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  1. Have there been any hints of PF versions of this line?
  2. Let me rephrase ... I don't want to remove the streaks, just complete them.
  3. Ok, after seeing this screenshot I rescind half of my rant. The splotches are anime accurate. But the streaking (coming from the vents) should connect to the source, which makes logical sense. Any suggestions what I can use to clean those up, and fill the unpainted gaps on my figure?
  4. My toy arrived, two months to the day. It appears intact. I am less than overwhelmed by the customized weathering. You can spot incomplete brushstrokes and other minor imperfections. Has anyone else seen this? I get the impression YMMV on each piece. Otherwise, it's a gorgeous toy, and a substantial improvement over the first release.
  5. My ship left port on July 3. I expect it needs to loop around the planet a couple of times before it makes landfall.
  6. Just hold the 1/72 scale closer to the camera than the other valks and your scale problem is solved.
  7. I received my order from Caliber Wings earlier today.
  8. A recent order I placed with Caliber Wings took nine days to travel from China to Los Angeles. I expect a few more days to reach me in Seattle, WA.
  9. I just heard back from the company. They ship by China Post (2 weeks).
  10. My VF-0D left by ferry on July 3, and it hasn't made port yet.
  11. Any update on the release date for the Macross Zero Shin F-14?
  12. Where are you located, and when did your order leave port? I have a VF-0D coming from NY on a ferry and it left port on July 3. Boat still hasn't reached CA.
  13. I paid 31,400 (and 4,000 shipping) from Ami Ami.
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