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  1. Have there been any hints of PF versions of this line?
  2. Let me rephrase ... I don't want to remove the streaks, just complete them.
  3. Ok, after seeing this screenshot I rescind half of my rant. The splotches are anime accurate. But the streaking (coming from the vents) should connect to the source, which makes logical sense. Any suggestions what I can use to clean those up, and fill the unpainted gaps on my figure?
  4. My toy arrived, two months to the day. It appears intact. I am less than overwhelmed by the customized weathering. You can spot incomplete brushstrokes and other minor imperfections. Has anyone else seen this? I get the impression YMMV on each piece. Otherwise, it's a gorgeous toy, and a substantial improvement over the first release.
  5. My ship left port on July 3. I expect it needs to loop around the planet a couple of times before it makes landfall.
  6. Just hold the 1/72 scale closer to the camera than the other valks and your scale problem is solved.
  7. I received my order from Caliber Wings earlier today.
  8. A recent order I placed with Caliber Wings took nine days to travel from China to Los Angeles. I expect a few more days to reach me in Seattle, WA.
  9. I just heard back from the company. They ship by China Post (2 weeks).
  10. My VF-0D left by ferry on July 3, and it hasn't made port yet.
  11. Any update on the release date for the Macross Zero Shin F-14?
  12. Where are you located, and when did your order leave port? I have a VF-0D coming from NY on a ferry and it left port on July 3. Boat still hasn't reached CA.
  13. I paid 31,400 (and 4,000 shipping) from Ami Ami.
  14. I was about 24 hours late on the discount cut off, yet Cally honored it and sent me an invoice the next day. Shipping is rather spendy ($25), but what the heck. If it is half as amazing as the press photos show it's worth it.
  15. My toy purchased from NY (ferry shipping) is outward bound. Any guesses as to how long it takes to reach me? I'm in Seattle, WA (8,281 km)
  16. Received shipping notice from NY (July 1). Now I just have to wait two months for it to get to Seattle, WA. I took the ferry option.
  17. I received a "Preparation in Progress" notification from NY.
  18. I was checking out my Elintseeker in my display case, and noticed the very obvious exposed screw on the antenna array. I dug through the box and discovered a tiny strip of stickers with round, grey stickers. Can I assume these are specifically included for covering exposed screws (btw, how many are there)? Or, are the stickers for something else?
  19. So, NY is the only sane option available for buying this toy (HLJ has it for $500). Given the shipping limitations (no EMS or airmail), what are my options? Is UPS the cheapest?
  20. Ok, this toy looks GORGEOUS. But, $400 (before adding shipping)?? How does anyone justify the cost?
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