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  1. How much for the Frontier renewal guus?? Interested in those and the Arcadia GBP!
  2. Looking for Yamato Vf-1j brownie and angel birds 1/60 scale! Can be loose but mint condition!
  3. Is this one yours??? Without box is OK for me!
  4. Looking for a V2 Ostrich... Mint in box or used but in good shape nothing broken. Don't wanna pay big ebay prices but I will pay a fair price!
  5. Hi guys I have for Sale a Mint Godaikin Godsigma This is a very Mint figure not a single problem with diecast with all paper work and complete. Price $2500 OBO + Shipping Please add 4% paypal fees only paypal! Please see the Pictures I am in the SSL list!
  6. Wish to buy some canon fodder 1/60 no need to be in box or sealed but in good shape! Will preffer VersiĆ³n 2 but might considero v1.
  7. Hey guys! Got a bit diverted but I will continue and remake this project in 2019... Starting on January!!
  8. Hi Guys looking for Number 17 and number 18 Bandai SH figuarts!! We woukd give them a new beautiful home!
  9. Want the regular release!! Thanks for the tip!
  10. Looking for the Fanstoys Phoenix! If you want a new home for yours or have a spare let me know!
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