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  1. Hi MW, I’m after a MasterMade Makuros SDF-1. Just got guzumped in a deal on Facebook so I thought I’d try here. Not too fussed on box condition or even if it has a box as long as it’s complete and in great condition. Thanks!
  2. Yep. Looking forward to matte. But most of all looking forward to there hopefully being plenty of preorders for all.
  3. Always happy when the best looking modern Valk gets another spin.
  4. Mine arrived from Anime Export last night.
  5. What do you reckon a Yamato 1/60 VF-4G is worth, complete with all accessories and instructions, but no box?
  6. The toys they had planned for the fourth season of Animated would have been great. A Super-Megatron and Powermaster Optimus would have been awesome. Throw in that we would have likely got Omega Supreme and I get really sad when I think about what we missed
  7. Cheers dude. I snoozed and I loozed
  8. Is the PF still in stock anywhere? HLJ had 2 and I was waiting until I got paid yesterday. Checked just now and they have disappeared sometime in the last week. AARRGGHH. None on Jungle or Manda either.
  9. Thanks. i had checked Manda and Jungle just before posting here, but no luck. I’ll definitely give a web monitor a go.
  10. Is the Legioss still available anywhere for a reasonable price? NY cancelled my preorder while I was enquiring about upgrades shipping and then refused to honor the original price. Then I got busy with some other goings on and now it seems like it’s either sold out or stupidly priced.
  11. I think you’d have to be mad ordering from Nin Nin after last night. i hope I’m wrong though and everyone who did order gets theirs.
  12. I can see the item link on HLJ when I search for it. But when I click add to cart it crashes.
  13. Lol. Was constantly refreshing CDJapan, Hobby Search and Ami Ami. Never saw an add to cart button.
  14. Hobby Search sold out. Didn't even see it in stock
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