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  1. Preordered from HLJ Finally Arcadia releases this, hope the Ostrich is close behind. But overpriced at 250USD for 10 year old reissue compared to Bandai's DX VF-1J, I really don't enjoy this new PF trend. I'm getting it cause I never got the Yamato and second market scalper price can bite me, I've have a rule for myself of never paying more of 200USD for a 1/60 VF-1 unless it's a very rare one.
  2. Checked everything and its just gone... But it doesn't bother me much cause I really have no space for a second 1J but I was hopeful to getting it for the eventual GBP-1S armor release whenever it comes
  3. Just got my shipping confirmation from HLJ Has anyone gotten their preorder mysteriously disappear from AmiAmi, I placed the order with the preorder madness, even got the confirmation e-mail, but when I access my account it this week it does not exist, I really don't mind cause I got the HLJ one but it's really weird, I never got an "ordered cancelled" e-mail or anything similar.
  4. Glad to see you back! Sad to hear about what happened, didn't know. Hope things are turning around and coming for the best, wish you the best of luck!!
  5. New chapter, someone explain this?? After Hikaru rescues Misa from Mars base and the SDF-1 breaks trough Kamjin trap this happens
  6. HAHAHAHA!!! hell no Arcadia! Where's my VT-1 and Elinkseeker reissue damn it!?
  7. Got one from AmiAmi and HLJ!!
  8. Hope I can get trough the preorder madness and get this. Great price and engineer looks solidn props to Bandai, hope this sells well so we can get the giant 1/32
  9. Amazing as always Kicker!! I don't know how you can keep count of everything
  10. WTF Arcadia!? I want whatever they're smoking
  11. Woa!! have to add all the airbrush paints costs for such a big kit... damn!!
  12. Nice to hear you're ok, RL really screws up with our hobbies and time goes by very quickly God luck with your house renovation!!
  13. Sooooo... any news about the new series itself or when can we get any?
  14. WOW!!! All this is amazing!!! Nice attention to detail (blinking light on the FP) Loving everything!!
  15. Macross Delta was just awful story telling and terrible mecha action This 5min vid is better than the whole Delta series, skip to min 6:30
  16. No thanks... I'd rather have a non-premium reissue to put with the RA
  17. Well, whatever they do... NO MORE SCISSOR MANEOUVER DOGFIGHTING GRUNTING AND SUDDEN DISENGAGING They're planes that turn into robots... how about some hand to hand combat mix with crazy aerobatics and itano circus action... geeez The macross universe has enough valks to cover any type of battle situation, I'd love some OVA about a covert unit with specially modded existing valks that deals with specs ops or the missions noone wants to do. They've already stablished NUNS is corrupt, so this unit would deal, fix and stop the mess of corrupt NUNS actions.
  18. Mmm... I'm getting this, but I need more VF-0's and I will not pay scalper price
  19. Happy to hear this is getting reissued I have a second hand Yammie that came with no stand to support. I will get this reissue, Hope it gets priced similar to what they did with the VF-4G Why are most people complaining? In the polls aftet the M&M this was the most desires reissue
  20. Please God don't let them continue their worst Macross story (Delta) Something completely new as far away from Delta as possible
  21. Holy f..... I'm sold!!! It needs a freaking tripod!!Wow!!
  22. That black plastic kit is perfect for a stealth RA But i don't have any extra 0S
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