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  1. i can see it. i hit reserve andf it shows one item in my cart but when i go to my shopping cart its empty. I try to add it again and its says there's a one item limit and i already have one in my cart. ARghhh.
  2. Sandman

    Hi-Metal R

    Anyone have some comparison pics between the VF-IS heads? What to see how different the head is for the new release.
  3. Was this the price it was originally released at? I honestly don't remember.
  4. Hell has frozen over, Macross 7 finally gets a western release. I was so pissed that no one released it back when it was first announced. I actually bought the japanese LaserDiscs so i could watch it. Eventually got the vhs fansubs from the internet the old way (mail a money order in) tape by tape. Ahhh the good old days.
  5. Oh wow. I just checked my WWM vf-25 and it is plastic. That really bugs me now.
  6. I’m not confident in my abilities to do that without screwing it up.
  7. Got mine today. It's amazing what a matte finish does to this mold. It's looks so much better. I want reissues of the old vf-25s with this matte finish.
  8. I’m well aware the cost of collecting, I’ve been here for over 15 years. I was referring to how much more ethe markup the himetal is in comparison to the early vf25 release. I’m not sure why it was necessary to make a snide comment about me going overseas if I’m that desperate. I’m hardly desperate and the comment doesn’t even make sense. I can comment on the price being trash.
  9. I actually had some success using masking tape to fix the bendy head lasers. I couldn't stand the warped to the side head lasers for my rod yf-29b. So in fighter mode i used masking tape to tape the lasers to the fuselage straight. It didn't seem to be working and i forgot about it and left it on display for years. I recently moved so I was packing up my valks and then I noticed after removing the tape that the head lasers were straight. Only took 3 + years. LOL!
  10. Got my parcel from Luna Park. Instead of packing it was in a yellow submarine store bag. Looks like they just bought it from that store and put it a box to ship.
  11. Gurran Lagann must be one crazy series to have mechas that size.
  12. I missed preoder night. I thought i was screwed. Was able to snag 2 preorders easily. I love it! Only thing is it looks like i'll be waiting a while. HoneyBee preorder lists Q1 2023 for release and Ages3andup lists Q4 2022.
  13. I got the set in Dec. Haven't had time to check it out yet. I'll see if i can tonight and let you know.
  14. All of them. Hit me during a poor time. Was able to get all the macross stuff that came out at the time but didn't leave me with enough for other series like orguss.
  15. Is megahouse done with Orguss? I was hoping for reissue as i missed them originally.
  16. Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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