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  1. That ship sailed a long time ago unfortunately, now you need to have a business plan past pre order and initial sales or the producers won't give you the time of day. The last "big" game to try an everything will be included in the price of the game with free DLC later was Titanfall 2 and in the end Respawn Entertainment ran out of money and had to be bought by EA. I still think AC7 came out good after it's long development hell and I'd even say its a finished game without any of the upcoming DLC. Course we don't know anything about the 3 story missions that are coming up so my opinion may change if they are integral to AC7s main story or just a side story.
  2. New trailer is out for the DLC planes and I'm a little disappointed in the choices to be honest, I guess the idea was to show the history of the ADF series. Oh well it'll be fun to have the FAEB and MPBM back to blow up everything.
  3. The sequel to one of the best games ever made is out! One Finger Death Punch was great fun and so far 2 is good but I need to put a few more hours into to it to see if it can reach the highs that the first did.
  4. Well this is unexpected, MG Re-GZ Custom in P-Bandai flavor! Looks like the upper torso is an all new design but those leg joints might still be the old MG kit. More pics here.
  5. dizman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Got my order in with Mykombini, they've been doing ok for me so far so we'll see how it goes.
  6. They've been working on that idea for a while now. I'm surprised it has a 10 hour flight time though, that's probably with the use of external tanks.
  7. dizman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Wow over $1000 is pretty crazy, maybe even a little scary if people are actually buying them at that price. At these prices I'm sure Bandai sees what is going on and will release either a reissue or an Arad 31A to make a quick buck.
  8. Every now and again when I feel like fiddling with something I'll transform a valk but on the older stuff once I find a pose I like I usually stick with it. I have most of my valks in fighter mode at the moment, been thinking about doing a full change over soon.
  9. dizman

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The armor is just as ridiculous as I was hoping it would be, even the price is outrageous! Can't wait to get one, finding a place for it in the display cabinet might be a bit difficult though.
  10. It took them longer than I was expecting but the first OVA BD just popped up for pre order. Looks like it will be all the standalone OVA and Pailsen Files maybe? Right Stuf Link Amazon Link
  11. They both look great! Interesting that they went with the ver Ka Crossbone X1 and that inner frame for the Alex's chobham armor is pretty neat.
  12. Huh that movie Mazinger design fits really well on a snes era game box, strange choice I like it!
  13. Wow Yellow looks great, can't wait to see him in bike mode! I'm not too keen on that Legioss for some reason, I'm not sure why but it just looks a little off to me. Maybe some better shots and poses will win me over.
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