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  1. shipping is so high at hlj that its the same as buying it at BBTS. Wonder if amiami will have it. i have found their shipping is more reasonable than HLJ
  2. Every time i look at that color scheme.....It at least needs some shading or something. It looks so bland now it actually take away from the great design of the mech.
  3. frankell05

    Hi-Metal R

    I'd get one, if it doesn't cost 160 dollars...
  4. frankell05

    Hi-Metal R

    a word of caution about pre ordering from amazon. if you do, I recommend having a back up pre order somewhere else if you really care about the item. They canceled some of my pre orders in the past that were by then sold out. (import stuff) I then ended up having to pay scalper prices for the items. its great if your gonna use points and stuff, just beware and CYA
  5. What surprised me about this release HMR vf-0 is that, usually, we have no problem pre ordering this line from overseas. This time , sold out immediately. This pretty much feels exactly like pre order madness. now instead of paying ridiculous prices to resellers in japan, we have to pay ridiculous prices to national distributors. what's the damn difference? either way, I am tapping out. prices of everything are just stupid, and spending this kind of money on toys is gettign to be stressful rather than fun.
  6. yeah, that's the one. But really, this bot looks good in almost all schemes except for that weird green yellow combination........ i really do hope they do the repaint and milk the mold, i would buy them/. Its really refreshing to see something that hasn't been done before. milk away
  7. Lol, i'll take any of the colors listed abode except the green and yellow one....
  8. I don't like those colors, but I have been waiting for this for along time, ever since studio half eye did theirs. I want the studio half eye colors, they are so much better. these colors make it look like a toy instead of a military plane. Maybe if Arcadia tones down the green and yellow it will look better, but at least I know the engineering will be arcadia standard, which is phenomenal
  9. They couldn't have chose a nastier pink for the pilot figure. Man, if they do anything close to that pink for the bike figure, I'm gonna have to think hard weather I wanted or not. Its red dammit.
  10. Thanks for the info!
  11. can you order from tamashii nations form the US?
  12. hahah, I am out of the loop, didn't even know there was a search feature. Thanks!
  13. whats the info on the gbps?? when do they go up for PO madness?
  14. I might be living in covid time I guess
  15. I don't see anything here about a vf-1d pre order , surprised me. Has this been discussed?? https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/japanese-import-hobbies-toys-bandai-premium/43408-dx-chogokin-vf-1d-valkyrie-fan-racer-macross-limited-edition-bandai-.html
  16. Oh and regarding technology, goddamn it's an exciting time to be into toys , i have never seen so much amazing stuff being made!!! The storm collectibles street fighter figures and king of fighter figures are the highlight of the year for me.
  17. I think the demographic of people with enough expendable income to spend on these types of expensive collectables isn't the most adversely affected by the pandemic., So I think demand won't be affected unless the the economic effects reach such bad levels that at that point i don't think many people will really think about buying toys anymore. Since it's a world pandemic then the economic effects would reach everywhere so demand would just plummet. It's quite a possibility. Would have to see how the world rebounds from the latest harshest wave of infections and it's effects. If business rebounds quickly i think things will be as they are now. On the production side, china seems to have largely controlled the epidemic enough to maintain production. I think the delays we see now are miraculously small, i honestly expected things to be more severely delayed, but apparently china is furiously exporting products now to full fill the addiction of bored americans and other plastic addicts around the world. As for my personal experience , i have bought more crap than regular as delays caused me to become curious about other toy lines and now I'm addicted to hasbro figures, hot toys and macross. In all three fronts i have seen demand go up, not down at all. I simply don't spend money on anything else, so i have more money for toys, ( and i buy opened and used items for the cheapest price ) but I have definitely taken a severe beating on my income this year, but nothing compared to people who are really suffering through this situation.
  18. frankell05

    Hi-Metal R

    Fwaaaaaaak yf-19 and yf-21 are never going to happen. It's still left up to studio half eye to have produced the only good ones at the 1/100 ish scale.
  19. Thanks, i put the order in, so i guess we will see if everything goes through well. I'm in the Us, so i think shipping will be ok. I didn't see to get charged tax during the transaction, so that is a plus too. Thanks for answering!
  20. does buying form amazon work just like buying form amazon here?
  21. Go through your credit card if its an option. No matter what you do, you'll be dissatisfied with their response. Just dispute the charge if possible.
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