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  1. Have any orders later than this date been shipped? Anyone?
  2. Umm...offering store credit instead of refunding your payment adds salt to the wound. If a business can't deliver on an item, why the hell would I want to risk a repeat?
  3. My two cents...no, I will not cancel my order (NY already has my money). Yes, I will wait a bit longer. I have no idea what the hold up is, but I am pretty sure that NY will--eventually-- fill my order, or refund me my money. The fact that they ask for payment up front (back in October), and it's now past the release date listed on their site, with no follow up email, is very bad customer service. There are only so many online retailers that sell these toys, so cutting one out of the short list is a tough call. Yes, a lot of us are seriously pi**ed.
  4. I communicated with NY using their live chat feature. They informed me that my toy would be shipping soon. For the record, order was placed: 2017-10-25 12:06:18
  5. I am still waiting too. Preordered and paid last October, and in the U.S. No communication from NY post release date.
  6. And, can anyone remove the air intake covers while in fighter mode?
  7. Ummm...how is this repaint worth 21,000 yen? Weren't the previous three releases cheaper?
  8. I would prefer a reissue of the VF-X
  9. If you can, get the super parts. I think it really improves the valk (which is rather uniform in color).
  10. Unintentional. My display cases are getting crowded.
  11. As much as I love the Vf-0S, I cannot understood why it is being released a third time (Yamato, Arcadia, etc.) Macross Zero does not come in at the top of many "favorite Macross series" lists. What I would like to see is some of the valks that have never gotten a release.
  12. Mine too. The first person to get their toy wins!
  13. Remind me again why this particular release is so popular.
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