On the right is a nicely proportioned - still in prototype stage - robot which will correctly transform into the super deformed car. On the left you have clumsy looking super deformed robot which will incorrectly transform into a properly proportioned car. I know which side I want to be on.
  13. Not officially announced, but it seems MP Cliffjumper is coming. https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/mp-cliffjumper-prototype.1217784/page-29#post-19446542
  14. I watched this over the weekend, I'm fine with the story so far, but I was also somewhat disappointed that it didn't have more He-Man. My thoughts: The intro in the first episode for everyone to get to speed was disappointing with the usage of comic or classic toy art. I would have preferred it to homage the original cartoon more. To me (Evil)-Lynn, Man-At-Arms and Roboto were the most likeable characters in this. Also is Andra a completely new character, my memory can't recall her from the original show? I don't like the in-universe split of magic being something entirely different from science. I question the necessity of this being a spiritual continuation of the original show, it feels like there is a lot of force injecting of universe mythology into something that never really had it. I think the 200x cartoon would have been a better platform to work with and continue. While watching this I couldn't help feel that the story setup and angle seemed strangely familiar, but it wasn't until today that it occurred to me what it was - Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Same sort of thing, heroes head to action, it goes wrong, post-battle there is outfall, we follow from the viewpoint of one of the betrayed and the build up of a rag-tag band, that need to fix things because there is imminent total destruction. At least the DC title makes it unmistakeable that it is not going to be standard Superman/Batman fare.
  15. That is the same upgrade I posted above. Apparently the person doing this is not quite finished with designing the parts and will be teaming up with Dr. Wu. https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/tim_heada-mpm12-arm-replacement-kit.1217872/ Personally those new arms fix a lot of the priority issues I have with MPM-12. The shoulder pauldrons actually move with the arm, arm length is proportionate and the forearms are not super wide as well as getting rid of that aesthetically displeasing cab door section behind them.
  16. More from MP-55 Nightbird. Unfortunately no image with her and alternate face.
  17. Haha! You are evil for having us all associate with that image from now on. 😄
  18. In case anyone is on the fence about getting MPM-12 because of the issues, there might be a solution coming up. https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/mpm-12-optimus-prime-bumblebee-movie.1208361/page-129#post-19352251
  19. https://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/mp-55-nightbird.1217459/page-15#post-19378277
  20. Thanks for that @no3Ljm! It looks like the Battroid head for Arad's AX is wearing a red headband that is pulled down along the eyebrows.
  21. I prefer my figures to each have individual sculpting for their suit and gear instead of awkward fitting addendum stuff on a base bucks, more consistent and accurate paint, female characters that have the same range of articulation as their male counterparts, double joints on elbows and knees that actually provide more than right angle bends and more accessories for the character instead of a piece that belongs to another figure. So I am pretty comfortable with the 90% more effort the Mafex figures have over ML and definitely well worth it to spend the extra $60. Out of curiosity, if you are convinced the MLs are that good why are you buying Mafex - you do get them right?
  22. Without the moving neck or drumbell setup for the head, this figure will be a fail for any type of flying pose, it would be crazy for Medicom to omit that. I am convinced you will be able to pivot the shoulders around those rings. Also you forget that the ML does not have the double crunch and torso tilt option like Mafex figures have. A linear ab-crunch and waist swivel can only do so much, so no it is not just toe joint and dynamic wrists. Marvel Legends are average to good figures for their price, but lets not pretend that 25 dollars gets you parity or more against Japanese offerings.
  23. The Mafex version will incorporate their usual figure articulation, why would they reduce that? toe joint ankles can rotate left/right, hinge up/down and tilt double jointed knees, hidden (!) leg swivel pull down hips for better forward and outward leg motion waist crunch torso crunch, tilt and swivel rotating hands with the option to either hinge up/down or left/right double jointed elbows, bicep swivel shoulder assembly that allows for up/down, rotating and pivoting ball jointed neck and double ball joint setup for head So their is more compared to a ML and IMO their articulation scheme feels more seamless and natural.
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