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  1. I'm very, very, very late to the party, but I got most of the way through Episode 1 last night. Can I just say how much I LOVE Agnes Jurati? She's so adorkably awkward, which is extra endearing in a series full of The Best and Brightest TM The way she kinda slewed around the Bridge, going over the handrail and under the next instead of the long way around is just hilarious. Also? Guinan with the top-shelf hooch? Too much fun 😂
  2. My love for the Logan knows no bounds; partly fueled by the irrational hatred it gets from the internet! In my head-canon, the Logan was designed exclusively to deal with the last few pockets of rogue Zentradi still around. Given that their mecha are poorly maintained and very cheaply made, the Logan didn't need a lot of firepower. It just needed speed and flexibility, which it had in spades while still being a relatively cheap mecha to produce. Small, simple, and best suited for picking on targets that can't fight back as well. It's just too bad that the Masters bioroids aren't as easily beaten As for the Hovertank, I've head-canoned that as being put into production before all the fancy 3D cockpits (a la YF-19) were finished. Much like how the F-35 got put into production before that helmet was finished. As a major assault mecha on a hopefully peaceful planet, getting that last kink straightened out seemed like a "we'll get to it" thing. Remember the REF was supposed to neutralize threats before they got to Earth. Again, the Masters kinda screwed that plan up To sum up: SUCK IT, HATERS! I love these maligned designs and you can pry them from my cold, dead hands.
  3. Which just proves to me how hard what you do is! Anyone can model a mecha, but not just anyone can model it like it's supposed to be.
  4. Wow, wow, wow! Not quite the image I had in mind if I could've bought one, but close enough! I love seeing all 3 generations of mecha and forces get involved!
  5. Looks left. Looks right. Looks left again. Robotech is better than Macross. *koff kaff* What was that? Did someone say something?😇
  6. Is this a model kit or a highly repainted Sentinel figure? The quality of workmanship is such that I can't tell 😁
  7. 🤔 I could be talked into your PoV for Maul, but I will stand firm on Ashoka as a Creator's Pet appearing in everything. I haven't seen any of her appearances other than Mando S2, and that's quite enough for me. So I'm told. But I like Robotech, so my tastes are already suspect I saw the first trailer for Rebels and it excited me... right up until I saw the kid pick up the lightsaber and do the classic pose. That's when I had a good idea more or less how the show would pan out and I lost all interest. Yes, to my eternal regret. They did Luke DIRTY in that film, though I will admit the "Mind Trick an entire planet of people from across the Galaxy" was a pretty cool Skywalker-y thing to do. Yes, but in digital download so I skipped large portions of it. I didn't enjoy it, though Donald Glover as Lando was perfect casting! Nope. S2 of Mandalorian disappointed me so badly that I lost any interest in BoBF. I really should give it a try, but I'm loathe to reactivate Disney+ for just one show. See above "Robotech" statement. I know where I stand 😁
  8. Blech. So Filoni cut an awesome character for one of his own creations? Yuck, yuck, yuck. I hate Creator's Pets, which is why I refuse to acknowledge Grand Admiral Thrawn in anything other the Heir to the Empire trilogy. I haven't seen Clone Wars or Rebels or Wzhhkaohokcokk. I don't care to see characters from that. I don't have the wow factor.
  9. This looks silly. But as soon as the Chief picked up the turret gun, I knew I'm going to be watching every episode 😁 I really, really like how they're getting into the inhumanity of the Spartan II program. It was touched on in Halo Infinite, and looks like we'll be getting more here. That's a good thing.
  10. The only problem that I have with the Inquisitors is that they have lightsabers. To me, that's a shameless cash-grab to have another marketable lightsaber-wielding group that can be used to sell toys. Force-sensitive and trained hunters, I don't mind. But don't give them the glowsticks of doom.
  11. Where any parts from the previous Bioroid designs usable, or is all of this new sculpting?
  12. I'm trying to fight it, but my hype levels are rising.
  13. Yeah, I knew going in that it wasn't the most accurate thing ever. But it's hueg, at almost 14" to the tops of the lasers. I didn't pay too much for it, so I think I'm happy with it. Big boi hueg, though.
  14. Heck yeah! Injection moulding for the win! 💪 That being said, in pic 53 it looks like something is in your macaroni salad. 🤢 Pick 54, ohgod it's grown and changed colour. Macaroni salad is disgusting at the best of times, but this doesn't look fit for human consumption. 🤮
  15. 1 of 50, comes with variant arms, swivel head, and the arms themselves have a few fixed rotations on a hex peg.
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