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  1. There's something about Pic 34 that hurts my brain. How do you get that giant slab to roll up and fit into the cardboard tube beside it???
  2. And drinking from the Holy Grail! That has to count for something! I really did appreciate Crystal Skull for daring to embrace Ford's aging and updating the setting/baddies. I wonder how this film, said to take place 36 years later, will address that.
  3. Hey, at no point did I say that you didn't have very, very good reasons for your colourful commentary Yeah, the Ride Armour does seem to be better thought-out than the SC mecha.
  4. It seems to me that you normally complain endlessly about how these poorly-designed mechas don't translate well into 3D shapes. Is this project different or easier?
  5. Doesn't invalidate what I said. It's hovertanks or bust!
  6. Hovertanks, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!
  7. Damn, gone way too soon 😭 I got out of the MMA game a long time ago, during Rumble's reign of terror. I stepped away because I decided that I couldn't be a part of an industry that revolves around convincing young men (and women now) that permanent brain damage is just fine while the stockholders are the only ones who get rich in the end. Maybe if the UFC had a long-term retirement contract or health services, instead of washing their hands of what they encouraged to happen and then bringing in the next round of suckers to fill the gap... WWE was scummy with how they treated their talent in the 80s and 90s, and the UFC is no different.
  8. I'm always amazed at your ability to break a subject down into simpler shapes, and then combine those shapes into a 3D object. Plus the patience to actually see it through, since I'd never get past cutting out the images and gluing them onto the blocks... Though at this stage, Pic 20 has a surprising similarity to an Alpha Fighter's leg assembly. Makes it easy to believe it came from the same human service.
  9. Maybe I'm just slow tonight, but how do you have a finished piece beside the body in photo 01?
  10. Probably a cost-cutting measure. Less tooling, less designing, less of everything expensive.
  11. Yeah, what he said! At this point, this new trash is just awful.
  12. I've always head-canoned that as the boots being part of the power suit when in Battloid mode. So the human's squishy feet aren't bearing all the weight of the mecha on his back. But these? These aren't anywhere near that kind of style. This is as bothersome to me as exaggerated bust lines on Arcee toys.
  13. Blocky heels I don't mind. It's the pointy high-heeled look that even Sentinel gave their female rider. Yes, she's a girl, no need to give her high heels in combat armour.
  14. Hnnngh. Imma hafta see what the final cost is before committing. I want one of each gender, but dunno if I can afford either of them at the moment. Pretty please consider doing Dana Sterling's ASC armour next? Pwetty pwetty pweeeeave?
  15. That's it! One of the things that's bothered me most about these "modern" designs is how all the figures are wearing high heels and stilettos. Dumb, dumb design decision. Gimme the bigger feet of the OG every day.
  16. Would that go on the same base body figure? Or are the proportions just not proportionate enough?
  17. This settles it: there can be no comparison between the OG designs and the new ones. OG all the way!
  18. Ahem! Ahem good sir, I say ahem! The correct term is "Boomer", not android.
  19. Hennngh 🤔 They're just too busy, with too much going on. I vastly prefer the original's simplistic and blocky design.
  20. Just got my Super VF-1S. All the paint and decals look decent, although I haven't had time to go over the figure in detail. I'm struggling getting the nosecone snapped into the pelvis rods, though. I just don't want to gorilla my way into breakage after just one day
  21. That's better. I mean, it's got some more life to it... but why'd they have to sully my beloved Ode to Joy with this? That song is NOT meant for a hyperviolent, hypersexualized cyberpunk dystopia future. Just the opposite, in fact.
  22. Agreed. It's too busy with too many things all going on at once.
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