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  1. Any updates? And, was a release date and/or price posted?
  2. You may now hold the record, 13 months, from placing order to receiving shipment notification.
  3. The last time they were available on NYs website was the end of October 2017.
  4. Regarding NY owing customers an explanation for the nonsense...that boat sailed, hit an iceberg, and sank a long time ago. NY should have (within a week of the release) emailed everyone with an unfulfilled order with an apology for the delay. Heck, a modest discount voucher wouldn't have hurt, and would have helped to smooth feelings. Instead, NY did NOTHING. Only when customers emailed NY did they provide a boilerplate explanation that they were working on filling orders. I will concede a small bit of credit....at least they are still making efforts to fill orders. And, filling single orders first is primarily damage control and an attempt to retain as many customers as possible (as has been previously mentioned, order numbers and dates really don't factor in (fyi, I ordered on 10/25 and got my toy about a month ago)). Lastly, the thing that seriously pi**es me off the most is the business received our money up front, several months before release date (ended up paying nearly a year in advance of getting the toy). Anyway, just my two cents. Best of luck to everyone still waiting...
  5. Just out of curiosity, who has the best price for this toy?
  6. Mission achieved! It only took 317 days. Order was placed on 10/25/17 and shipped SAL registered small packet.
  7. I believe NY is retrieving toys through a dimensional portal in the space time continuum, from a reality where more than enough toys were produced to fill all orders.
  8. Only single toy orders have been filled by NY. Just out of curiosity, how many more orders are outstanding? Does anyone have an idea?
  9. Gads, acquiring these toys is more difficult than it should be. But, gotta get em all!
  10. OMG! It's happened. NY has shipped my 31A. I honestly didn't think they would fill the order.
  11. Honestly, I think they changed my status just to shut me up. It means diddly squat until the item actually ships. But, my new status makes me feel special.
  12. I think "Preparation in Progress" is a bit of a misnomer. Reply back from my query was "We should receive soon a some pieces for the Kairos, so your order will ship soon as we receive it."
  13. I sent NY a polite inquiry yesterday regarding my Kairos and it looks like progress. I will be hopeful until I see status 'Shipped'.
  14. Ok, Arad is no longer available at Ami Ami. I was able to place an order for 19,250 yen while it was open.
  15. Well, at least NY is beginning to fill orders later than the 6th and 7th. I placed my order towards the end of the month.
  16. Ok, this makes sense. And, at least they confirmed that they are continuing to fulfill single orders (slowly).
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