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  1. Hey guys! Got a bit diverted but I will continue and remake this project in 2019... Starting on January!!
  2. I think that if this toy was better made it would have been an amazing seller... Plus is a toy we can agree that most of us have been waiting for, for some time now.
  3. Ok! The nail polish fix works! Toy looks awful as previously said in fighter mode... so transformed it to Battroid mode and will leave it that way forever and ever... LOL. Actually transforming it was done with such a care and you can see where this toy will break if you mess too much with it... so then again will leabe it in battroid mode. Very dissapointed with the overall quality as it has been said here before but good thing is nothing has fallen nor has broken. Maybe I was lucky so it will go to rest as it is in mycollection hopefully a better version will come out!
  4. Thanks for that Technoblue! Will try it later today! Thanks
  5. Has any one made a video tutorial using the nail polish on the tabs of the VF-2SS?? I have mine brand new but will like to treat it before getting dissapointed!
  6. I guess guys to each it's own... I preordered mine for me it looks great! And totally respect who doesn't like the toy. Whether this is the only one they release or in 2 years you'll have a renewal I am happy of having finally a 1/60 VF2SS!
  7. Good thing I hate the SAP for years I tried to make my own custom transformable one without the damn SAP! Never could and I love this toy probably the only chance I'll ever have of owning a VF-2SS!
  8. Little bump for support! Make sure you watch the video!
  9. Please guys help me with the Support will just take 3 min of your time!! Thank you!!
  10. Yupe Pre-Ordered!! Only took 20 plus years to get this toy so I guess it's worth it!!
  11. LOL ! That is great idea!just suck at making minifigs...
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