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Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

Valkyrie addict

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On 2/19/2017 at 2:22 AM, spanner said:

hehe! but not on absolutely everything but it works so well on certain odd ball planes. For example, I wanna get my hands on a Spitfire kit and have it painted up in the former Soviet colors as they used in WW2. 


On 2/19/2017 at 2:30 AM, seti88 said:

haha i hear ya! But the SV51 is definitely a good candidate for a ruskie star...and maybe on these too..lol...ok gonna come down from my russian star high now..:D



On 2/19/2017 at 3:45 AM, Garfinkel said:

Its gonna be more crisp and less floppy and a joy to own.

Until the legs fall off.......

Absolutely going to preorder one and then repaint my Yamato ones in Soviet colours.

Sort of didIMG_0061.thumb.JPG.14e5d32e1bf74824fd99d9c9115dfbce.JPG







IMG_0088.thumb.JPG.8bff0fcc097025bdc379a48fea8483ce.JPG it years ago ;)


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They're going to have to make a lot of improvements to get me to buy another set, I think.  My originals are just fine as after I did some work to tighten the wing hinges.

The lift fan is at least an interesting thing, but I put that at the same level as the airbrake on the 1/48th VF-1 on the "unnecessary detail" scale.


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I still have my Ivanov on display. I'll wait to see what improvements are made over Yamato's before I commit to a second. For starters, hopefully ratcheted hip joints and better weapon mounts. I never could get the FAST packs to attach to my 51's wings.

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The Sv-51 was shown mounting both two and four pods, at various points in the series.


On the other hand, the tan one was only supposed to have one cannon mounted in the intake fairings, but since the D.D. and Nora molds used two, the CF got a free upgrade. :p

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1 hour ago, Sildani said:

Can we please go back to being annoyed that this is still only in renders now? :p

I think we should get a jump on things and start complaining about the premium finish version.

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3 hours ago, anime52k8 said:

I think we should get a jump on things and start complaining about the premium finish version.

Looks like the color for the canopy is not anime accurate. PO cancelled. :p

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17 minutes ago, valhary said:

I hope arcadia make a micro site to follow the development of this bird as did with the yf 19


I agree. Would be nice to have that. ;)

But since I can't understand the whole Japanese texts on the micro site or even the blog update, I rather prefer photo updates instead. I'm sure a lot of people here will agree and prefers photos than texts. :rolleyes:


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I am hoping they'll highlight the improvements over the old mold, because I'm actually curious what the demand for this will be like.  Much like the VF-0, barring any structural improvements, the only thing to really improve visually is the molding quality, and finer details. 

With the VF-0, we got the VF-0D first, so I feel like the new VF-0A/S were more a byproduct of that.  The Sv-51 probably needs some posability and playability improvements (tighter joints, better mechanisms, that sort of thing), but from a display perspective?  I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the old and new VF-0s displayed on a shelf, and I feel like this is going to be the exact same way.

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45 minutes ago, Sildani said:

Wouldn't that mean they got the shapes and general proportions right the first time then?

Yes they did, but that's about all you can say positive about the current SV-51 toy. If you're looking at it from ten feet away it looks fine enough but if you actually get within arms reach of the thing it's just a mess of massive panel gaps and crude surface detailing.

More importantly though, The articulation on the SV-51 sucks; nothing locks together properly in any mode; and the whole thing is just a big, floppy mess.

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