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  1. Just broke down and ordered a Super VF-1S Roy Fokker. My first Robotech toy since the Toynami Cyclones.
  2. I'm still tempted by that pretty Dana Sterling armour statue. Has it been released yet or still on pre-order?
  3. Wow, that's just... wow, I mean. It's got some... colour, I guess? I guess that's going for it? Holy crap did that NOT sound or look anything like CP2077, or even anything remotely like the gameworld of the tabletop game
  4. All of the REF- *ahem* UEEF Marine Destroids had Alpha-like stylings. In-universe is because they were made by the same company and thus wanted parts commonality and consistent branding, but... yeah, the redesigns didn't turn my crank at all.
  5. Gawdammit, Cyberpunk was supposed to be a warning and not a how-to guide!
  6. Hmm, demon cue ball or stress-relieving wari-ball? Love what you're doing with it. I'm still not brave enough to try mine yet
  7. My favourite Cyclone-variants will always be from the Third Invid War fan supplement. They took the idea of the Cyclone and stretched it into the next iteration. A survival-focused Cyclone that's cheap and easy to manufacture as well as field-repair. A heavy-duty version for maintenance workers with heavy lifting. A dozen various forearm weapon modules, taking advantage of the flexible mounting options. So much thought went into them. I ❤️ them so much.
  8. +1 The Gura Invid felt like they were written by a fan, someone with enough connection to the series to come up with a new tie-in. I love the idea that there's a trove of intact RDF Mecha down there, just waiting for someone to pillage it.
  9. Well, yes, but look at how that built more on the world of the post-Invid Invasi... nope. Nope, not even me, in my PB-infused childhood fun, can defend that book. It's bad bad. Except for the cover art. That Lancer Rocked!
  10. Engh, anytime "reality" tries to mesh with "giant robots" and "giant transforming robots" I immediately give it a ginormous grain of salt. My suspension of disbelief is already maxed out, why not add a bit more?
  11. With the swappable missile pods I wonder if this picture could be made...
  12. B-but...! I still haven't finished my RPG Tactics minis! And I have model kits to build! And I'd like to buy food sometime this month!
  13. Maybe it's a kind of magic? Argh, this is making me want to dust off my old Highlander fanfic and give it another go.
  14. You can put me down for at least two, maybe more if I can talk my brother (a fellow Robotech fan, and thus a man of excellent taste) into one. TBH, I'm glad you're putting it off another year. I've gotta save for my upcoming vacation first
  15. Nah, I haven't built either of my existing Moscato masterpieces yet. Couldn't justify getting another of a one-off mecha I don't really like. Now some of the hero mecha, on the other hand...
  16. schiiiiiiiiing THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! And I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the show. You're allowed your version, Imma stick with mine. Mine's better anyway
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