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  1. I would love for Ramen Toy to tackle StarCom, would be great to have an updated Starmax Bomber in the collection.
  2. It may sound strange, but the super articulation has me more interested instead of the whole gold of the frame thing. When is this going on pre-order?
  3. Love it! Stark contrast to the hybrid nonsense that was Skids. Robot proportions, articulation, alt-mode, accessories... everything a proper MP should be! Should be around 130 Euro after AJ pre-order rebate, that's a steal for a classy premium toy if you ask me.
  4. Woah! Looking fine from what can be seen. Doesn't seem like it is going the Skids route, which for me is a good thing. Also Takara having the last word on announcements Hasbro: Commander class Motormaster Hasbro Asia: MPM-13 Blackout Takara: Nani? Hold my Sake!
  5. I think it would have been nicer to have given Max the YF-30 and of course a great opportunity for fans to reacquire an iteration of that DX toy. Would love to see someone work their Photoshop skills on a Max coloured YF-30.
  6. Yes, I know that – the point being that they went with TNG tweak instead of reusing the more antiquated wording of TOS. haha - good one Quick, somebody do the monologue in Yoda-speak.
  7. Looks great, getting strong Voyager vibes here and nice upbeat intro music evoking that adventure/exploration feeling. Also didn't think expect them to go for the full starting monologue and with better wording to boot (no ONE has... vs. no MAN has...). That gets a thumbs up from me.
  8. Haven't watched it yet, but in case anyone missed it season two is now on Netflix.
  9. Very frustrating and does make me feel a bit angry that Bandai is pulling such a move. Buying locally has never been an option unless I intentionally want to burn money and to my knowledge there is no central distributor for the EU like like Bluefin or similar. All this talk about global markets and how thing become easier and we can all benefit from it.... Doesn't seem to count for the average individual consumer, instead we get more steps, more stones, more hurdles placed in our path. Sorry for the slight rant, but yeah I am a bit pissed about this.
  10. Goosebumps... Duel of the Fates, Anakin’s Dark Deeds and Battle of the Heroes. Even if the story turns out bad, I'll give the show a thumbs up as long as I get those tunes with moving pictures.
  11. Out of curiosity, does your first release Superman also have a nauseating smell?
  12. Pity Mafex won't provide Storm with a more casual head with an Iris/Pupil for her eyes.
  13. Good (science) fiction provides subtle or direct comment on contemporary matters, providing me – the viewer – a different perspective and angle to reflect on. That's were the greater entertainment should come from and not just "pew, pew, pew.. I'll blast you to smithereens evil bad guy" stuff. The system is not the problem, it is the actors within it. What is not taken into account is the ugly beast known as Homo Sapiens with its strong tendencies to be selfish, possessive, corruptible and power hungry, which brings us right back to the human condition that GR envisioned for human kind by overcoming and evolving from these negative traits. And if sharing and caring is more intrinsic to us instead of a "me, me, me and it belongs to me" attitude, then society as a whole will naturally adapt to a social structure that encourages that. GR wasn't promoting some specific social system, he was championing human kind to be better and therefore creating a better society.
  14. A good start for those that are uninitiated with UC Gundam or if you want to refresh your memory. The gaping gap that is Crossbone Gundam is really due for some animation of its own.
  15. Price should not be too high and you will probably be able to get below the set MSRP. I was able to pick MGEX Unicorn for about 18.5k Yen and that includes my local tax. As for this latest MGEX Strike Freedom, would be nice to know how the rest of the engineering and articulation is. Also it might make sense to add some clear outer parts as an option so one can enjoy that fancy gold frame.
  16. Been messing around with the new MP Skywarp. The black, grey and purple combo looks great to me. No real structural or visual issues to report, although this time I ended up with two stoic faces and am missing the smiling face, ironically the exact opposite to my Thundercracker. And for some chuckles...
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