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  1. I paid in yen. I like to stick with the currency from the origin point.
  2. Ok, I bit the bullet and paid for my Max preorder with NY. Final cost came to $191.94 (shipped to U.S.) (SAL Registered). The USD/YEN exchange rate is currently really good.
  3. If you did not preorder a Kairos, can you still call yourself a true Macross toy collector?
  4. Damn! Did a Zentradi sit on that package?? Anyway, my package was listed 'Outward Exchange' on 10/18.
  5. The YF-25 was taken out the box and displayed, then put back in the box (untransformed). The VF-19S has been transformed one time. Payment through PayPal (as a gift, or add 3% to cover fee). I have positive feedback on the Straight Shooters List. I am willing to ship outside the U.S. but will need to recalculate shipping based on international addresses. Finally, shipping can be waived by direct pick up (I'm in Seattle, WA).
  6. I am becoming concerned for my order from NY. Last update on 10/18 was "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment". 15 days have gone by and nothing has entered customs yet? Is this typical for SAL Registered?
  7. I am still waiting for my Millia (from NY) to show up on the shipping radar. Tracking showed it was processed through Osaka on the 18th. Does it typically take eight days to cross the ocean?
  8. Ok, placed my order for VF-31A Kairos through NY. Paid 25,043 yen ($227.34) shipped. I really like the current exchange rate. Also, existing funds in my PayPal account helped out a lot.
  9. Umm...deadline ends on the 27th for Anime Export. This might be the same for NY too.
  10. So, let me get this straight. For these exclusives you must pay the cost of the toy right now, but pay for shipping when it is released?
  11. This issue may have already been discussed: the big gap behind the cockpit. Has anyone found a way of mitigating (reducing or hiding) its appearance? As gaps go, it is pretty bad.
  12. Well, EMS shipping is fast. Three days from shipment notice to showing up at my workplace in Seattle, WA.
  13. Does anyone have any experience with HobbySearch? I am wondering why it is taking them so long to ship my toy after payment has been received.
  14. Correction: Micro-Missile Launchers (http://macross.wikia.com/wiki/SV-51)
  15. At least the renders show correct armaments (two cannons and two missiles, not four cannons).
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