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Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

Valkyrie addict

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oh yeah launch prices! I thk my mind was still on price after discount...i got my 0S at ami at 28k the last time.
My valk price ceiling is around 30k ish, anything above that am not sure i would realistically be able to get it.... 

Could be even near 40k by the time its released then, it would be down to how much the retailers can discount to!?:wacko: 

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I have been waiting for this for ages. when i finally got the yamato one, i watched my $300 literally dissolve and crumble in my hands a week after I got it. What a piece of crap. I can already feel in my greedy hands the higher quality plastic of this toy. yies , yies yiiiiiiiessssssss. Good job Arcadia



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6 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

I'll be really interested to see what (if anything) they change about this release.  It's not like the first version actually had any significant issues like the VF-0..

Better joints, plastic and less gaps would be a great start! While I don't have the Arcadia 0S, I have the VF-0A & 0D and I am confident that Arcadia will make a very impressive SV-51. 

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42 minutes ago, seti88 said:

check back in a year?^_^

39 minutes ago, Lonely Soldier Boy said:

So when is this expected to be released or put up for preorder? Must be some time away with Hikaru 1s still in the pipeline.

Edit: Thanks, seti. I guess I have some time to make up my mind.

Its arcadia, so i think the price would dampen any pre-order madness..:p

If i use the 0A/S valks as guide, I expect to see some prototype/samples pics in april/may and if everything goes well earliest we could possibly see a pre-order is perhaps in august for a year end release...The RA took a lil longer at 1.5 years announcement to release.

Of course like you said, there are the Hikkie's and even the assembly kit RA is scheduled for July this year (as per notice on the display card). 

So best is keep your eyes peeled throughout the year but esp in august....

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9 minutes ago, spanner said:

true but of course they'd start with a hero variant first..

LOL u got me on a russian star fetish! I wanna slap that star on everything! Especially a SV51 CF!
I wish i could send a pic to Mr K of the russian star and make him release a CF too! Though he would ban me for spamming him.

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